Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday is my day: Bartinki

Hello all! Today we are traveling to the Netherlands and meet lovely Martina from Bartinki! Enjoy the ride :)

Unique Denim Jacket

Welcome to Bartinki world! To start with, I would like to explain my shop name. Bartinki is a nickname for me and my fiance Bart, given to us by our friends (sort of Brangelina style). We were called Bartinka, so when I was choosing name for my shop, I didn't have to look for long. It also shows the effort of both towards Bartinki shop - even these are my creations, I wouldn't be able to do any without support of Bart. So to know who is talking to you - here we are! (While choosing pictures for this post, I realised we don't have any regular photo - we always make funny faces! Oh dear!)

I wake every morning to find out my cup of coffee already at the table. You know whose job is that :)

I come from Slovakia, and even we are living and planning to stay in the Netherlands, my heart will always belong to that beautiful tiny country in the middle of Europe. Many people confused Slovakia with Slovenia, but I don't mind. It's only 6 millions of Slovaks out there, so we are (as I was once told) rare. If you need help to recognize us - Slovakia used to be part of Czechoslovakia till 1993. From our modern history you might recall Velvet Revolution in 1989.


Oh yes... On line world! I spend at least one hour in the morning and even more in the evening on line. My laptop is mostly on all day long, so I can respond to inquires, emails, have Slovak series on while working...

Bart's hobby is wood, and he has his own Etsy shop Ligamentum. I found his buttons sooooo cute, check yourself! 

Off to post office, time to get some fresh air, or just simple walk along Rijn river. We live exactly in the middle between John Frost bridge (maybe you recall A Bridge Too Far movie or Battle of Arnhem in 1944 - yes, that's the bridge!) and Nelson Mandela bridge. Both spectacular.

Or I list my items. Bart is my personal photographer and our 'photo studio' is actually the corner of our dining room. We do all photo shoots on 2m squares. Yes, it's possible!

I don't have a schedule for creating. Some days I do nothing new, some days I cannot stop. I walk around, start this, finish that, no working pattern whatsoever. I don't know how other people do it. I think I would be more efficient if I had a routine, but I feel it's just not me.

Oh, the best time of the day. Cooking some pasta, my favorite macaroni with herbs, or nice steak. No, we are not vegetarians. Neither we do eat healthy, whatever it means. We eat what we like and the more, the better. Ups!  Last summer we also tried to grown our own vegetables. We had some nice tomatoes. That's it!

On Bart's days off (which are also my days off) we like to drive and walk around and discover Dutch countryside. Holland has some lovely cities as well as pretty forests, very quiet, very relaxing. We enjoy both.

That's about it about our days. Soon we are moving into our first house, so we both will be enjoying larger space and workplaces. Can't wait!

Have a lovely day and greetings from the Netherlands! Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you Martina! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)



  1. wonderful interview! love your funny faces photo, so cute :-)

  2. What a lovely couple, Martina and Bart!
    I so much enjoyed the interview :-)

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I hope to show the world my new (and bigger) studio soon.

    Thanks also to Tatiana for feature! Good job you do with blog!

    All the best and great craftying ideas :))) Greetings from the Netherland!

  4. Martina! great interview
    It is cool to have sneak peek into your world :)