Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday is my day: ValeriAtelier

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Turin, Italy to meet Valeria from ValeriAtelier. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi there! My name is Valeria :) I live in north west Italy, in a small town near Turin. I live there with my husband and my little dog, Jaki.

I live in this beautiful town since I was born and I could not move in a big & crowded city! In the village we have everything we need: shops, chemist, post office and council office. The atmosphere is quiet and silent.

Every day I wake up at 8.00a.m. At that time my husband is already at work, so I have breakfast with my beloved dog. A mug of tea and some homemade biscuits.

After breakfast, I read e-mails, browse the blogs through my reader and have a look at my Etsy, Fb, etc. Today I must clean the house and do the washing, so my weekend will be available! The morning passes so quickly that I did not realize that it's time to prepare lunch! Today.. RISOTTO!! Pumpkin Risotto!! I love to cook and try new recipes!

In the afternoon I begin my productive day.

I create new jewelry, draw and experiment with new or recycled materials.

 The afternoon passed quickly and it's time to make dinner!

When my husband comes home from work... everything is ready... we can have dinner! After dinner I can never do anything... I'm always tired! So I lie on my couch watching TV. At 11.30 p.m. it’s time to go to bed!! Another day has passed... goodbye!

Thank you Valeria! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday is my day: Mayagencic

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Athens, Greece to meet Maya from Mayagencic. Enjoy the ride :)

Hi everyone! My name is Maya, I am 37 years old (hm, young!) and I live in Athens, Greece with my husband and 2 lovely daughters. I moved here from Serbia 4 years ago, and to be honest I feel like I am still adjusting to my new home :)
{ 9:30 am }  This is the view from our terrace in the morning. Well, not SO early as I had never been an early riser. Since I do not have a day job at the moment, I could have at least enjoyed sleeping late, but alas! My 3-year-old daughter Ianthi doesn't think today she was in the mood to get up at about 9 am. 
Ianthi is a cheerful and adorable little creature, and is now in the phase of expressing her creativity...on the walls :/  This masterpiece is at least on the outer wall of the terrace...unfortunately, she finds the inner (white) walls of the living room quite convenient as backgrounds for her artistic expressions, in various colors (ouch).

{ 9:45 am }  Ok, so Ianthi's breakfast is ready, and so is mine! I will have just a coffee to begin the day in my favourite spot of our apartement - the balcony. I am a caffeine addict, no shame about it, and I need a huge cup of it, otherwise my brain will stay right there in the bedroom!

{ 10:15 am }  While Ianthi is re-discovering her toys, I have some time to sit and check what's new online...most of all, Etsy and Pinterest. Pinterest is another addiction of mine...I really love it. It is like a visual Paradise that amazes and inspires me. I could stay much longer but I have to prepare lunch till the rest of the family comes back from their schools/jobs (sigh). Something simple and quick, more complicated meals are for Sundays!

{ 11:30 am }  While the food is cooking, I am working on my Etsy orders. Now, I definitely prefer THIS to cooking! It relaxes me, actually. So, these pretties will be put on the tiles soon and in 3 days become immortalized as coasters! I find even the scraps cute...I like discovering color combinations on a random pile of discards.
{ 2:00 pm }  Lunch time for the whole family. Here is my older daughter Natalia...and she is wearing earrings we ordered from - Etsy! :)

{ 4:00 pm }  Since I am an English teacher and have some private lessons during the week, I prepare for today's meeting with my two favourite students! Today is our first meeting after summer and I am sure we have a lot to say about what happened during the I will turn it into a little game with question cards. I have also brought for them some cute souvenirs from Prague - these lovely magnets (handmade, of course!)
{ 6:00 pm }  Ok, so I am ready to leave. Hiiiii! (it is October and the temperature here in Athens is still well over 30 degrees!)

{ 7:00 pm }  Here are my girls! I feel really lucky to have them as students and friends, and I am quite proud of their progress since we started with the lessons 2 years ago. I got a present also! Wonderful aromatic tea in this adorable tin box - from Vienna. Yay!

{ 1:00 am }  After a nice movie and some more online browsing, I am ready for bed. Night falls over Athens, but the city doesn't sleep. I can imagine the downtown, with the tourists still roaming, some shops still working and the cozy cafeterias full of pleasant noise of the chit-chat. It would be really nice to be there with some friends, and have a drink or two. But, not today. Some other evening. Next Friday... maybe.

Thank you Maya! As for you lovely readers, stay tuned for next week's guest!
Until then... have a great weekend and be creative!