Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday is my day: Happyment

It's friday again and time to travel! So hop in the sledge and let's glide to Latvia and meet Rasa from
She creates all kind of happy art pieces made of felt, polymer clay, yarn, paper mache...
Enjoy your trip and have a happy shopping :)

Welcome to my Friday!
Look who has fallen asleep in my bed while I was drinking coffee, enjoying unhurried morning conversation, browsing through newspaper, planning the day. I usually get up at 7:30am, but my days are very different. Sometimes I get up at 6:00am and run head over feet to catch the bus to the capital. At the moment I’m happy I can work from home most of the time. I enjoy these relaxed mornings, when I don’t have to hurry anywhere. I tried to make a photo of my morning coffee, but lights are bad and I’m not a morning person, so taking decent photo when the day has just begun turned out to be a challenge.
9:00am – Breakfast. Sweet-and-sour bread with cheese. The day has begun.
Morning at the computer. Checking and answering e-mails, logging on Etsy, writing blog etc.
12:00pm - This summer I discovered a cooking method perfect for lazy people. Actually I knew about it before, but didn’t realize how convenient it is. You just put the vegetables and rice in a ceramic pot, add spice and water, then put the pot in a preheated oven and forget about it for about 45 minutes. While lunch is cooking I can do something else like cut some felt for my brooches.

12:45pm - Lunch is ready.
2:16pm - One of the best things about living in a small town is that everything is in a walking distance. For example the post office is just 10 minutes walk from my home. The same about the local bank branch. Today I was coming home from the bank and just couldn’t pass these colourful bathing-robes in a shop window. They look so crazy hanging next to those elegant coats.
2:30pm - It’s time for a walk with our dog Ricky. He thinks it’s his turn after I’ve been out of my own. Today we are going for a walk a little earlier than usually, so that I can take some photos in the park.
Here’s one of our favourite spots and the major attraction of my little town - the medieval castle ruins.
Another view to the castle ruins and the new castle.
Something bright.
Meeting a friend on our way back.

3:30pm - Back home. Drinking hot camomile tea with gingerbread cookies, chatting on the phone and enjoying the last hour of the daylight today.
4:45pm - Sewing felt brooches.
6:00pm - Bread with jam before spending some time at the computer again. Raspberry and blackcurrant jam is classics in our family. Not showing you my dinner here, because it was a little burnt. One shouldn’t do photo editing while cooking dinner.
About midnight – A little reading before going to bed. This book is about Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun and it keeps me wondering why some talented people who have the power to influence the society end up supporting undemocratic ideologies and regimes. Eventually I’m too tired to ponder on that much, it’s time to sleep. Good night!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday is my day: Jodii

Today we will meet Sophie from
She makes beautiful hand embroidery and print designs on linen and cotton, recycled envelopes, bags and tablecloths. My favorites are these embroidered linen cushions. Love the simplicity! Enjoy your friday in Germany :)

Hand embroidered cushion dots

Yes it is true, Friday is my day.
Especially if I have one day off...

Today I started with a nice cup of tea and one hour of reading
and answering emails, printing bags and labels,
wrapping sold things up and...
have a look at my website:

I took everything to the post office.

Back at home I did my dishes - I hate that.
Has anyone a hot tip how to
enjoy it? I really need something...

Then the laundry...

My chilies are almost ready to eat.
The grew good this year.

I forgot something in my office
(I work as a communication designer).
I love this huge, airy room.

Baked tomatoes, potatoes and brussels sprouts for lunch.

At the afternoon I visited my parents place.
What a great day to drive
the car.

My beloved bunny. Her name is Newton.
We thought she was a boy in the
first place...

Sewing my first handmade skirt. Not so easy.

I love reading in bed. Good night everyone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday is my day: Kuutydruk

Today we will fly to Estonia and meet a moongirl (kuutüdruk in estonian) alias Moonika from
She makes traditional Estonian folk embroidery art on linen. You will find some pretty embroidered products for modern people like iPod pouches, laptop sleeves, bags and CD albums. Please visit her shop!
(pssst! you can find some great handmade Christmas gifts there...)

Swirls and circles - Linen laptop sleeve with folk embroidery
I'm an office assistant in local daily business news newspaper. I love my job! But due that, my days are not so different. Most of my day, I spend in the office and when I get back home, my crafty life begins :)

I wake up 6:50. Actually, my first alarm goes 6:30. After every 10 minutes it will go on again and after third time, I usually get myself up. I'll do my hair and make-up and about 7:30 I have my breakfast. Usually bread and tea.
Me and my fiance are working in a same company and even on the same floor. First I was a bit afraid, that it might be a problem. But it turned out to be very nice :) Sometimes, when I need a hug during the day, I sneak to him and cuddle a bit :) Hug a day, keeps the doctor away! :) Anyways, I leave the house around 8:00 and he stays still in bed. He gets up around 9:00. He works as computer programmer and is allowed to show up later :)
I usually walk to the office. It's only 30 minutes walk and I enjoy these moments with myself. As I don't have much time for exercise at the moment, then these walks do the trick too :)
See the red building in the back, that's my target :)
nd I'm here! Work day begins at 8:30. See the red sign, Äripäev. This is the newspaper, where I work.
This is my desk in the office. I'm the first person you see, when you walk in. Not the tidiest desk... :) When I get in, I have my daily routine. I'll make a round on the floor, check the coffee machines, bring newspapers and mail. Answer few e-mails, book some tickets for my boss, who travels a lot, etc. Say "Good morning" to EST team... The usual assistant work :)
Around 10:00 I'll have my latte-cocoa mixed drink. Love my mug. My sister made this especially for me. I'm Taurus, if you didn't catch that yet :) It's a huge mug and lot of my coffee junkie colleagues are jealous of it :)
13:30 I'll have my lunch. Besides my fiance, my sister is working also in the same company :) She is on other floor tho. Usually we eat all together, my, my sis and fiance. I bring my lunch myself. Today is cauliflower-carrots baked in the oven with breadcrumbs and sour cream.
During the day I host guests, who come in, answer phone, write e-mails, call candidates to job interviews, chat with coworkers... :) Between 15-16:00 I have my second coffee drink and Kinder Delice. Love this stuff! So soft and chocolaty... yammm! If you need something from me, then this is how you buy me off :P
17:00 my office day is over and I walk home again. It's dark outside, but at least it's not raining today. This tree looks like it has Christmas lights on, but it doesn't. The red dots are rowan tree berries.
My home street :) It's a small street with lots of small houses. It's like a small village in the city. Around our street are big houses again.
Around 17:30-18:00 I'm back home. Me and my fiance are building our home next to his parents house. It's almost ready. This is our future home front door :) Looks so sweet and inviting :) Can't wait till it's ready. By this Christmas, I'll have my kitchen. And hopefully in the beginning of next year, we can move in.
First thing, when I get home, I'll make fire to heat the house. Some times I just sit there and watch the fire. Nice...
I'm usually the first one who gets home. My future parents in-law get home later and my darling fiance let's himself wait till 21:00 or even later. I can't wait that long, so most of the times I eat alone around 18-19:00 Nice vegetarian stew with cup of sea buckthorn juice.
After dinner I have my crafty time. I have only few hours per day for this. Starting around 19:00 till I get to bed. Curious to see, what I'm sewing? :) Read in my blog soon. :) Usually I sit on the couch, do my embroidery or surf in Etsy forum or blogs till 23:30 and then shower and bed.
I haven't bought bread from store about a year. I got a bread machine as Christmas present last year. When I'm busy, I make bread with the machine, otherwise I bake it myself with leaven. It's a bit after 23:00 and the bread is done. And I'm done too, time to bed :)
Thank you for spending this day with me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday is my day: Heidi Burton

Let's hop to Cambridge, UK and meet pretty long hair Heidi from
She has a shop full of fun and cute illustrations, originals and prints. Now she works in the Santa's Tonttu-factory for Christmas items *wink wink*
Have a good Friday!

*I find it hard to wake up early so have 5 different alarms on my phone with different songs, for some reason 'Your Rocky Spine' by Great Lake Swimmers is the only one that wakes me up. Today I roll out of bed at 9am.

*Every day is different but one thing is for sure - I head straight for the kettle and get a brew going. Along with a nice big mug of tea I have some toast with spicy chickpea pate.

*Once I've woken up properly, it's time for multi-tasking! I start up the computer while getting myself ready for the day, writing/answering emails with one hand, applying mascara with the other. Today I was also digging up tree roots in the garden until about 10.30am.

*The start of the day is best for taking photos as it gets dark so early at this time of year. I take photos of any work to be listed in my Etsy shop, or to upload to Flickr. Then I edit the pictures. This can all take about an hour.

*11.30am - Time for working on new items for my shop. First - another cup of tea!

*Today I'm cutting felt shapes to make hats for my illustrated Tonttu eggcups. My mother and sister ( are great at sewing so they sometimes help with the hand-stitching.

*I feel like Santa's little helper making my Christmas items. Some of my greeting cards have just come out of the printer, and I'm already designing more in my sketchbook.
*I'm also making preliminary sketches of food items for a magazine illustration.
*This takes me to the afternoon with a quick lunch and it's time to walk to town for my other job in a clothing store. Cambridge is pretty this time of year. I like to walk by the river and enjoy the last bit of daylight, because it's dark by the time I leave work.
*When I return home I check my emails again and back to work on my illustration projects for a few hours. Here I'm cutting illustrated strips of paper to wrap around the greeting cards. I listen to music while working, at the moment I'm listening to
Matt Elliott:
Bon Iver:

*I try to fit in some chores and then usually get a late night because there aren't enough hours in the day. I like to read in bed, currently reading a book by Haruki Murakami, I'm very fond of his writings.
*Lights out, and strange dreams - until I am woken by that song again!