Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday is my day: Craftsbynesli

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Istanbul to meet Neslihan from 'Craftsbynesli' and 'Colorfulfelts'! Enjoy the ride :)

Hello, this is Neslihan Yücesan. I live in a small town with natural beauties, a magnificent lake, full of bird chirps, only 1 hour away from İstanbul. I am a sentimental, positive and highly creative person. I have two Etsy shops named 'Craftsbynesli' and 'Colorfulfelts'. The first one is for my vintage themed  jewelry, accessories, bags, purses and pillows. The second only for my felt works. Generally I spend the day by creating and preparing orders.

My 8 year old beloved son wakes me up at 7:30. He will soon be on the way to school so we are making the last preparations. He will have his breakfast at school so he only has a banana for now. He really loves being at school and he waits for the school bus impatiently in front of the house.

And this is my dear husband Ulaş, with who I am still in love like the first day. My husband works as a mechanical engineer at our family business. After a little morning chat he is off to work and I start my long day.

Both me and my husband passionately play a traditional instrument called 'Baglama'. It is also called 'Saz'. We really enjoy making music at night together. But I also try to spare a couple of hours to Baglama during the day. This gives me the chance to think and relax my mind. After playing Baglama for 2 hours I quickly tidy up the house and loose myself in my creations.

Some sewing, some coffee, some sewing, some coffee... and finished at last. These days I have too many orders and I am a bit tired but happy with the result. I send out my work to boutiques both in Turkey and abroad. These are the colorful, sugar like bags I made for a boutique in Alacati.

I go for a walk in our garden, have a yummy toast and prepare the orders I will be shipping in an hour, wear my sports outfit and go to the gym. Nearly every weekday we go to a sports club with my husband. Some times in different hours. Sport keeps us healthy and give us relief from the daily stress. I believe this way we can give much more love to each other.
Then I come back home and spend all day sewing, making accessories, listening to music and doing household. I spend too much time on Etsy. This is because I also buy my supplies from there. I try to have some time to relax and listen to my inner self. Being in a green garden gives great inspiration for my creations.

In the evening, when my husband and son come home, we have a delicious meal.  The tomato soup is the star of the meal. Tonight we are alone but sometimes our musician friends join us and we make music till late.

Our day has ended, tired yet happy. Thank you for sharing my story of a day. I hope you enjoyed. 

Thank you Neslihan! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)