Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday is my day: LuckyCatHandmade

Hello all! This time of the week is here again! Today we will travel to Portugal to meet sweet Mafalda from LuckyCatHandmade! Enjoy the ride ;)

Coin purse, kiss lock or clasp purse, navy blue with orange amd red sakura
Hi! My name is Mafalda, I’m was born in Lisbon but I’m currently living near Bragança, in the north of Portugal, with my husband Filipe and our 3 very spoiled cats: Bunny, Mimi and Socas. Since I finished college I’ve worked in Archaeology but when Filipe, who is a surveyor, got a five-year Job in a dam building site more than 400km from home, and needed an assistant, I started working with him.
Our day starts at 6:30, when we wake up, have breakfast (cats demand to have theirs first…) and get ready to go to work. This is the time I wish I could wear sabrinas and skirts for work… Instead: security boots and a bright yellow jacket...

By 8:00 we arrive at the building site which is in the middle of nowhere... but such a beautiful wild valley with a meandering small river running at the bottom, which in some places had poplar trees

I know... I have mixed feeling about this dam from day one.
We do have to work and it’s supposed to create cleaner electricity but still it´s such a shame to ruin such a pretty place and make a turmoil in the lives of  animals...

Anyway... Filipe is in charge of the surveying in the subterranean part of the dam. Mostly I help him with anything he needs when we have to indicate places to blow up the rock, build underground structures in concrete and verify the precision of the whole process.

I also help him with office paper work when needed but I choose to leave all the complicated calculus to him... Kidding! It’s really scary math stuff...
By 12:00 we return home to have lunch, that I left prepared the previous day, and, of course, pamper the cats a bit more...

By 13:15 we have to get back to work but some afternoons, like today, I get to stay at home because Filipe has stuff to do on his computer so he doesn’t need me to go. Which is great because today I have parcels for my dear customers that I need to take to the Post Office!
By 15:00 I have just finished tidying the place up and I only have to wrap one of my coin purses, finish the packaging and make sure I have all the parcels I need to post today. 

I love wrapping and going to the Post Office... I always find it similar to when I send little surprise presents to my family by Mail (we don’t go to see them as often as we wish...).
I love the purses and other accessories I make and sell on my shop but the best thing is when someone else likes them so much too that they want to keep it... So it’s great to wrap them up and send them on long trip to someone who’ll be happy when they open my package... The Post Office is in a small village 16km away so I have to go by car and it’s a a sort of pretty wilderness I cross but on a lonely winding road...

Everything is still covered in dull colors. Even the almond tree’s blooming (which is beautiful since there are a lot of them around here) is delayed this year: it hasn’t rained since Christmas.

When I get home by 16:30 it’s time to take care of some chores in the garden. Finally my daffodils have started blooming! 

Now is the time for some sewing, listening to Dinah Washington or Nat King Cole. I’m finishing one of my purses with cute black and white cats. It’s Filipe’s favorite fabric. I can’t say which one is my favorite – I love all of them, must-stop-buying-fabric :)

I also browse through Etsy a lot! Mostly supplies, and also to learn how to make my shop more visible (boring stuff...).
By 18:00 I start to get dinner ready and to think up tomorrow’s lunch. I also bake a marble cake - my favorite - for breakfast. With lots of talking to Bunny but mostly to her babies because she has too many pigeons to chase off... And catch! Today we were lucky: Filipe managed to get home by 20:00 so it’s time for dinner but, as usual, Bunny is already in his chair and no one has the heart to remove her... Oh well...

Until 23:00 we spend a calm evening chatting about our day, a little bit of work but mostly our great and super lucky cats! For now they are our only babies... Thank you so much for sharing my day, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did showing it to you... Hugs!

Thank you Mafalda! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)



  1. Your Friday at first seemed so totally different from any of my Fridays here in New York. And yet, the beautiful way in which you describe your Friday, and the lovely photos that you also share, really showed me that there is much that we do have in common.

    These Friday reports are immensely fun and educational and inspirational.

  2. Wonderful to see all the different occupations of our members :) Thanks for sharing ! Love your shop as well :)

  3. Frances, your words realy made me smile, it's true: on the other side of the Atlantic, with a completely different life probably, but still we can share interests, tastes and even points of view with each other. :)

    I agree with both of you, these posts are super interesting and educational.

    Thanks! :)

  4. so happy to learn more about Mafalda. loved seeing the what her day is like on the other side of the ocean. thanks for sharing!