Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday is my day: Akamatra

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Greece to meet Maro from Akamatra! Enjoy the ride :)

Hi and welcome to Akamatra's world! A world where house chores are always done a bit late and handmade jewelry takes up almost all free time and space! Please be advised that you are entering at your own risk! 

Lace peach pink leather necklace
My friends call me Maro but I also respond to my little cloud, my little clothespin (I know!!!) and my little cherry when my love calls! I live in Athens with my boyfriend in a cute rented apartment with huge balconies and great light but no view whatsoever. I am convinced about two things: a) my 1.59m height is a result of radioactive strawberries overconsumption during the Chernobyl days and b) I don’t want to live without sun and chocolate.

In the morning
I have the hardest time waking up in the morning! I mean it is almost impossible to wake no matter how many hours of sleep I’ve had! I have had this problem since I was a child going to school. My father use to wake me up spraying water in my face! No kidding! I was soaking wet and still didn't want to get out of bed! I love sleeping! I love my bed! The one I have now, it's my own design, built by my father. I love it more than any other furniture I own, silly I know! My love wakes up earlier than me and he struggles to get me up using any torture known to sleepers. This bell we bought in our last trip to Lisbon has proven to be my nemesis.

Well, since I try to stay in bed as much as I can and since I am lucky enough to have my workplace nearby my house (thank you universe for these little treats!) I take my breakfast at the office. Well the lab actually! I am chemist did I mention that? I have a PhD in Biochemistry and a post-doc in Molecular Biology but I will not bore you with scientist stuff. I love my work in the lab and many of my jewelry are inspired by chemistry! The day advances with lots of analyses and reporting and then it is finally time to go home!

In between
We have similar work hours with my boyfriend and we get home almost at the same time. He uses the bicycle almost all year around but I feel too cold in the winter and wait for spring to use it to go to work. I usually cook as soon as I get home. We try to eat light and healthy and it has been easy. We love salads and small fresh fish, miam!!!

As soon as we eat my boyfriend goes for his nap and I let my best friend Mr. Bosch do the dishes. And then it is coffee time and the best part of the day begins. Sometimes I drink my coffee in the kitchen reading a book (I love The Return by Victoria Hislop) and sometimes I take it to my desk. When the weather is fine I take it outside keeping company to my flowers. I worry this year about my tulips. They haven’t bloom yet, hmm…

My desk is my craft place as well. It is filled with beads and leather scraps and chains and more beads. I spend the rest of the day here. I design and draw new items, I try new techniques, I make new items and list them or I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook. That is if I am not out having coffee with dear friends, or visiting my parents, or just walking around with my love.

In the evening
Well, most of the time we eat light in the evening so there is no cooking involved, unless we feel like having homemade pizza while watching a movie, or reading books. Then it is time for bed. I will not lie. We don’t always sleep.

Thank you for entering my world. Take care and smile!

Thank you Maro! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)



  1. What a lovely post, Maro!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Great to meet you Maro! I love how your beads are in little chemist bottles!!!!!

  3. nice to learn more about you Maro!!!

  4. That was a great tour of your day!
    Thanks for taking us around with you....