Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday is my day: Sofiasobeide

Moi! Today we will hop to Finland and meet Sofia from
She crochets cute little creatures, accessories and jewellery.
Look at that little bunny, isn't it just super cute?!
Have a cute September Friday!

Mona the tiny bunny

Hi, my name is Sofia and I make cute little crocheted creatures. I also have a shop Varm ( with my mum where we sell accessories, I'm the crocheter and mum is the knitter. I live with my fiancé Aleksi and our black poodle Imma in an apartment in Turku, a few kilometers outside the city center. Besides all the crocheting I'm a full time student. Welcome to spend the day with me!

6.15 Aleksi wakes up and leaves for work. I kiss him goodbye but it is still too early to wake up, especially since I don't have any lectures on Fridays so I continue sleeping.

8.00 I wake up when Imma runs around our bedroom and wants me to wake up. Some days if I'm lucky she might let me sleep till 8.30. Not today though... I go out with her for a quick walk. Imma cuddles up with her elephant and continues sleeping when we get back inside.

It is breakfast time for me. My breakfast is two slices of wholegrain bread, orange juice, coffe, a boiled egg and vitamins of course! I check Etsy while having breakfast and answer convos and e-mails. I also check some blogs, facebook, craftcult and craftopolis.

9.30 I study for a while. My studies have recently started after the summer break. We don't have any exams yet which means that I don't have that much to do.

11.00 I play with Imma for a while. I check e-mails and Etsy and chat for a while at the European street team thread.

12.00 I have lunch while reading the local paper. My lunch today it is a huge green salad with avocado.

12.45 After I've had my lunch I go for a long walk with Imma. She is just one year old and quite energetic. We play with sticks outside our house a while before walking. Our house is an old warehouse building for a company that builds ships. That is why we have a huge anchor (that you can see in the photo) outside our house. There are great benefits with living in an old warehouse like the great ceiling height and huge windows!

We live near this huge old gasometer. It is a quite impressive building! We always walk pass it when going for walks.

14.00 I'm back home and it's time for afternoon coffee and leftover lingonberry pie with vanilla ice cream while watching Oprah. This is also when I finally have time to do some crocheting. Here is a dragon in the making.

I've sold a dragon so I pack him in a little box. I try to recycle packaging, papers and everything possible. We get four different telephone books and yellow pages every year! So I've started to make bags out of the maps from the telephone books to send my orders in. They are colorful and pretty cute If you ask me :)

16.00 Aleksi finishes work and picks me up. We go to the supermarket to buy food for the weekend. I just love when the trees are turning yellow and orange in the autumn. They have just started turning yellow here and it is so beautiful!

17.30 I'm off to work. I work at the Åbo Svenska Teater theater here in Turku. No I'm not an actress ;) I do practical stuff like welcoming the audience, hanging their coats, selling programme leaflets and such. I like working there, people are (almost) always so happy when going to the theater. I go by bike to work. I always go by bike where ever I go. It is the cheapest, fastest and healthiest way.

21.30 I get back from work. It is time for dinner. Pizza is on the menu tonight with Italian red wine and candles. Our pizza is surely not Italian at all though! It is with ground beef, bacon, feta and cheese. But it is yummy!

22.15 We head for the sofa with our wine glasses to watch a movie. And I crochet while watching. At about twelve o'clock I stop crocheting and lay down on the sofa instead. this always ends with me falling asleep. I'm so tired that my eyes can't stay open no matter how good the movie is!

Well that is pretty much a normal Friday in my life. I hope you enjoyed my day :)

Good night!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday is my day: Nafsika

Today we will hop to Greece and meet Nafsika from
She creates colorful pretty jewellery from precious metals and stones.
Enjoy your trip :)

Pink Flowers Sterling Silver Earrings

My name is Nafsika from an i live in Philothei, a
suburb of Athens, Greece :)

7:40 A typical day for me starts ... my wake up call comes in the
form of a cat. So I get out of bed,drag my feet to the
kitchen, feed the cats and then prepare breakfast...but there is no
time for breakfast today, there are items to be shipped.

8:10 I get dressed,  take the car, put my favorite radio station on
and go to the local post office.
It's a short drive but I love it...there are trees all around, no
traffic and a sense of serenity all around.

8:20 Time to head to the office. That too is (fortunately) a short
drive but with no serenity whatsoever as I head downtown.

8:50 Arrival at the office! Luckily I found a parking spot near the
building so there is enough time to have a quick breakfast consisting
of a cup of extra strong coffee and a "koulouri" which is a Greek
sort of bagel with sesame. I check my emails and my etsy while
munching my Koulouri..

13:30 Lunch break with my colleagues... the best part of the day.
Mine usually is pasta or cooked vegetables. After we finish I take a
sneak peak at my etsy shop
and maybe re-list an item or two. Back to work until 16:30 ....

17:00 Back at my house. Yesterday's laundry is waiting. Must hang the
clothes (not my favorite chore) and then since I am at the balcony
time to water my plants.

17:50 The barking reminds me that it's time to walk the dogs.

18:20 I get back, take a shower and then go to the bench to finish
some orders and play around with designs for some new stones I bought.
20:00 All dressed up and ready to leave the house. Today a very dear
friend of mine is getting married!

21:00 The ceremony is lovely, my friend Katerina looks stunning. I
love weddings!

22:30 The big wedding party is ahead of us! Lots of dancing, eating and
drinking (not necessarily at this order)!

3:00 In the morning and we are still at the wedding party.... thank
God the weekend is ahead!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday is my day: Ollies Woollies

Ah I am so ready for autumn when I visit Catherine's shop. She creates felted and crocheted jewellery and the colors are soooo lovely and earthy! Me like a lot :)
Happy Friday folks!

Hi everyone, my name is Catherine and I make crocheted and felted jewelry that I sell in my Etsy-shop Ollies Woollies. Since my days are spent at a museum – where I’m an archaeologist who over the years turned webmaster/-designer – my crocheting is mainly done in the evenings and weekends. Still, I hope you enjoy having a peek at my friday.

I wake up at around 6, and if I don’t get up right away, Tussi the cat make sure I don’t snooze for long. Every morning she follows me into the bathroom where she demands a drink from the tap.

After a quick shower it’s time for breakfast: a bowl of vanilla yoghurt with raspberries and homemade muesli. I got the recipe on a trip to Germany this summer. We stayed for bed and breakfast at an amazing farm, where all the food was homemade. Delicious!

Around 7 the rest of the family (husband Michael and daughter Elna) is up and about. A quick hi and it’s time for me to hit the road. It’s a one hour drive to Kristianstad, the town where I work. I used to commute by train, but after 13 years of getting up before 5 o’clock, I got fed up. If it’s a beautiful morning – like today – it’s a joy to drive and I love to play music really loud and sing along. I’m no singer, but who cares, there’s no one around to tell me to shut up!

Once I’ve parked the car it’s only a few minutes walk before I reach the museum. On the way I pass the Holy Trinity Church, built in the 17th century and such a beauty.

The museum’s entrance is altogether different – and 400 years younger – but not so bad either.

Finally I’m at my desk and it’s time for an update of the web. But first, a quick check on my Etsy-shop. Yay, someone including me in their treasury – always makes me happy!

At 10 o’clock it’s off to the printer to pick up a report I finished designing last week. I think it turned out fine :)

At 12 it’s time for lunch. The museum’s got a great restaurant, Café Miró, where the cook Anita serves the most amazing home made buffet! Today one dish is Coffee Roasted Chicken with Chocolate flavored gravy! It tastes absolutely divine!

Still on our lunch break, my friend and workmate Evelyn and I go for our daily walk through town. Today it’s time for a visit to my local yarn shop, “helylle”, to stock up on some yarn for the weekend.

Couldn’t help but taking a close-up of the gorgeous shawls hanging from the ceiling. Knitted, not crocheted, but still beautiful.

Back at my desk, I continue working with designing the new web for the museum’s collections, until about 5, when it’s time to head back home. My favorite part of the road is when passing all the wind turbines. Their merry twirling makes me feel happy!

I’m back home at around 6, and it’s time for supper. Since it’s Friday, Elna is hanging out with friends and it’s just me and M. We make it simple, just a cup of tea and a sandwich in front of the telly. And a quick look through the new Ikea-catalogue that arrived today.

After supper I get to relax in my favorite chair and finally do some crocheting!

Since I had no sales today, I continue to crochet on the table cloth I started a while back. I saw the pattern at a small local museum and thought it would fit perfectly on the bright red garden table at our summer cottage. Hopefully, I’ll have it finished by next summer :)

11 o’clock and it’s time for bed. Tomorrow we’re off to our summer cottage and a crayfish party with my brother. And since it’s Saturday, there will be more time for Ollies Woollies – with a bit of luck!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday is my day: The House of Mouse

Iiiiik! Are you afraid of mice? Don't panic, these mice are cute and friendly ones and there is a lot of them! Today we will meet Anna, the other half of
And the country is Netherlands, small country full of mice. Oh boy :)
Happy Friday!

Hello! My name is Anna and I am half of the team at The House of Mouse. I founded the business 2.5 years ago, and my sister Naomi joined to help me with the workload 2 months ago. As well as running my Etsy store, I am a full time housewife and Mom to baby Declan, who is 6 months old. I hope you will enjoy spending the day with me.

My day starts whenever Declan wakes up for the day, normally this is somewhere between 5:00 and 6:00, today it's almost 6am. Which - believe it or not - is actually a bit of a treat for me. Once he is dressed and changed we go downstairs to give him is breakfast.

Declan waits patiently in his high chair while I make his breakfast: apple, peach and kiwi all mashed up together. He loves it and gobbles up the whole lot. After breakfast we sit and play together on the sofa, then say goodbye to Hubby as he goes off to work.

At 8:30, Declan has just gone down for a nap and I realise I have not had any breakfast yet. So I have a quick bowl of cereal and some tea, mustn't forget my vitamins either. While I munch I check Etsy, my emails and blog. I also look to see if Naomi has left me any messages on msn. Once I'm done with that I head for the shower.

9:30 and Declan is still sleeping. I love days when he has long naps, I can get so much more done! A load of mice arrived from Naomi yesterday so I need to finish editing the photos I took of them last night.

10:00 Declan has just woken up, this is the fun sight I see when I go into his room. He has to check that his feet are still there when he wakes up!

10:30 Declan and I go to the shops. We need food for dinner tonight and I have a couple of mice to ship off to new homes.

11:30 On the way back from the shops we go to the park to feed the birds. Declan is too young to feed them himself, but he likes to watch. Especially when a big bird like a heron swoops over.

12:00 All that shopping and bird feeding has tired him out; he fell asleep on the way back home. He sleeps in his pushchair while I do some housework, eat a quick lunch and sort out the washing.

13:00 and he's awake again. We spend the early afternoon playing more games, and reading some books together. I really enjoy story time.

At 16:15 Hubby gets home from work. I make him some tea and he plays with Declan while I check some emails, pay the bills and make a couple of phone calls.

17:30 is the start of Declan's bedtime routine, he has his dinner, a nice bath with daddy and a last feed with me. No fuss or tears at bedtime tonight, so he is asleep by 18:15.

I make dinner and at 19:00 Hubby and I sit down together to eat and chat about our day. I am very grateful for this time we have in the evening, just the two of us.

Once dinner is cleared up at 19:30 I finally have some time to sew, but first I need to pack some shipping boxes because we had some sales today.

Now the boxes are ready for the morning, I can sit and sew while Naomi and I chat and webcam on MSN. We sew together for ages until I realise I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. At 22:00 I'm off to bed. Declan will probably wake up a couple of times in the night, but I am used to that now.