Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday is my day: elsahats

It's time for another Friday visit! Today we say hello to Elsa in Greece. Check out for colourful and unique hats, fascinators, bags and more - but first, take a look at Elsa's day!

07:00: I was dreaming of flowers and running around in a field. Too bad I have to wake up. I’m working on Spring samples and a group show and I’m spending most of the day in the studio. I stand up automatically, like a robot and wear any clothes that I find on the floor. In my case 2 pullovers, a hat and a cowl that I made a month ago and I’m heading to my studio, which is hopefully next door.

I need some coffee! I look terrible in the morning with no make-up on, so you’ll better take a look at one of my most favourite pictures:

7:30: Today, I’m having a busy day ahead of me and hopefully I don’t have a class tonight. So, here, I’m in my “Private Idaho of complete mess”. I can’t work any other way though, as I want to see and feel the materials. Coffee tastes great and so does a banana!

I have turned on the computer. I read my emails, etsy, favourite blogs, facebook and twitter. There are no orders today so I’m making some treasuries. I usually do them on Monday and Friday morning and today is the day to do plenty of them! I got to check youtube and find some songs for treasury titles.

10:00: I bought some new taffeta yesterday, so today I’m working on more flowers.

I’m also working on a head piece for my step sister’s wedding, so I need to find some fabric and more flowers.

12:00: It’s noon already! Where did time go? Mom is calling from USA. I haven’t spoke to her for a week and we need to catch up in so many things.

I think the view from the window could look better, but that apartment building is there for more than 20yrs.

13:00: Time to get some lunch and I’m having my favourite beans from yesterday. I love legumes and fruit juices.

13:30: I have to prepare for the advanced English class that I’m teaching tomorrow.

16:00: I’m working on a hat order for a friend, who has just survived cancer and she’s going under chemo. She needs a cotton beanie, so I’ve got her some vibrant yarn to make her a stripped one.

19:00: Oups! I have overslept again, and I need to work on some photographs in Photoshop and send them over tonight. So I’m in the studio again, opened the computer, made some fresh coffee and check facebook and etsy again. I want to see people’s reaction to the treasuries and or another excuse not to work on samples. I need to catch up with some friends in facebook too and gossip a bit.

11:00: Time for bed! I love to sleep early!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday is my day: Loddelina

It's Friday! Yay! This week we're going to visit Damjana of in France. I'm a big fan of her bags, wristlets, pouches and more - the details are delightful!

7.45h - breakfast
My alarm clock is set to 7.15 but my children, Gaston (4.5) and Lily (2.5), always wake me up half an hour or so earlier. The tempo of our morning depends on whether it is a school day or not.

8.30h - at the school
On "green" school days we hurry up with dressing and having breakfast and we try to leave the house at 8.15. Gaston's école maternelle is on the hill above the town from where we admire a frosty, wintry view of Pontarlier.

9.30h - shopping
On "blue" non-school days I take both my children with me on my morning chores - every day we buy fresh milk, cheese, eggs and yohurt at the local fromagerie.

12.00h - lunch
Children love homemade pizza with sour cream, leek, goat cheese, lardons of bacon and black olives.

13.30h - back to school
Lily and I escort Gaston back to school in the afternoon and on the way back Lily falls asleep in her pram.

14.00h - siesta
Back at home I put Lily to bed and now I have some time for Loddelina!

14.30h - coffee!
I make myself a foamy macchiato and check my shop, blog and Etsy forums. If I have pictures to take, early afternoon is the best light for photography and later I can quickly edit the pictures before Lily wakes up and demands my attention.

15.30h - psssst, she is still sleeping...
... So I quickly do some sewing before it is time to go pick up Gaston from school at 16.20h

intermezzo: a view of Pontarlier
time between us coming back from school, snacking, playing, eating dinner, bathing and putting on the pijama, is a blur. Before I know it, it is 20.15h and time for bed. Yes, please, I am exhausted! - oh, bedtime for children...

21.30h - sew, mama, sew!
children are in bed and hubby is watching a game tonight so I retreat happily to my sewing corner...

23.00h - packing an order, yey!
I check my emails before switching off the computer and if there is an order to pack, I quickly prepare some labels and cards to go with it.

Good night!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday is my day: LAccentNou

Our trip around Europe continues, as today we're going to visit Anastasia in Spain. Her unique jewelry is clearly inspired by nature, even using natural materials like pebbles. Do take a look at her lovely creations in her shop, but don't forget to read about her day first!

Our day begins at 7:45 a.m. Our because I live with my daughter and son and my husband and the most important morning task is to wake-up and to prepare kids and yourself to go out.

Sometimes my husband put the music on and it is more nice to begin the day listening music!

My daughter starts classes at 9 a.m., so before that time we have to be at school and after that to leave our little son at kindergarden.

After that we go to have some breakfast with my husband. This is the moment of the day when we stay together without kids, share morning coffee, food and speak.

Normally we have a “pa amb oli” (“bread with oil”) and a cup of coffee with milk.

Pa amb oli is something very mediterranean and very traditional here. It consists in a piece of bread and olive oil, salt, also you can put fresh tomatoes, green pepper, some garlic and than cheese or ham or anything you wish. Pa amb oli remembers me italian Bruschetta. It is so simple and just great!

It is very usual here to have breakfast outside, in a cafe. On the 2nd of January the no-smoking law do not allow to smoke in public places like cafes and restaurants and I’m so happy with it!

10:30 After breakfast we return home with my husband. He is a musician and he works at home. I work in an hotel as a receptionist in summer time and in winter time I have my holidays :) This way I can dedicate more time to kids, to home and to my creative projects.

I check my Etsy convos, I clean my studio, I create something, I take photos, I pack orders, I go to a supplier shop, I make stuff...all these together mixed with home cleaning and cooking.

It is very important for me to have a quiet moment in the day to have my cup of hot tea. Just to sit alone and to think.

At 13:30 I go to the Post office and after that I go to take my daughter and my son from school.

At 14:30-15:00 we have lunch.

After lunch it is ideal to have some break because the stomach is full and you can’t move yourself, but not always it is possible, the little one is a non-stop machine so you just have to follow his wishes :)

Sometimes, if the weather is good, we go to walk in the afternoon. There is a small pine forest in 5 minutes walking from our home and kids just love to explore and to go up and down by the hill. I love to contemplate the nature and I always return home with pockets full of branches and pinecones. Our dog Drujoc is always happy to walk with us!

At about 17:00-18:00, I try to take photos outside, if the light is beautiful.

At 18:00 I take my daughter to basketball and if my son doesn’t sleep I take him with me and we go to the park or to the supermarket to buy some food.

At 20:15 we are back at home and we sit all together on the sofa and watch TV and have some cereals with milk or making a pancake party! Normally there is a battle between the little one and my daughter because everyone wants to have the central place on the sofa :)

After that I play with my son or we watch cartoons together. He loves to play with lavender sachets from FricDeMentol. He says that Layer girl is mommy and Le Solitaire is daddy :)

This is my little lavender trick, after the game he sleeps so well :)

Once kids are sleeping I have my free time again and I try to use it efficient making something in my studio, spending time with the computer or just taking shower and taking care of myself :)

I go to sleep very late at about 1-2 a.m. Nighty night!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday is my day: La Cravate Du Chien

Hello and happy Friday! Our guest this week is Daphne of She makes the most adorable jewelry from her illustrations. Off we go to Greece to see what her day is like. Enjoy!

Good morning everyone!

It's around 9:00 and crawl my self into the shower.

15 minutes later I start my day with a nice big coffee and breakfast. Now I feel awake!

Let's check the computer. First see my emails and then the daily etsy visit. List new items and go to the teams forums.

And sent my boyfriend Stefanos a "good morning" message.

Time to get some work done. I decided to work a lot every day, since I don't have an other job, and make sure the next time I have a bazaar I don't have to run around like crazy and have some stock ready.

But first I have to clean up the place!

Getting hungry. Better go in the kitchen and prepare something or i'll have to eat my sister's totally saltless food!

Later on a walk in the park with my niece!

I'm back home. Time to relax a bit with my book and maybe skype a bit with Stefanos. Long distance relationship is not an easy thing, that's for sure!

And now time to think what i'll wear tonight and start getting ready! It's my birthday and i'm going out!

Off for some tequila! See you!!