Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday is my day: Sadiie

This week we're going to say hello to Sadiie in the Czech Republic. In her shop,, you can find beautiful, upcycled home decor items such as paper wreaths and mobiles. But first, let's take a look at Sadiie's busy day!

There's an app TEA for that.

My alarm clock sounds at 5.55 but I am usually awake a few minutes before it starts to ring. My day starts with classic earl grey tea (I love the bergamot scent) and breakfast, today it's warm soup from yesterday and cheese.

I eat only with my two cats because my partner is now working 3 months abroad and my grandma, who lives downstairs, wakes up later than me. After breakfast I get dressed, check my diary and go downstairs feed our dog and prepare breakfast and medicines for the old lady. At 7.00 I take the bus to the city and go to my office. I live in a small village in the north part of Prague so waiting for and traveling downtown by public transport is one of the chilling moments for reading, listening to music or just finding something beautiful every day.

I work as a creative director in a small czech company. My regular work day is quite hectic, containing anything from doodling logos, preparing technical studies, designing websites to brainstorming about new mobile app features. I can't complain on boredom!

Because my diary is very full today, I brought lunch from home. Trout with vegetables, yum.

I usually have lunch at some nearby restaurant, but today I need every minute so I eat at my desk. After lunch I have my second cup of tea, white sort shou mei. During the afternoon I do the rest of the work and some private agenda. I leave the office at 17.30 and go to gym where I meet my friend and do some workout for one and half hour. After my sweaty date with iron I quickly take a shower and run to catch the bus back to my village.

I arrive home around 21.00, cook bulgur with vegetables for my grandma for the next day. Later on I do some inspiration research for the morning plus I have to book a couple of flight tickets, I'm going to visit friends in Oxford and in June I'm flying to Dubai where I need to apply for visa. Filling bureaucratic applications is not my favourite activity in the late evening. After my goodnight lemon balm tea and some book reading I fall asleep with both cats in my bed.

... so where's the etsy fun? Squeezed somewhere during weekends :]

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday is my day: meilingerzita

Hello everyone! It's time to visit Hungary and say hi to Zita. She makes the most adorable bears, bunnies and other creatures, as well as stylish laptop bags, which you can see in her shop

7.30 am
I wake up, have a shower, make coffee.
I draw the curtains, and I see gladly my crassulas come on well. For some weeks I gave them too much water, so their stems were shrivelled up.

8.00 am
I check my e-mails, see my Facebook page, my Etsy, our forums, create a treasury for Etsy, read some news and write a post to my blog.
The background of the photo you can see my rabbits. I keep them on my wall until they are added to the cart of customers on my Etsy shop.

9.00 am
I make a list of my tasks for the next days: two little bears of felt for my friend, some photos of my items, little bags for a kindergarten, two brooch for an order, a little red knitted hat and so.

9.30 am
I must go to a Hungarian design market, but I have an idea in my head, so I draw it fastly (I would like to draw lots of illustration of my bear, called Portz. I want to show his life with this illustrations. Later I will list them in my Etsy shop as prints).

10.30 am
This design market is got up once a month in the centre of Budapest. There are lots of quality design goods and visitors too.

11.00 am
I have a collaboration with Vadjutka (she also has an Etsy shop: she sells her beautiful jewelleries and I give a make up as a gift to her costumers. You can see the market and Vadjutka's stand on photo no 5.

7.30 pm
I get home and a lovely dinner waits for me.

8.30 pm
I decide I finish my newest laptop bag, but I don't have too much time: we have a programme.

9.00 pm
Instead I apply a cat of felt to a bear's stomach. I need some minutes to do it.

9.30 pm
I finish the cat and we go to a pub to meet our friends.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday is my day: pintameldia

This week we're visiting Spain and saying hello to Esti of In her shop you can see more of her sweet and lovely illustrations, artwork, paper puppets and more. Have a happy Friday!


I’m Esti a.k.a Pintameldia and I live in Bilbao, north of Spain, with my husband and my two daughters. This is a day in my life.

I wake up, shower and get dressed.

I have breakfast with my husband, who is an early bird and makes the best toast around here. I wake up the girls and here our stressful forty minutes begin: get them dressed, prepare their breakfast, tidy up the rooms a little... and then we head out the door and I drive them to school.

I leave the girls at school and head back home. I do some more tidying up.

I sit down at my table, on my brand new chair. I turn on my laptop, check my email and write my (almost) daily blog post. I also write down the list of things to-do today.

This is the moment I need to focus on my work properly. Most of my mornings I sketch or draw, but today I have to work on some comissioned paper puppets. It’s gonna take me several hours.

I take a break. It’s really sunny outside. I live in an old house with a patio, very close to the sea and only twenty minutes from the center of the city. I love living here.

Time to do some small house chores (laundry) and to get out of the house to buy bread before the shop closes. After this, I come back and eat lunch (some leftovers from the day before).

I prepare and pack a mid-afternoon snack for the kids: strawberries, sándwiches and yoghurt.

It’s so nice outside that I decide to drive to school earlier. I park the car there and go for a walk.

The kids come out and we lingered at the school yard, eating the snack I have prepared at home (them), talking to friends (me), playing (them) and enjoying the great weather (all of us).

They are having so much fun that it gets really hard to leave. But they know today we are going to see some friends play and within seconds they are all ready to go and excited.

Helicon (a band friend of ours for whom I’ve made some artwork) is playing at the Fnac in the center of the city. We are lucky to find a parking space quickly and arrive right in time for the first song. We hand some earplugs to the girls because of the music volume. It almost feels like witnessing an intimate rehearsal and the atmosphere is fantastic. The girls enjoy it a lot.

Back home, light dinner, the girls are fast asleep. This is the time I take the whole day in, savouring the good moments, recalling the music, the joyful talk and the fabulous spring temperature. It’s also time to work on an illustration. The perfect moment, when the house is silent and calm.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday is my day: pergamondo

Hello everyone! Our Friday guest this week is Elisavet of, a shop full of delightfully unique, asymmetric jewelry. Let's go to Greece and take a look at her day!

Hi everybody! I'm Elisavet and I live in Athens, Greece. I'm so happy that I'm featured in this blog because Friday is my day too!

8.00 a.m. _ I wake up, have breakfast and get dressed. Today, I've got to go to Salamina, an island close to Athens, to work on a project for my day job. As an architect of this project I travel a lot to this island.

After finishing my job for today, I visit my parents who also live in Salamina. We have lunch together and catch up. I then leave the island and take the ferry back to Athens.

6.00 p.m. _ I arrive home and, like every day, I put some food in my neighborhood's stray cats. I then go upstairs to my appartment and make myself a cup of coffee.

I prepare my working space so I can start cutting some circles from a plastic sheet for a necklace that I want to create.

Once I start cutting the circles, I got an idea for another necklace so after finishing with the plastic sheet, I continue cutting from a piece of grey felt.

10.00 p.m. _ My roomate come in so I give myself a break. After catching up with her, I continue making the necklaces.

12.30 a.m. _ I am alredy dressed up and ready to go for a walk and meet some friends in a bar down town. My Friday is already over!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday is my day: SoleDeVita

Happy Friday to all! This is Morrgan's hubby, filling in for her flu-ridden self while she convalesces under a fit of blankets.

Today we'll take a trip to Latvia to meet the bright and bubbly Solvita. From her Etsy shop at she sells delightful handmade pinback buttons, greeting cards and rings for your hands and ears.

Hello, hello!

My name is Solvita, but you can call me Sole. ;)
I am a small town girl from Latvia. I live with my beloved Hubby in a nice little town called Valmiera. And here is my Day.

My day starts quite early (about 07:30), because I have regular day job from 09:00 to 17:00.

I am not having breakfast, because it is too early for me. I know, I know, not the healthiest way to start a day.
So sorry, Dear Grapefruit! You will have to wait till evening! :)

So, I do my hair, wash my teeth and about 08:40 o'clock, I am ready and out on the street.
With a sun in my back, I am on my way to work. It is 20 minutes walking.

Too bad, there is not much to see along this road. It is still winter here, lots of snow and, yes, lots of mud. It is road reconstruction on my street.

It is 09:00 and I am at my office-warehouse-What-Ever-it-is.
I work in a little Ophthalmology company. We buy and sell optical frames and make glasses for nice people. My job is to write invoices and pack orders and do other stuff..

Coffee is my first breakfast.

I check my Etsy and other Social sites. But there isn't much time to chill, I have lots to do.

It is ~12:30 and somewhere between mountains of sunglasses and papers is my lunch from local Take-away. Looks bad, but tastes good. :))

So I spend all my days in these 4 walls building dream castles and dreaming about "quitting my day job".
(Those, who have a Etsy shop, will definitely understand me. :D :D He hee...)

My working day ends about 17:00. There is another 20 minutes walking and I am back home.
Today is my Lucky day. Hubby has made a delicious chilly-bean stew with minced meat. Mmmmmm... Yummmy!

Nope, beer is NOT for me. :))

After the supper and a little dessert it's time for crafting and creativity.

Todays project is, Greeting card + Gift.
I am trying something new. Who knows, maybe these Cards will make me a Millionaire. :))

A bit of packaging and taking photos.

...and that's it. Time flies fast and another day is over. It is almost midnight and my bed is calling me.
So, Bye bye!