Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday is my day: MGMart

Today we head to Hungary and meet Marianna from
She creates beautiful and romantic poppy pins, headbands, brooches, jewellery and wedding accessories. For all pretty girls out there! Have a lovely Friday :)

My day.

I live in a small Hungarian village with my husband and two children, Edward aged 13 and Gigi who is 5 years old.

We lived in UK/London for over 12 years, but moved here a few years ago hoping for a longer childhood for our children.

Usually I am alone with the kids, as my husband is still working in England, because he can’t speak Hungarian yet.

Today it’s a quite exciting day, as we will pick my husband up from Ferihegy Airport in Budapest.

He had gone to work just over a month ago, so we are can’t wait to see each other. We are talking every day on Skype, but still much better when he is home with us.

So…I should begin with this picture…my first thing when I am still in bed, to reach for my iPod and check my emails and Etsy shop. My iPod is the best ever thing I had in my life, I love it!!

Not long after I turn the iPod on I can hear my daughter Gigi’s little voice asking me if she can play on my iPod J

The school is finished, Edward and Gigi are on their summer holiday already.

We are having a breakfast together, they like chocolate chips cereal with milk, while I am having cornflakes with sugar and milk.

I am not a morning person, look quite sleepy here, I need my milk coffee to get a day started.

I am getting some order ready for shipping and started to work on my new lariat necklace design, I was thinking of last night. I am quite happy the necklace came out how I imagined, I love the mixture of brass and organza fabric. Will list it in my shop later this week. While I am working, Gigi is painting next to me and Edward is on his computer.

I love making this poppies! They are so simple, but really sweet design of mine.

I am not using any glue to fix my flowers on the bobby pins. I sew each of them by hand.

I am making my own boxes, they are made for my flowers size. I am having a problem to find a supplier who can make special size strong boxes for me for shipping. Until I will find any, I have to make my own.

You can find a box tutorial on my blog

Orders are ready for going to the post office.

Walking to the post office with my daughter. I love this walks, because we can talk lots while we get there…

Gigi took a photo of me. That is my posting bag, I love it so much!! I got it from a really good friend, Lani from the US. I met her on Etsy.

Gigi is posing J She is such a little monkey! I love her soooo much!!!

The brown brick house is our home, can you see the big satellite dish? Because of it’s size, we can receive and watch UK channels in Hungary!

Cooking some quick lunch before we leave to the airport.

I love cooking! I found this Asparagus soup recipe on the internet. So easy to make.

At the Ferihegy Airport, waiting for my husband to come out and we all can go home. The kids in the back of the car are so excited!

Quick view to the Danube while my husband driving through the bridge.

This is my working area in the study. In the evening I am checking my emails and shops again and download the photos I took today, tweet and list new items what I made during the day. You can see them around my computer….

I like being alone at night, when everyone gone to bed. It’s nice and quite… I try to go to bed by midnight, but sometimes I am still sitting front of my computer up to 1am.

Thank you for reading how I spent my day.



Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday is my day: Emma Lamb

Today we will go to Edinburgh, Scotland and meet Emma from
She crochets retro and vintage inspired granny cushions, pincushions, pot holders and other sweeties!
You will love the shop, I promise!
happy friday!

lottie - vintage rose pincushion...

7.00am ~ The alarm goes off and my man gets up to get ready for work, thankfully I get to lie in bed a wee while longer... one of the best perks of working from home!
7.45 am ~ Breakfast of tea and toast.

8.15am ~ I switch on my computer and start the working day, spending the next couple of hours checking e-mails and Etsy convos, updating my Flickr groups, adding a few pretty things to my Pinterest pages. I also squeeze in a blog post.

10.00am ~ Get dressed.
10.45am ~ Take the wee man (Spanner) for his morning walk in our local park so he can sniff all the smells and meet his wee pals.

12.30 ~ Lunch, today it's sweet smoked Scottish mackerel with cucumber and fresh bread followed by a peppermint tea and chocolate biscuits... mostly healthy!

1.00pm ~ Sit down at my desk for an afternoon of crocheting. Today I'm working on some custom 'granny cushions' that will hopefully be in their new home by the time you're reading this!

5.15pm ~ My man comes home and kindly makes dinner for us, gammon with baked potato courgette and a fried egg ~ i love fried eggs! He's much more at home in the kitchen than me, but I do enjoy cooking, just not everyday... ;)

6.00pm ~ Sit down at the computer again ~ with my pudding of summer fruit berries with thick coconut milk, yum! ~ to catch up with a wee bit of blog reading and pull some ideas together for more of my own blog posts for the rest of the week.

7.00pm ~ We all go for an evening walk, as it's such a sunny night we decide to go to Arthur's Seat ~ a long dead volcano in the centre of Edinburgh and when I say long dead I mean millions of years! This is absolutely one of our most favourite places to go for a walk, once you get to the top there are some stunning views of the city to be had. But tonight the peak is very busy since the tourist season is just starting to gear up for the summer and the Edinburgh festival events.

8.30pm ~ Home for a quick shower and get into my pj's ready for a couple of lazy hours in front of the TV while working on some crocheted flowers for my garlands.
10.30pm ~ Off to bed, see you all in the morning... !

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday is my day: Betsy3

We will stay in Italy because it is so lovely country and today we will meet Elena from
She designs beautiful jewellery. I am sure you'll enjoy your Friday with her :)

Hello! My name is Elena Ravasio, I was born and I actually live in Bergamo a beautiful town in the North of Italy, with my boyfriend, Fabio. I'm an architect and graphic designer by day...and a jewelry designer by night!

7.30am Wake up!

7.40am My espresso!My boyfriend, brings my breackfast to my desk, every morning, while I check the orders and convos on Etsy...yes he is an angel...!

7.50am I check my etsy shop and I write addresses on envelopes of orders ready to ship.

8.30am Almost every day, before going into the studio, I go on one of my construction sites to verify the work.

9.30am The town where I live is composed of two parts there is the Città Alta (Upper Town), built up on the hills, and the Città Bassa (Lower Town), which is a lively financial, industrial and administrative centre. The two parts are separated, both physically and symbolically, by the powerful Venetian Walls, every day to go at my studio I go along this road, today I took some photos for you!


10.00am This is my can see me behind the screen ;-)

01.00pm I don't cook today, I do boil water to cook pasta!

01.10pm My boyfriend is a great chef! Today Tortellini!

05.00pm Fortunately, today I finished at the studio soon, so I can rush home to create something new at my bench!

08.00pm Today my boyfriend is really inspired and tonight for dinner omelette!

09.00pm It's friday night and We are ready for a walk in the "Città Alta" with some friends of mine.

11.30pm This is the moment of a lovely warm tea ... good night all!