Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday is my day: Christina Romeo

Today is Christina Romeo's day. She is Canadian artist who makes lovely textile art and mixed media paintings. Her shop was the very first etsy shop that I really reallyREALLY hearted. I love her characters with a lot personality but which are not "sugarcute". She has also another shop for little people with some cute and whimsical illustrations. Love them all!

5:30 am cell phone alarm goes off with buzzing and a song playing over my head....time to get out of bed. I always to fill up my water bottle first thing then go downstairs to my ‘workroom’/ studio and turn on the laptop to check email and catch up on some work while the house is quite.

6:00-7:00 work on my school work, I am finishing a degree in Health Information Management and the course load is very heavy with medical courses as well as all the statistics and coding courses. I like to work on this when the house is quite and I can concentrate!!

7:00 My youngest son Finn usually wakes up running down the hallway as he is scared. He goes to the top of the stairs and yells Momma until I go and get him get him set up with some Yo Gabba Gabba and warm milk.

7:10 I start getting ready for my day job by having a shower, making school lunches, running around like a chicken with my head cut off....this usually ends up with me arriving at work with wet hair as I run out of time for myself. I always grab a green tee and at least two pieces of fruit for breakfast and then we run out of the house.

8:00 I arrive at my day job where I work as an Administrative assistant at a residential care facility. I love my day job as I get to spend some pretty awesome time with some pretty awesome senior citizens!! The people I work with are pretty sweet as well and we never have a dull moment there or are we ever short on laughs.

12:00 I am done work at the hospital and off for home to have a quick lunch, usually soup and pita with hummus dip or something lite like that. Eat lunch then off to work on sewing and getting orders out the door for shipment. After I have packaged up the orders for the day it is off to the post office I go to see my lovely ladies at Canada Post. Awesome girls.

2:30 Christina goes to the gym to work off any frustrations I might have and keep a little time to myself I have three boys and a personal relationship that is on the rocks so I really need my exercise time! It keeps me sane (somewhat).

3:45 I go the preschool where my youngest son attends and pick him up...he is always ready to run and give me a huge hug...I accept with all my heart as I know how fast they grow oldest son is 17years old!!

4:30 run by the grocery store for some last minute dinner items, fight with Finn over candy.

5:00 make dinner for the kids

6:00 out the door for a girls night out, went for sushi and a movie then out for much fun and oh so many laughs.

12:00 Cab ride home to rest my tired head, ice pack and ibuprofen. Lights out!

Have Beautiful weekend all :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday is my day: Karlita

Today we will meet sweet Karlita from Belgium. She makes beautiful and popular felt scarves and jewelry and she can use other materials as well, check this lovelyporcelain ring and this enamel ring.

One day of her life:

6 am

I wake up, a little early since my alarm does not go off until 6.30 am. It turns out Hubby is awake too so we lay in bed chatting a bit – getting up before the alarm at 6.16 am!

6.20 am

I cannot resist going downstairs and sneaking a peek at the computer to check etsy – and behold, it turns out I was on the FP late last night and got two sales from it. I go upstairs again with a big smile on my face!

6.45 am

After a long hot bath (I love taking showers and baths), it’s time for some same old boring breakfast (but in a nice dish): muesli with vanilla yoghurt. And of course, spend some time behind the computer, answering mails, saying goodmorning to my europeanstreetteamfriends + pack my two sales


Leave for work, which is a 15 minute drive. I work parttime since may of this year (3 days one week and 2 days the other) – today is a workday but I’m taking half a day off.

7.40 – 12.00

At work, just catching up a bit – nothing exciting today.


On the way to my mom, I stop at the PO to mail my orders out. I try to visit my mom everyday – I’m an only child and my dad died long time ago – so spending time with my mom is important to me.


I get myself a liter of tomatosoup at Supba, a nice little soupbar in town – that will be my lunch. When I get home, first thing I do is ... check the computer.


I made some Hill Tribe silver necklaces yesterday for my Belgian site and they still need photographing. The light is good, so here we go ...

I’m to impatient to take my time for it, so they will have to do.

14.15- 18.30

Finally I can go upstairs to my little atelier and felt some more! I’m making short little chokerscarfs for my dutch site. I also continu my experiment with wrapping a necklace in felt – don’t know if it will work.


Hubby Marc comes home from work and we grab a quick bite.

When I'm going through my supplies, especially my wool - i love to smell it - it is such a comfortable feeling and it smells very familiar by now.


Marc and I are active in a small social organisation that allows children from a poor neighboorhood in Jaipur, India to go to school. I’m the volunteer coordinator and tonight we see two potentials volunteers that want to help in the project beginning next year.


Volunteers are gone, so first thing I do is check Etsy – yes, my name is Karlita and I’m a etsy-holic!

I started a Textile Arts training last week and I want to prepare some more for the class this week. We started with learning the Shibori-technique. I’m very excited and already thinking up a scarf collection for next summer. While working some, I watch an episode of Project Runway.


I go to bed

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Friday is my day:Yoola

Today we will travel to Israel and meet Yoola. She is a professional industrial designer who in her spare time creates beautiful jewelry and crochet and knitting art from wire. Please do visit her etsy shop and/or DaWanda shop

Morning -woke up a bit late today...7.30 the kids didn't want to wake us up we were sleeping too well.
Coffee on my favorite coach.

8:30 off with my hubby to our design firm (2min ride)
all morning I worked on a nice medical project(confidential so I can't tell...)

13:30 back home to fix lunch for the kids
14:30 back to office-
In the afternoon I build a 3d for a new ball shaped clock (can't tell more about this as well, sorry...)
In between, since all my work is done on the computer I snag a look at what's going on in etsy....But don't tell anyone

17:30 we go back home
General check out -where is every one, has all the pets been fed (we have rabbits, canaries and a dog)
Then I start preparing tomorrow lunch (try and keep it balanced)

yayy, I have a free hour so I continue my work on a new crocheted lamp shade (yes-out of metal wire)

19:30 Light dinner for everyone (we are four)
20:00 Today I have parents meeting at my kids school, these meetings are usually quite a waste of time, but my kids won't forgive me if I skip it. SO- I am a good mom (I hope)

21:00 Back from school -relax for an hour in front of teli -nice programmed for a change about an interesting poet, reminds me that a lot of time has past since I learned something unpractical.

22:00 Off to bed -I catch several pages of the book I'm reading (The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov

Have a great weekend all :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Friday is my day: LaPomme

This week we will take a peek to LaPomme's day in France. She makes the most cutest and adorable plushes and toys for big and small. And she tells the most loveliest stories of all! If you need some beautiful or fun toys, this is your address LaPomme .
If you are in a need of a dream this is your place LaPomme stories

My day begins at six a.m., when my cat starts prowling around my bed and butting her head against my nose so that I let her out and she can begin her rounds, terrorizing all the poor birds, mice, and moles in the area.

That done, I fall back in bed and immediately go back to zzzzzzzzleep.

At nine, I finally really wake up and the first thing on my mind is coffee. I always have to have breakfast. Along with two mugs of very strong brew, I serve myself either a bowl of cereal or a slice of quatre quarts.

Mornings are usually reserved for sending off e-mails. At the moment, I should be busy sending VERY IMPORTANT documents to my publisher. But I’m only human. I can never resist taking a peek at Etsy.

Three days out of the week, I reserve for writing.

The other three days (I get Sundays off—whee !), I can craft to my heart’s content. This is supposed to be a crafting day, but I am feeling lazy.

I have to make more plush flowers, but instead I start rooting around a box of lace, just staring at the patterns. (Notice the cellphone in the photo. I have no landline in my workroom so I can have absolute peace and quiet, but my husband insists I have a cellphone with me all the time. Just in case, he says. I keep the cellphone close, but actually resent the gadget which has a habit of ringing at the most inopportune moments!)

I finally actually do something, begin experimenting making a little cat brooch.

But then I find myself outside examining the fig tree and wondering if this year I should make some jam.

Indoors again, I ruin the cat, put a hole on its back. So I begin making a rabbit.

An hour later, the rabbit is still not finished.
Instead I find myself somewhere in Alagaesia, reading Eldest,
book number two of Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle.
It’s for kids, but in my head I’m still sometimes only 14 years old.

Sometime in the early evening, the rabbit is done!
In the course of an entire afternoon, I had finished just one teeny-tiny plushie…

Thinking of dinner, I look at my beautiful basket of fresh veggies just bought
from our weekly village market, but I decide to continue the lazy theme of the day,
not cook, and instead buy a takeout pizza.

Tomorrow, I swear, I’ll take a big dose of vitamin C.