Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday is my day: Fric de mentol

Last Friday before holidays and we are heading to Portugal and meet Ana from
I love her illustration style, very original. She makes prints of her illustrations on fabric and paper; little lavender pillows, bags, journals, postcards, prints.

Happy Friday and see you all next year!
mushroom girl - - gocco screenprint - -

Hello world, good morning, it's very cold today.
The principles of physics gives us the first image of the day.

11:00 am - Waking up and first internet dive
Cleaning some mess from the day before, breakfast and doing the laundry
Mini-mirtillo is waiting for her food supply, she's very punctual. While she devours her first meal, I take a bath
Time for the mini-mirtillo walk, around the "Madre de Deus da Verderena Convent", nearby our new residence, since last September. Today is a threesome day, my dear hubby is helping me to depict it. After that, the smell of coffee invades our senses, while taking important notes
Near downtown, that corner is usually occupied by an old man who sells fresh vegetables from his yard. Unfortunately he is not there today. I have to go to the supermarket. There is one more place to go, the posts in the Bocage avenue, to buy some mailers
Let's go home and do some packaging, soup and have lunch
I'm out of black ink, need to go to the stationery. In the way to the Papelaria Universal, we pass by the Rio Tejo. It's a cloudy day, usually the sun brightens the landscape
Street art and the garden in the Zona Ribeirinha, where we can see an ancient wind mill
06:00 pm - Back from the stationery, the night begins to involve us, giving Lisbon, on the other side of the river, another light
Coloring hearts, at home again, with some comfortable warm clothes. These wooden hearts are part of a new project
08:00 pm - Dinner is being prepared, we never eat early.
This time we ate tofu with a bunch of vegetables, cooked in the wok, with a traditional plate called Migas (cabage, olive oil, garlic, beans and corn bread). Soup too, the one I made in the morning. You're all invited, I made enough for everybody :)
10:00 pm - I like to work in the silent of the night, packages to be done and many sachets to be refilled with fresh lavender
12:01 am - Mini-mirtillo is again very sharp on time, better than any clock. After that break, more sachets and time to edit my day photos
04:30 am - I just found that it's almost five am, time to check the e-mail for the last time, write something to Nanouke in facebook ;)
I'm going to wash my face, hands and teeth.
Have a good night all ;))

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday is my day: Evihan

The weather is great in Istanbul so I prefer staying here and visit Kristin from
She creates beautiful glass and silver jewellery in her Istanbul studio. Have a great day with Kristin :)

Golds and Blues Ring

my day starts usually at 6.30 a.m. beacuse I am a slow in the mornings. I love my house’s location, very peaceful…no corns…it is not located in congested area (hopefully)
I watch TV..… my day does not start well if I do not listen to music, then I clean the house in the early morning
I put my make up….

At around 8 o’clock, I leave the house to take a tram to go to the “Grand Bazaar” area where all the silver and semi-precious stone wholesalers are located…it is really fun to chat with the owners/employees…they offer tea/coffee for free
I make my breakfast at around 9 a.m. in one of the neighbourhood the same time I check my mails and of course my etsy shop and EST forum :) I usually eat some boiled vegetables, olives, a slice of wholewheat bread and drink tea, chat with friends, we laugh a lot to my jokes :)
At around 9:45 I go to our street cafe to have my Turkish Coffee with medium sugar..and of course read my newspapers…I really love here especially in the summer is always crowded…although it looks like sheds, you can come across with many famous writers, actors, actress, directors and etc

Before going to my shop, I pass by my street florist to buy some flowers for my shop…today I bought KOKINA..this flower is only sold christmas/new year time in Turkey…

There is a famous Pickle House just in the corner of my shop, it is a quite famous and biggest shop in Turkey…every tourist takes photos of the variety
Finally I reach to my small haven at around 10:15 I place the flowers to my recycled vases…they were wine bottles months agoJ I work form my orders..during New Year time mostly I prepare angels for both my shop and other sales corners.
During the day, my friends and of course :) customers visit me.

I visit my neighbours…next to my shop there is an antique fabric shop called LEYLA…very specilalized on especially Ottoman fabrics, French laceworks and etc..

and then I pass by to a vintage shop called MOZK..they rent their clothes for films and TV series…they have hundreds of costumes…I lost myself, when I go there. My friends Berk and his wife Selda prepares different themes in front of their shops..and they change it regularly...this is really fun :)
I buy my fruits from horse car, always fresh
At around 8 p.m. I close my shop….I make shopping from a local supermarket…today I bought one of my favorite fish “Salmon” and eat some Turkish appetizers –stuffed pepper and wine leaf called DOLMA, and some KISIR, which is prepared with BULGUR…those are my favorite appetizers
After checking my mails and of course ETSY for the last time, -If I still have an energy- I go out with friends to have some drinks…and as you can see after a couple of wine I took these kind of photos :)

At 11.30 p.m.time to clean my face…..and zzzzz….

wowww I make these in 1 day GOSSSHHH I must be a super woman :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday is my day: Raisinlike

Today we will meet lots of puppets from
and we are lucky to meet their mother and creator Sharona from Israel, too one enthusiastic puppet maker :)
Have a fun Friday!
Autumn Flutterfairy - One of a kind puppet mobile
Good morning! The sun rises and so must I.
Breakfast is served in front of last night’s Etsy stats – soft Italian bread with pâté and
a cup of coffee with goat’s milk.
It’s time to go to work. On my way, I say a quick hello to our local sea monster.
While working on my latest user guide, I realize someone from the office massed with
my Degas yet again.
Lunch is by far the most important event of our workday. Exactly at noon you can see
a herd of starving developers, graphic artists and executives running to the elevators
while arguing what and where to eat. Today, however, we were unanimous in our
craving for a nice healthy burger.
Back from lunch, and on with the work. 3pm is time for a coffee break. One soy
cappuccino coming right up, while various discussions are taking place in the kitchen
area. These vary from professional debates to bible studies and recipe exchange.
After work, I head on to my weekly shopping at the local farmers market. I buy three
huge bags of ready made popcorn, some avocado and corn, pears and fresh goat
When I get home I hear sad news. Little Nick has foam loose on his lower jaw, and
needs urgent surgery. Brave little Nick asks for his teddy bear while we get ready to
anesthetize him. Then I do my magic. His recovery is full and swift.
While Nick is healing with a bowl of chocolate ice cream, we have our dinner. It’s
leftover noodles and chicken in peanut butter and coconut cream sauce I cooked last
night. We decide to celebrate Nick’s recovery with a toast to his health.
After dinner I update my blog. I am just back from a vacation in London and am
writing a series of posts about my adventures. This post is about Pinky’s visit to the
British Museum.
At last, I brush my teeth, wear my jammies and head to bed. I am reading the perfect
book for bed lately, entitled “What really matters”. It discusses mathematics and
philosophy. Two or three pages and I sleep like a baby. See you in the morning!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday is my day: Happyment

It's friday again and time to travel! So hop in the sledge and let's glide to Latvia and meet Rasa from
She creates all kind of happy art pieces made of felt, polymer clay, yarn, paper mache...
Enjoy your trip and have a happy shopping :)

Welcome to my Friday!
Look who has fallen asleep in my bed while I was drinking coffee, enjoying unhurried morning conversation, browsing through newspaper, planning the day. I usually get up at 7:30am, but my days are very different. Sometimes I get up at 6:00am and run head over feet to catch the bus to the capital. At the moment I’m happy I can work from home most of the time. I enjoy these relaxed mornings, when I don’t have to hurry anywhere. I tried to make a photo of my morning coffee, but lights are bad and I’m not a morning person, so taking decent photo when the day has just begun turned out to be a challenge.
9:00am – Breakfast. Sweet-and-sour bread with cheese. The day has begun.
Morning at the computer. Checking and answering e-mails, logging on Etsy, writing blog etc.
12:00pm - This summer I discovered a cooking method perfect for lazy people. Actually I knew about it before, but didn’t realize how convenient it is. You just put the vegetables and rice in a ceramic pot, add spice and water, then put the pot in a preheated oven and forget about it for about 45 minutes. While lunch is cooking I can do something else like cut some felt for my brooches.

12:45pm - Lunch is ready.
2:16pm - One of the best things about living in a small town is that everything is in a walking distance. For example the post office is just 10 minutes walk from my home. The same about the local bank branch. Today I was coming home from the bank and just couldn’t pass these colourful bathing-robes in a shop window. They look so crazy hanging next to those elegant coats.
2:30pm - It’s time for a walk with our dog Ricky. He thinks it’s his turn after I’ve been out of my own. Today we are going for a walk a little earlier than usually, so that I can take some photos in the park.
Here’s one of our favourite spots and the major attraction of my little town - the medieval castle ruins.
Another view to the castle ruins and the new castle.
Something bright.
Meeting a friend on our way back.

3:30pm - Back home. Drinking hot camomile tea with gingerbread cookies, chatting on the phone and enjoying the last hour of the daylight today.
4:45pm - Sewing felt brooches.
6:00pm - Bread with jam before spending some time at the computer again. Raspberry and blackcurrant jam is classics in our family. Not showing you my dinner here, because it was a little burnt. One shouldn’t do photo editing while cooking dinner.
About midnight – A little reading before going to bed. This book is about Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun and it keeps me wondering why some talented people who have the power to influence the society end up supporting undemocratic ideologies and regimes. Eventually I’m too tired to ponder on that much, it’s time to sleep. Good night!