Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday is my day: Studio BIG

Hello all! We were a bit absent but back again!!! Today we are traveling to Utrecht, Netherlands to meet Nicole from "Studio BIG"
Enjoy the ride! :)

Cell Phone case for smartphone

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole, I live near Utrecht in The Netherlands and I recently started Studio BIG...
Let me take you on a tour into my Friday:

6.30AM: the alarm clock starts buzzing and awakes me, that is if not before one (or more) of my three sons has done so. Usually they leave their friends with me....

7.00AM: I really need to get out to get to work in time. Luckily for the first time since weeks the weather actually is quite nice.

7.45AM: The first thing I do after taking a shower and dressing the kids....
Aaiii, you caught me. Checking the views from the US the night before. Yes, I admit, I am hooked....

Also, I should not forget today to get that matching thread to go with the new purple felt!

8.15AM: Since school holidays already started, I do not have to bring the boys to school and I can already leave for work. Today my husband has taken a day off to go out with them.

8.45AM: I arrive at work. It is really quiet because my colleagues almost all are enjoying their holidays. So I can start my day with a cup of nice coffee (I work with a large coffee and tea producer in The  Netherlands...) and check my emails.

5.45PM: I leave the office and drive home, to find my kids having a water party in the backyard; OMG I adore them!

And another nice surprise is the arrival of my new business cards. I was really looking forward to receive them. I always order them with MOO in the UK and I love them; especially their mini cards.

6.00PM: I really need to prepare some dinner, which I do not really mind because I love to cook (and eat :-) ) I collect cooking books, most of which I never actually use but they look and feel so nice...

8.30PM: After diner, we take the boys to bed and then I start my other job, the one I really enjoy the most :-)

I take my tea and check for new orders. Then I either start to work on those or work on building some stock because in a few weeks I will go with some other ETSY NL makers to Lowlands; one of the bigger festivals in The Netherlands! Today I can do both! Luckily I received an order today.

Of course I enjoy making the product, but I also really like packing it nicely and adding a small personal note: and after finishing that I make a design I think might work at the festival: purple cell phone cover with a peace dove. I still use the pin-cushion my late grandmother made for me many years ago. I cherish it because she thought me my passion: sewing and creating what I have in my mind... (also the beautiful little pair of scissors were hers)

Then, again way too late, I realize I need to go to sleep and I finish my day...

with a last look at the screen (and I can tell you many many have been in between...).

Thank you!


Thank you Nicole! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)