Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday is my day: Belichek

Hello all! Today we are traveling to Prague to meet Anastasia from "Belichek"!
Enjoy the ride! :)

Hawaiian flower wedding pin
Hi all!
My name is Anastasia Meliskin from "Belichek". I live in Prague with my beloved daughter and husband. I am a wedding photographer and I of course sew beautiful things out of felt.
My sweet  heart let us sleep up to 8-9 in the morning and today we woke up at 9:30. I usually and check my e-mail quickly and eat a pear or an apple and make massage for Mia.

Every day I see these felt garlands and they give me a good mood.

I usually sew at night when the baby sleeps. Yesterday I sewed a hat for Mia and I also created the pattern from scratch, so I am looking forward to test it on my daughter.

Now we need to run to the old center. A last look at the house and we off we go.

Here we are. Mia does not like to be in a wheelchair and I use a sling, so she can look around and not to get bored.

I love walking in the old town. There are many beautiful buildings, interesting museums and just beautiful things.

On the way we pass from the needlework supplies store to buy some yarn.

We quickly go home using the subway, because Mia is tired and I prepare a light lunch. When a child begins to cry we do everything three times faster so salad is sliced in 5 seconds.

Then I feed my daughter, she is a bit naughty and plays :)

It's time to go Mia to the doctor. After visiting we have a great mood. The doctor said that Mia is almost healthy!

Now I cook for us a delicious dinner, and my daughter is looking forward to it.

Lightning like food eating and Mia is laying to sleep. The day is passing furiously and fast like a train.

Now it's MY time. I drink coffee, dreaming, and sew-sew-sew ...

Thank you for your company this beautiful Friday :)

Thank you Anastasia! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday is my day: Oxhillcrafts


Hello all! Today we are traveling to Portugal to meet Gisela from “Oxhillcrafts”!
Enjoy the ride! :)

Mixed Media necklace
Hi! My name is Gisela and I live in Portugal. I have an Etsy shop called Oxhillcrafts and I am so happy to be here sharing my day with you!

6:30 am - My alarm clock wakes me up and five minutes later my two cats, Oscar and Felix, start pawing me in the face to get me out of the bed. How thoughtful of them... Today Felix decides to get back to bed to sleep a little longer.

7:00 am - It’s time to take a quick shower and to feed the cats who start meowing for food from the moment they leave the bed. I manage to have breakfast too! I always have oatmeal and drink black tea with milk.

7:30 am - I get ready to work and in the meantime I pick some roses from the backyard. They will cheer me up later in the evening.

8:00 am - Everything is tidy, the cats are getting ready to sleep again (can’t help feeling envious at this point) and I head off to the office.

8:30 am - I arrive at Silves, a lovely town in the south of Portugal where I work as an insurance broker.

13:00 pm - (meanwhile many non crafty things happened) I have time for a quick lunch and to squeeze in a trip to the post office to ship an order (all my packages are handmade because I want people to get the feeling of opening a present when they receive their orders). The camera goes with me every time I leave the office at lunchtime. Finding inspiring little things is always a possibility in this town. 
14:00 pm - Back to the office to work a little longer.

19:30 pm - Somehow I manage to run away from the paperwork and go back to my little village.

20:00 pm - It feels so good to be home again. Going to my parents house to have dinner is my normal routine but today I’m going to stay at home and “dinner” is going to be very simple:  black tea (I’m addicted) and toasts while I let the cats go out to the backyard to play and scratch some trees.

20:30 pm - Night is falling and it has been raining. The village looks beautiful in this light. It’s time to craft. Around the house I have small collections of colored threads, buttons, trims and other little thinks that inspire me. I’m making a necklace to add to my Etsy shop in the weekend, a crochet blanket made by my mother is also waiting to be listed. I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow, so it will be a long night!

Thank you Gisela! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)