Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday is my day: Leen's

Hello friends! This time of the week arrived again :) Today we travel to Belgium and I am glad to present you Leen from Leen's!

Set of 4 greeting cards by Leen's

Hello, my name is Leen. Together with my partner Dieter, I live in a flat in Antwerp, a Belgian city. I hope you'll like to follow a day in my live.

My alarm clock rings. It’s difficult to get up, because it’s so cosy and warm in bed. I have this problem especially in autumn and winter, when it’s still dark in the morning and cold outside. When I finally get up, I start my day with a few yoga exercises. I take a shower and get dressed.

I have breakfast together with Dieter, who works at home on Fridays. I write in my “to do” notebook (it will be a busy day…) and I make my first cup of tea of the day.

Our living room is split in two parts. One of these parts is the studio where I work. It was a very busy week and I've made a big mess of my working table, so first thing to do: clean up!

I actually don’t like to clean up, but I’m always happy when the work is done. A clean desk makes it so much nicer to work. I reward myself by changing my inspiration board: a magnetic board filled with cards from artists whom I admire and some other stuff I like.

While I was hanging one card next to the other, the postman delivered a box with the holiday cards I've illustrated. I decide to start photographing them immediately. The earlier I can put them on Etsy, the better! It happens to be a tough job: the sun shines only every now and then, and most of the time there are big clouds that take away all the light. After a long time of trying and making a lot of failed pictures, I choose the best ones to place in my shop. I adapt the pictures a bit in Photoshop, and then I can finally make my listings on Etsy.

In 15 minutes I have an appointment with my sister in the city centre. I take my bike (my favourite means of transport) and I arrive just in time.

We have lunch together and we talk a lot about the things that keep us busy. My sister is a writer, and it’s so much fun to share our creative processes, encouraging each other and giving advice to one another! But of course, we do talk about many other things too.

We go to the shop, as we need both food for dinner. After shopping, we decide to have a coffee in one of those great coffee bars in our city (because we just can't stop talking ;-). Coffee bars are dangerous places for girls like us; we tend to spend hours and hours over there…

Back at home. I check my mailbox, make a post for my blog and start reading other blogs, a very inspiring but time-consuming activity. So I decide to get away from my computer and to do something with my hands. Making buttons from the fabric I designed a whole while ago seems to be a good idea.

Time flies and I need to start cooking for dinner. I’m going to make a dish from “de groene prinses”. She creates gorgeous vegetarian meals. Since the existence of this blog, it has been much easier for me to decide what to cook. Fortunately Dieter loves these meals too.

While Dieter is doing the dishes (lucky me!), I get back to work. I come to the conclusion that I haven't done pretty much of my to do list today. Ok, first I need to finish some commissioned jobs and then I will finally tackle the design for that tote bag. It’s going to be a long evening...

And for tomorrow: happy weekend everyone!

Thank you Leen! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday is my day: My Cherry Tree

Hello! Another Friday is here and today we are traveling to Slovenia to meet Vesna & Mojca from My Cherry Tree and Cherry Time!

Hi I am Vesna!
I own My Cherry Tree and I am also a part of Cherry Time team. (handmade shop with my best friend Mojca). We live in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

My Cherry Tree is all about beautiful vintage and antique goodies and handmade collection inspired by French vintage postcards, music, love and beautiful vintage supplies.

Cherry Time is about unique handmade goodies for women and kids.

My Friday

Breakfast, browsing through emails, conversations, making morning treasury...Discussing ideas, options, materials with Mojca.

Styling vintage and handmade goodies, taking photos, creating, packing...

Time for my day time job.

So happy that weekend started with unlimited time for creating and enjoying free time...

Cherry time team Vesna & Mojca

Visit our blog and take part of our giveaway.

Thank you Vesna & Mojca! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday is my day: Strangewoodart

Hello Hello! Have a great December everyone! Today, while we are still spending one more week in beautiful Italy, we will have the chance to meet talented Linda from Strangewoodart. Enjoy the ride!

My name is Linda and I live in North Italy with my partner and my son, Nicola. We live in a pretty village, where you can still find an authentic magical atmosphere, very different from a town, from which I have ran away many years ago. Working from home allows me to spend as much time as possible with my family and look after my son. I consider myself very lucky. And now, here is my typical Friday:

Sculpture Art Doll from Strangewoodart

I wake up before everybody else, because I like to have breakfast by myself with a large mug of "Latte" and biscuits. I love listening to a relaxing CD and write my list of priorities for the day, even if by the evening I have accomplished only half of what I was meant to do. The trouble is that I always expect too much from myself.

Federico and Nicola wake up and have breakfast. My son takes always a long time, because he listens to fairy tales, he plays and tries to delay going to pre-school.  It would be nice to stay home and play, but only for today though...

As quick as thunder, we manage to go out, before the school’s doors close. Nicola begins a day of play and activities with his friends. The village is small and we all know each other. He has known his school mates since birth. 

Now I have a few things to do. In the village we have everything we need: shops, chemist, postal office, council office and a famous museum: the Museum of the Mask, where you can discover traditions and cultures from most of the countries in the world with ethnical costumes for every ancient festivity. I like to stroll along the village streets, where you can see very old houses with religious frescos painted on the walls: the atmosphere is enchanted.

Finally at home: I check my on-line shop, emails, blog and all activities relating to the web. If I did not have a precise plan, I would risk to spend all day in front of my PC.  My house is on 4 levels and my laboratory is in the attic: this is a very important place for me.  When everybody is in the kitchen, I can work in peace. I try to be organized, but it is really difficult for me.  I can’t help it, this is the way I am... Therefore every couple of days, when I start to struggle finding things, I decide to sort everything out.

I start working with air drying clay. My work is divided in different phases: modeling, drying, sanding, hand painting, finishing. Today I will shape a few sculptures, which will take at least 3 days to dry.  I prefer to make as many as possible, even in the small breaks during the day. 

I prepare lunch for myself. Sometimes I meet up my partner for lunch, but today I have many things to finish, so I have decided to stay home. During my meal, I watch the news to know what happens out there in the world, even if I can see that these are difficult times for everyone. Often, I can’t wait to get back to my colorful sculptures or relax half an hour changing channels. 

If I am lucky and it’s a sunny day, I can take pictures of my items. I always have to take pictures of myself and it is really hard, because I have to try over and over until I am fully satisfied. For Christmas I hope that Santa will bring me a camera stand.

It is time to go to school to pick up Nicola, because today is a sunny day and we can go for a walk.  Near our house there is a large square with a view and a play area, but today is too cold for that and no one else is there.

We decided to go to Ovada, the nearest town, for a walk in the city centre.  There the atmosphere is quite different, closer to a city lifestyle, but it is important not to lose touch with “civilation”, as we say jokingly here in the village.

Back home, Nicola falls asleep for an hour and I can spend time drawing. I have registered to the Sketchbookproject and, before starting, I try to practice the techniques to find inspiration and study.  I’ve always loved drawing and I happy that I am managing to find a way to keep my passion alive.  It is important to find time to do what you like, even if it is only a hobby, rather than work.  I think that this is a good opportunity to get stimulated to achieve the best I can even in this field!

Dinner time is getting closer; I start preparing the meal. I love cooking, but today I have little time.  I prefer to cook at weekends, when my two boys spend their time wondering around together on their bicycle.  I prefer to cook pasta dishes and puddings, obviously Italian style. While we are dining, we talk about ourselves and how we have spent our day and we enjoy planning for the weekend.

While I prepare the evening coffee, Nicola and his dad play happily.  Their games are always boisterous: trains, cars, fighting... And I used to dream of dolls and fairy tale castles...! Sigh!

Nicola sleeps already.  It is time for the evening rituals: relaxing, reading a book, before switching the light off.  It was definitely a busy Friday... And from tomorrow a relaxing weekend with my family!

Thank you Linda! As for all of you lovely readers stay tunned for our next week's guest!
Until then, have a great weekend and be creative :)