Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday is my day: Star of the East

This week I don't want to travel far so we will go to Mugla, south of Turkey and meet Star of the East. Well one of them, the younger Estella. There is another Star too, mother Esther and they run together a jewellery shop on Etsy and not just some jewellery shop. They make amazing and different and very creative jewellery, as they announce in their shop: anything but boring! That's true! Go and see!

(click any picture to go to the shop)

8:30 Alarm goes off, waaaahhhh way to early for me…. I stroll out of my bed to get my Etsy and coffee fix. I have to say I’m totally NOT a morning person. Check emails, convos and the girls at the EuropeanStreetTeam.

9:15 Time to take pictures of the items we made yesterday, there is always a basket full, and also always doggie on the background.

9:40 Mum wakes up so I change clothes to model a bit :) I have many fans watching me…

10:00 While loading pictures to my PC I drink my second coffee, trying my best to wake up.

10:15 Preparing packages.

10:40 Just when I’m about to go another sale at the supply shop (yaay) so quickly another package for the road.

10:55 I finally go and find out that the birds have been busy at night, YUCK

10:57 I arrive at my friends place, we go together to a drawing course

11:05 We arrive at class and start to draw…The courses are given by the municipality for very low prices, mostly women participate. It is fun and gives me time to draw.

12:00 Getting quite hungry as I hadn’t have breakfast, busy with a portrait to warm up before starting with an oil painting (portrait) next week. I go to the bakery to buy a small baguette and eat it while drawing.

13.15 Need some fresh air, the class room is right at the beach and there is a sailboat festival, an amazing view, so glad I have my camera with me (for Friday is my day).

15:30 Class is over and I go down town, first to the post office then to other errands and groceries. The post office is 20 meters from the sea :)

17:30 Finally home, quite tired and hungry so we decide on pizza

18:15 I pick up the pizza’s yummmm

19:00 Feeling very sleepy of the huge pizza so I read back, the girls of the Team have been chatty (again) 31 pages….

20:30 Time to get in action: photo editing, and new listings for all 4 shops.

22:00 Time for a warm shower (sorry no pictures in there).

22:30 I dive in our workroom to get some projects finished, I admit: I’m messy…

23:45 Some more new items in the shop to list and a little chat.

00:45 Time for my lovely book and then of to dream world :)

Wishing you all good weekend again :)


  1. Estella, you look like such a sunshine in the morning - great day you had! :)

  2. So great to see Estella in action for the whole day! Beautiful drawing!

  3. yay, is a fun day Star!:)
    love it!

  4. Oh, I loved to read about your day, Estella...

  5. You have had a busy, but beautiful long day, Estella! Maybe I should live in Turkey too. It seems, no matter where you go to, it's always a wonderful place there :) Love your drawing btw (and curious to see the oil painting portrait as well ;))!

  6. Nice to read about Estella ! I know better to her now! And I like her loooong full up day! She is lovely busy bee:)

  7. wow what a beautiful life !! what a beautiful day !!!!
    so great to see you Estella!!!

  8. Heli I so enjoy your Fridays :) Lovely to meet Star and to read about her busy day! So glad that all is well in Blogland for you again Sue X

  9. Lovely read ! funny to see Estella in action.

  10. Heli, thank you so much for this lovely feature, this is such a wonderful idea!!!

  11. Friday is becoming my favorite day!

  12. Oh, Estella, that Pizza looks so yummie and your cup of coffee next to your laptop made me laugh!!!!!
    Your day looks great!

  13. Star, your day is great. And you are vey beautiful!
    Love your drawing. :) thanks for sharing.

    Heli, You know i love your works!
    You have a award (meme) in my

  14. Turkey always looks like a beautiful country. Seems like star is having busy and fun days :)
    Always fun to read these fridays texts

  15. Busy little bee you are Star! And what wonderful pictures to go along with the story, I loved reading this :)

  16. What a great feature once again! So fun to read about Estella's day :)

  17. loved your ring!!!
    and loved your blog! come visit mine also! :)
    huggs from Portugal!

  18. another great one. that first image of the ring is gorgeous and wonderful portrait!

  19. Estella and Heli, once again I just so enjoyed reading this post!!!! I feel like i was just there for the day (i wish :)