Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friday is my day:MundoGominola

Today we travel back to Spain and meet Claudia aka MundoGominola, Spanish illustrator. She has so lovely and fairytale-like girls who have thick and long neck, red cheeks and eyes far from each other. I love the colourpalette she uses, strong and earthy colours and Claudia herself is very sweet and friendly girl too.

Please visit MundoGominola shop to see more her amazing works and purchasing is of course recommendable.


930am::: I open an eye... and realize that i have to open the other eye, and take off my legs from my bed... time to wake up!

Good morning Wish! have we got any e-mails?? How about etsy?? Any sales??

brrrr aaarg, a fake sale! I have to cancel the transaction…


10am::: Shower and fresh!... I have a glass of milk and a toast. Yes, i know, is a poor breakfast. But i must dress and go out. It's a sunny but cold day in Madrid.

1030am::: Ready! Let's go. Walking,,,

11am::: …I arrive at my pottery workshop. I will spend there three hours! It is relaxing..

We are learning to mold hollow rounded pieces. It’s a free exercise. I'm going to do three little heads... like my illustrated characters, with red cheeks!

14pm::: A friend of mine, Dani, comes and we go together to my home. But he don´t want to appear in a photo! So you are not going to meet him ( no, I promise he is not an imaginary friend)

1430pm::: we are at home.. home sweet home. I love staying at home..

We have to eat.. I don't like to cook... so we are going to eat soup of Cocido (that my mother made for me…I love it!) and shall order pizza. Rare mix, I know!

15pm::: piiiiiiiiiii!! Pizza!

Finally peaches in syrup…

After meal we spend some time talking and watching tv…

17pm::: Dani left me alone.. He is a freelance designer and he must work! And me too..

I’m going to prepare a packaging to send. I love packaging.. I always do it slowly and carefully.

18pm::: Time to draw! Today I’m not going to work on my children book illos.. I want to begin some geishas’ drawings I’m doing for my new jewelry and prints…

There is a shop near here that sell oriental stuff and they are interested in my artwork!! Crossing fingers.. I hope they love it!

First I scan the scketch. The sketches are made with pencil and pencil colors over a yellowish textured paper… this give it an antique and warm look.

I love work with only a soft light..

20pm::: Chating with Krize. We talk everyday. About etsy, about life..about Boogie and Wish (our pets)., sharing ideas, looking for promotion… We live so far, but she is a good friend. She is a very creative and productive artist and great person, who always make me smile. Thanks Kris for all!

21aproxpm::: I continue testing colors and textures with photoshop. For the moment I’m satisfied… I’m on the right way.

23pm::: I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer.. surfing the net, reading friend’s blogs, my facebook..

Now it’s time to rest, eat something and have a tea watching tv.

1230pm::: I always go to be very late… I suffer from insomnia.

And I go to bed, but I love to read, to play with Wish, or draw some scketches… I only need my notebook and some pencils. Those hours are very relaxing and productive! I’m drawing more geishas.

2am::: Wish is deeply asleep… I'm so jealous! I’m going to try it too… Good night Wish!

Visit her blog too

Happy and warm weekend to everybody!



  1. Nice to see Mundo 'in person'
    I love her work!
    great reading Heli, well done with this weekly post!

  2. wonderful .... i love these little peeks into other peoples real lives ... so great ...

    love Mundo's work !!!!

  3. I love these little insights - nice to see Mundo and Wish!!!

  4. Again so great to have a peak in a day of a great artist! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. So wonderful blog!!!!! I love it! really original idea and well done!!Congrats!!
    Claudia is an excepcional artists i'm sure sheis going to be famous one day!!

  6. I love this artist. So nice to read about her day. And I want that soup!

  7. Lovely to meet Mundo and to have a glimpse into her daily life:)
    Thank you Heli for your Fridays!

  8. Lovely to read about this wonderful artist!

  9. Claudia is a real artist and a very good person!!! It is great she is featured here and you can know her a little bit more :)

  10. Very nice to read a bit of her life, she is a wonderful artist!

  11. lovely feature!So nice to meet Mundo and Wish :)
    Myndo's work is fantastic!

  12. She is lovely!!!!, wonderful woman!, and I love her work too. Nice post!!!

  13. Heli, thanks so much for this space in your blog... and for your nice words. it was funny to prepare the post!


    thanks to all too!

  14. Who got into this mess desktop Claudia! : P
    You bet, a great artist like you do not have time to order, there are things more important and beautiful to be done.
    Thank you for sharing with us on a Friday.

    Majo; O)

  15. Oh! I'm a Mundo fan for some time now. Great to get to know her "in person"! :)

  16. oh, I looove to read about mundo, sheis such a great artist!!!!!

  17. Claudia is the best!! :D I know her in person and she is as good as she looks through her art! ^^ She deserves everything, and I know she will be a staaar! ^^ hehe.

  18. Thank you so much Claudia for participating! I adore your work! and I agree you'll be star! well you already are a star :)

  19. it was such a pleasure to read Mundo's story!! So cute! And i'm in love with Wish :)

  20. So fun to read and "see" more of mundo and her lovely work

  21. It seems, I've missed Claudia's day before. So sad, she has left us forever. Her work and day will stay in my heart. I still remember the first day I saw her work - I was so stunned. I really regret, I didn't buy them, just because I wanted to collect originals and not prints :( I will think over my habit now.

    Thank you for sharing, Heli! Thank you, Claudia - where ever you are..