Thursday, October 9, 2008

Friday is my day: ArtMind

Today we travel again to Belgium and meet ArtMind aka Mitsy. She is super creative person, not only in her day job but also she has time to create lovely felted necklaces (I have one)

and some fun cards to her Etsy shop, not to forget that she has some amazing clay works and she is the sweetest person in Etsy land :)

Please visit her shop

6u15 The alarm says I have to go to work. After 3 days of absolutely doing nothing, I feel still ill but decide to go to work anyway.

6u25 I check Etsy and wish my European Streetteam (Handmade europe) friends a happy day before I shower and get ready for work.

7u00 Lunch packed and ready to go. I always prepare my lunch the evening before. Super easy in the morning.

7u15 I have my breakfast (Nutella sandwiches & coffee) in the car. Bad bad girl! ;)

7u55 Traffic jams are predictable so I always take a craftbox with me so I can play while waiting.

8u45 I arrive at work, check my e-mails and respond to some before my creative team arrives.

9u15 Today we are designing creative craft projects for groups of children. How fun!

We discuss what we plan to do and start working.

10u00 While my team is busy being creative, I have to go and get everything ready for the educational fair that we will attend on saturday. There we promote the creative craft projects that we design to teachers of elementary schools. We will also promote some games that are ideal to use in the classroom and we will also demonstrate a new creative project for X-mas.

The projects we design today, will be shown next spring.

I do some administration first and then my collegue and I are getting all the panels, supplies, etc. ready to go.

11u30 I go back to my creative team to help. While we work we discuss our projects and give each other feedback which has proven to be a very effective way to get the right result.

We’ve been a team for over 7 years now. I love my team, they are great!

12u30 Lunchtime. I always try to go out for a little bit to get some fresh air and do some grocery shopping. There are two shops that sell olives, nuts, fruits and vegetables and it’s all very fresh. Yummy. I never fail to look at the thriftstore’s window since it’s always pretty. Too bad it reflects so much when I want to take a picture.

13u00 I spend the rest of my afternoon with my creative team. We finished a lot of projects today and we still have two more days of creating planned in the near future.

16u00 I realise I forgot to eat lunch and I eat a little vanilla yoghurt.

16u30 The last project we made is so cute: little cast fingerpuppets.

We made tiny gnomes of them! This project will be for the smaller kids.

16u45 We cleaned up the mess we made and are ready to go home.

17u45 I arrive home. I feel tired from driving & concentrating. Luckily I didn’t have to think too much today since my body is not feeling too well.

18u00 I start cooking one of my favorite meals: ‘gegratineerd witlof met puree’ which is a typical Belgian dish. You can find the step by step recipe in my blog:

While dinner is cooking, I have time to take a quick look at Etsy.

19u30 We have dinner. Yummy!

20u30 After dinner, I attempt to grab a treasury but I didn’t succeed. It decided to die on me – bummer!

Then we went for a little walk around our neighborhood. I love to get some fresh air since I’ve been inside most of the day.

21u15 We get home from our little walk and I call my mom and one of my friends.

22u30 Normally I’m a night owl but since I feel so tired I go to bed early.

I squeeze myself some oranges to get some vitamine C and I hope I’ll feel better soon.

...and they lived happily ever after....

happy weekend all :)

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  1. heli, i really really love your friday is my day post every week!
    it's sooooooooo nice to see what a day in the life of another artist looks like!
    i've been spending a couple of hours reading your blog today :)