Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friday is my day: Munieca

This friday is Munieca's day. She is from Argentina and she makes lovely and sweet paper art, collages, paper jewellery and fun dolls. Plese do visit her sweet pequenio craft shop at Etsy.

7.50 Clemente, my baby awoke... So early today!

I wake up, I have a terrible headache!!

I make the bottle and go back to bed. My body asks me to sleep!

10.30 Finally I awake, Clemente awake too.. Change the diaper and I take a shower.

11.15 The first is my mate cocido! and the emails and etsy!

12.00 We go to buy some food.

13.30 Velentino my oldest son have school, so here we go!

Then my husband, clemente and I go to a bar for coffee.

14.30 I return to the school, I have a parents meeting with the teacher. She gave us the qualifications of Valentino. I'm so proud of he, he is very intellingent!!

15.45 Now in home, I check the mails, etsy, flickr, twitter and have a little time to test a new material. I'm making pendants and have troubles with the ink of the prints :/

17.25 I'm out, at the school again! We go with Valentino and his friend for an icecream and play in the park

20.00 In home, I have headache again! I'm tired! I make mate cocido, play with the little one and check the mails.

Talk with hubby and watch websites, we are looking furniture for the new home and the new studio.

21.30 dinner time! I do not cook in the nights, my husband make sandwiches

22.00 I spent more time in the computer! I have to finish some work.

23.00 The headache is killing me I need medicine and other mate.

00.30 Bed time, I am going to watch tv.

Wooden spoon dolls by Munieca

Happy weekend to all! :)

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