Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday is my day: Kreativlink

Tadaaa! Today we will meet "crazy" and so fun and loveable Renate aka Kreativlink. She makes the most great and creative leather and painted fabric journals and she makes us in Etsy's European street team laugh. a lot. If you haven't visited her journal shop yet, please do it now! Her books just fly from the shop...

(click any picture to get in the shop)

8:26 Time to start the day. Since crazy dog has a basket in our bedroom I can sleep as long as I want. Yeah! You are jealous now, right?

Down it goes, first thing is to turn on the computer and check Etsy. I chat with the Euros and answer Convos and eMails I got. As most of my customers are in the US, they are very active while I sleep. Get some breakfast and have it – yeah, in front of the Computer.

Finally I can drag myself away (I have to fight hard each day) and under the shower it goes. Now really ready to start working. I’m cutting leather and packing orders.

When I’m finished I see that it’s already after 12:00 and the post office is closed until 14:00 now. So its only crocery shopping for now.

I take the nearest supermarket and try to resist all the chocolate and sweets. As you can see, I was good. The cans of catfood are for crazy dog. He grew up with three cats and is used to it. Maybe he’s a barking cat in real, who knows?

But now I really need some work done so I‘m a busy bee for some time. As I get bored easily, I switch between cutting, sewing, painting, paper folding, drawing and so on. Of course with little Etsy breaks all the time.

16:00 I give up hope that more sales will happen and drive to the post office.

Back home I continue working on some of the 352 started projects …

17:30 Time to start cooking. Spicy chicken. Mjum!

18:00 Hubby is coming home. We have dinner and are chatting a bit. Afterwards he makes a punch button for me. I never get them right so that‘s officially his job now.

19:30 One and only son comes home and again crazy dog acts like he has not seen him for years!

20:15 I chill out with hubby …

22:00 Back in my workroom and try to finish some journals. But it‘s hard because the challenge of our Streetteam is over and now we are all waiting for the next weeks host to appear and give us the new theme for next week. It‘s crazy and a lot of fun, I get nothing done but have tears in my eyes from laughing.

23:30 Finally the forum is quiet and I succeed to work a bit more. I have that little TV window in one of my monitors and watch silly things on the side. And I go down in the basement to take some photos in my “lightbox”.

1:00 I got to bed and read as long as I fall asleep with the light still on …

Good weekend to all sweeties!


  1. Little crazy dog is so tiny!! the pic of Renate and the camera flash made me laugh out loud!! fab :)

  2. Renate, so fun to read about your day and see pics of you, your hubby & son and of course your crazy dog.
    Great to see work in progress too.
    Thanks for sharing! I love this crazy lady! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I had a big smile reading this interview!

  4. The crazy pic is hilarious :D
    Great to see your day, Renate!

  5. Oh this my fave post from heli Post!
    Our beloving K!
    I love to read your day:)))
    did you really use that two monitors at the same time?
    Gosh! You are a special crazy lady indeed:))))
    yes Pam is right that's photo hillarious!

  6. Such fun to read about your daily life..I laughed out loud!

  7. I love posts like this, but with Renate it's even better. She's so funny. Nice to know someone else on this planet feels like they have to drag themselves away from EST thread too.

  8. great to read about Renate ! and I had to laugh about the greeting of the crazy dog and son. Exactly in that way, Peggy is greeting my hubby when he comes home, also when he has been away for only 10 minutes ....

  9. Another wonderful installment. Great reading as always!

  10. Haha, K, trip to your day made me smile and feel crazy! Fun reading, thank you SupeH and K :)

  11. It was great to read about Renate! when I was read, I laughed a lot. Especially to crazy dog - "cat":)

  12. K those photos in the mirror are so brilliant !!!! love the surprise one !!!!!!

    so nice to see you Renate !!!!!

    thank you Heli for this genius idea!!!!!!

  13. So fun to read this and see all the pictures and too see the crazy dog!

  14. I do like the pictures and thanks for sharing your day with us!

  15. Crazy dogs looks so cute!!! :) It was nice to read a little bit about you, you are great! :)

  16. To read about your creative day
    made me really happy. Glad you shared your day with us.:))

  17. It's so great to read about Renate and her daily activities!Thanks for sharing Heli :)

  18. Kreativ! the soul of EST! nice to read about yo!

  19. Oh, how I missed these posts!! LOVE to read Renate's day and to finally "meet" her :) Renate, Du bist so ein genialer Mensch!!!

  20. Ooohhh, how could I missed this? Go K! You rock :)