Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friday is my day: Julia Pott

Now let's go to London and meet Julia Pott. I found her shop last spring from Etsy and I have been in love all her illustrations ever since. She makes videos and animations too, check this cute video White Corolla by Casiotone For the Painfully Alone

and then go to her Etsy shop

and buy yourself cute tattoo or two :)

(click any picture to go to the shop)

8am - I get up early and get straight to work organising orders from etsy, illustrating commissions and animating for projects. I work in my bedroom in the morning and I am surrounded by ridiculous trinkets and toys as I find that helps me work and keeps me happy.

11.50- I have breakfast and a nice cup of tea (White Tea with blackcurrant is my favourite) and watch the Gilmore Girls..anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with this show. I also say goodmorning to our very soft and very well behaved house rabbit Ferraby Lionheart Duchamp.

12.30- Back to work! At this point I might go off to my studio down the road from my house that I share with my newly formed animation company 'Treat Studios'. We take our work very seriously.

4pm-Time for a break! I like to go to the flea markets and find ridiculous things to buy that I can use in collages or to draw from.

5.00- This is an extra special day because It is Guy Fawke's in the UK, the day we remember the GunPowder Plot, when Guy Fawke's tried to blow up the houses of Parliament. I am going up to Lewes with my boyfriend Robin to see them and to reunite with my bestest friend and fellow animator Rosie Miles (who lives very far away from me now). We have some Japanese food and play with her cats Schmendrick the Magician and Mr Tumnus.

7pm- Then we all go and watch the fireworks together! Hooray! Its madness, but very good madness. Lewes is one of the most epic Fireworks nights in England (there is so much stuff on fire and so many fireworks its ridiculous!)

1am- Exhausted! It's time to have a cup of hot chocolate put on some very soft pyjamas and go to bed.

Have an ace weekend everyone!


I will be on holiday next week, we are heading to cappadocia and pamukkale, so no "friday is my day" next week. But I promise week after that we have again one very interesting guest :)

see yous!


  1. Fun pictures, and as usual: I love Friday is My Day!

  2. Another lovely Friday feature :)

  3. o i love this friday blog... and seeing real days
    what a fantastic one !!!the UK is so great for pageantry
    i totally loved this

    :D xx

  4. I had been wondering what Guy Fawkes was all about so I'm happy Julia explained that here! Great friday, Julia! :)

  5. Hehehee... loved reading it again! I want a "my day" every day!! :)

  6. she make me want to go back to my 20-s! Ambitious, but plenty fun!:)

  7. Great friday once again!
    Have fun in Cappadocia and Pamukkale :D

  8. I checked Julia's shop, she has great illustrations. Thanks for sharing her thoughts Heli!


  9. Great Friday feature! Love your blogposts!

  10. What a wonderful peek into this very creative and lovely artist's day! Thanks Heli!

  11. I always enjoy to read these friday is my day post.

  12. oh, fun to read and nice to meet Julia pott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What an amazing day!
    I love love love the Gilmore Girls too!
    And that rabbit, the cutest thing!

    This is an amazing feature!


  14. fun friday Julia!
    Nice to meet you!!

  15. Lovely feature!Thanks for sharing :)