Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday is my day: Christina Romeo

Today is Christina Romeo's day. She is Canadian artist who makes lovely textile art and mixed media paintings. Her shop was the very first etsy shop that I really reallyREALLY hearted. I love her characters with a lot personality but which are not "sugarcute". She has also another shop for little people with some cute and whimsical illustrations. Love them all!

5:30 am cell phone alarm goes off with buzzing and a song playing over my head....time to get out of bed. I always to fill up my water bottle first thing then go downstairs to my ‘workroom’/ studio and turn on the laptop to check email and catch up on some work while the house is quite.

6:00-7:00 work on my school work, I am finishing a degree in Health Information Management and the course load is very heavy with medical courses as well as all the statistics and coding courses. I like to work on this when the house is quite and I can concentrate!!

7:00 My youngest son Finn usually wakes up running down the hallway as he is scared. He goes to the top of the stairs and yells Momma until I go and get him get him set up with some Yo Gabba Gabba and warm milk.

7:10 I start getting ready for my day job by having a shower, making school lunches, running around like a chicken with my head cut off....this usually ends up with me arriving at work with wet hair as I run out of time for myself. I always grab a green tee and at least two pieces of fruit for breakfast and then we run out of the house.

8:00 I arrive at my day job where I work as an Administrative assistant at a residential care facility. I love my day job as I get to spend some pretty awesome time with some pretty awesome senior citizens!! The people I work with are pretty sweet as well and we never have a dull moment there or are we ever short on laughs.

12:00 I am done work at the hospital and off for home to have a quick lunch, usually soup and pita with hummus dip or something lite like that. Eat lunch then off to work on sewing and getting orders out the door for shipment. After I have packaged up the orders for the day it is off to the post office I go to see my lovely ladies at Canada Post. Awesome girls.

2:30 Christina goes to the gym to work off any frustrations I might have and keep a little time to myself I have three boys and a personal relationship that is on the rocks so I really need my exercise time! It keeps me sane (somewhat).

3:45 I go the preschool where my youngest son attends and pick him up...he is always ready to run and give me a huge hug...I accept with all my heart as I know how fast they grow oldest son is 17years old!!

4:30 run by the grocery store for some last minute dinner items, fight with Finn over candy.

5:00 make dinner for the kids

6:00 out the door for a girls night out, went for sushi and a movie then out for much fun and oh so many laughs.

12:00 Cab ride home to rest my tired head, ice pack and ibuprofen. Lights out!

Have Beautiful weekend all :)

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