Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday is my day: La Cravate Du Chien

Hello and happy Friday! Our guest this week is Daphne of She makes the most adorable jewelry from her illustrations. Off we go to Greece to see what her day is like. Enjoy!

Good morning everyone!

It's around 9:00 and crawl my self into the shower.

15 minutes later I start my day with a nice big coffee and breakfast. Now I feel awake!

Let's check the computer. First see my emails and then the daily etsy visit. List new items and go to the teams forums.

And sent my boyfriend Stefanos a "good morning" message.

Time to get some work done. I decided to work a lot every day, since I don't have an other job, and make sure the next time I have a bazaar I don't have to run around like crazy and have some stock ready.

But first I have to clean up the place!

Getting hungry. Better go in the kitchen and prepare something or i'll have to eat my sister's totally saltless food!

Later on a walk in the park with my niece!

I'm back home. Time to relax a bit with my book and maybe skype a bit with Stefanos. Long distance relationship is not an easy thing, that's for sure!

And now time to think what i'll wear tonight and start getting ready! It's my birthday and i'm going out!

Off for some tequila! See you!!


  1. Wonderful post!!!! She's adorable person and very talented crafter!!

  2. great to read this post, Happy birthday!

  3. lovely to meat you here Daphne !

  4. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!
    You made me smile!

  5. Great to meat you, Daphne, and thanks for sharing your day! I love most your "bad hair day" photo. and you have a wonderful creative space.

  6. This is so sweet! Daphne, I loved it!!! :)))

  7. Lovely post, very colorful just like Daphne!!!

  8. So happy to see you here!! Very sweet Daphne, thanks for sharing your day with us!! I like your coffee cup, your mom is a good potter!! And I like your quilt, very beautiful!!

  9. Lovely post!!! Amazing work! great to have an inside look! :)

  10. Wonderful post! Full of colors. I have the bad hair day every day.I'm feeling you!

  11. Great story Daphne!!! Great pics!! :)

  12. Daphne is soooo talented and sweet!!! Her "friday" made me smile!
    I wish for her the best!!!
    geia soy kotopoylaki mou ♥

  13. Daphne is such a sweet person, I can only smile reading about her day and looking at the lovely pictures!!!!kisses!

  14. I love lacravat's stuff!
    It was really interesting to follow her around for a day...

  15. Hi! Love your work! Plastic is fantastic:)
    Funny post also.
    Wish you all the best!!!

  16. An great post for an adorable and talented person!:))