Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday is my day: elsahats

It's time for another Friday visit! Today we say hello to Elsa in Greece. Check out for colourful and unique hats, fascinators, bags and more - but first, take a look at Elsa's day!

07:00: I was dreaming of flowers and running around in a field. Too bad I have to wake up. I’m working on Spring samples and a group show and I’m spending most of the day in the studio. I stand up automatically, like a robot and wear any clothes that I find on the floor. In my case 2 pullovers, a hat and a cowl that I made a month ago and I’m heading to my studio, which is hopefully next door.

I need some coffee! I look terrible in the morning with no make-up on, so you’ll better take a look at one of my most favourite pictures:

7:30: Today, I’m having a busy day ahead of me and hopefully I don’t have a class tonight. So, here, I’m in my “Private Idaho of complete mess”. I can’t work any other way though, as I want to see and feel the materials. Coffee tastes great and so does a banana!

I have turned on the computer. I read my emails, etsy, favourite blogs, facebook and twitter. There are no orders today so I’m making some treasuries. I usually do them on Monday and Friday morning and today is the day to do plenty of them! I got to check youtube and find some songs for treasury titles.

10:00: I bought some new taffeta yesterday, so today I’m working on more flowers.

I’m also working on a head piece for my step sister’s wedding, so I need to find some fabric and more flowers.

12:00: It’s noon already! Where did time go? Mom is calling from USA. I haven’t spoke to her for a week and we need to catch up in so many things.

I think the view from the window could look better, but that apartment building is there for more than 20yrs.

13:00: Time to get some lunch and I’m having my favourite beans from yesterday. I love legumes and fruit juices.

13:30: I have to prepare for the advanced English class that I’m teaching tomorrow.

16:00: I’m working on a hat order for a friend, who has just survived cancer and she’s going under chemo. She needs a cotton beanie, so I’ve got her some vibrant yarn to make her a stripped one.

19:00: Oups! I have overslept again, and I need to work on some photographs in Photoshop and send them over tonight. So I’m in the studio again, opened the computer, made some fresh coffee and check facebook and etsy again. I want to see people’s reaction to the treasuries and or another excuse not to work on samples. I need to catch up with some friends in facebook too and gossip a bit.

11:00: Time for bed! I love to sleep early!


  1. thank you so much Maria!it looks wonderful!

  2. Hi Elsa! thanks for sharing your day :)
    I love the Mediterranean handbags in your shop!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. What a nice feature!
    I'm sure your friend will be pleased to receive a hat made just for her:)


  4. That fascinator just puts a smile on my face!!
    I love it!

  5. I enjoyed the day with you! You look lovely in your photo! And your fascinators are gorgeous!

    Penny of Earthly Jewels

  6. Lovely post. Love your work! (and your work table which looks a lot like mine!).