Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday is my day: LAccentNou

Our trip around Europe continues, as today we're going to visit Anastasia in Spain. Her unique jewelry is clearly inspired by nature, even using natural materials like pebbles. Do take a look at her lovely creations in her shop, but don't forget to read about her day first!

Our day begins at 7:45 a.m. Our because I live with my daughter and son and my husband and the most important morning task is to wake-up and to prepare kids and yourself to go out.

Sometimes my husband put the music on and it is more nice to begin the day listening music!

My daughter starts classes at 9 a.m., so before that time we have to be at school and after that to leave our little son at kindergarden.

After that we go to have some breakfast with my husband. This is the moment of the day when we stay together without kids, share morning coffee, food and speak.

Normally we have a “pa amb oli” (“bread with oil”) and a cup of coffee with milk.

Pa amb oli is something very mediterranean and very traditional here. It consists in a piece of bread and olive oil, salt, also you can put fresh tomatoes, green pepper, some garlic and than cheese or ham or anything you wish. Pa amb oli remembers me italian Bruschetta. It is so simple and just great!

It is very usual here to have breakfast outside, in a cafe. On the 2nd of January the no-smoking law do not allow to smoke in public places like cafes and restaurants and I’m so happy with it!

10:30 After breakfast we return home with my husband. He is a musician and he works at home. I work in an hotel as a receptionist in summer time and in winter time I have my holidays :) This way I can dedicate more time to kids, to home and to my creative projects.

I check my Etsy convos, I clean my studio, I create something, I take photos, I pack orders, I go to a supplier shop, I make stuff...all these together mixed with home cleaning and cooking.

It is very important for me to have a quiet moment in the day to have my cup of hot tea. Just to sit alone and to think.

At 13:30 I go to the Post office and after that I go to take my daughter and my son from school.

At 14:30-15:00 we have lunch.

After lunch it is ideal to have some break because the stomach is full and you can’t move yourself, but not always it is possible, the little one is a non-stop machine so you just have to follow his wishes :)

Sometimes, if the weather is good, we go to walk in the afternoon. There is a small pine forest in 5 minutes walking from our home and kids just love to explore and to go up and down by the hill. I love to contemplate the nature and I always return home with pockets full of branches and pinecones. Our dog Drujoc is always happy to walk with us!

At about 17:00-18:00, I try to take photos outside, if the light is beautiful.

At 18:00 I take my daughter to basketball and if my son doesn’t sleep I take him with me and we go to the park or to the supermarket to buy some food.

At 20:15 we are back at home and we sit all together on the sofa and watch TV and have some cereals with milk or making a pancake party! Normally there is a battle between the little one and my daughter because everyone wants to have the central place on the sofa :)

After that I play with my son or we watch cartoons together. He loves to play with lavender sachets from FricDeMentol. He says that Layer girl is mommy and Le Solitaire is daddy :)

This is my little lavender trick, after the game he sleeps so well :)

Once kids are sleeping I have my free time again and I try to use it efficient making something in my studio, spending time with the computer or just taking shower and taking care of myself :)

I go to sleep very late at about 1-2 a.m. Nighty night!


  1. Many thanks for sharing!
    Great pictures Anastasia!

  2. Dear have a pure...wonderful...colorful...full of peace life...I can really feel it from the behind of screen:-) happy to know you more:-)

  3. You live in a great spot overthere !

  4. Yay! It looks great! :D Thank you, Maria! :)
    And thank you, guys for your comments! :)

  5. I enjoyed reading about your day! What a lovely place you have and a great family. Thanks for sharing your day.

  6. This is so wonderful, Anastasia! I get so much energy from your post!
    thanks. It's amazing beauty where you live, you are beautiful, everything I see in the pictures is just beautiful. I missed seeing your hubby though ;-)!Your kids are looks like your life is very enjoyable and you show it! xox

  7. Great day!
    The little pine-forest there is just amazing!! Lucky you!

  8. Anastasia, your family is so beautiful, and you live in a very insiring area!

    I hope I can visit you one day :-)

  9. Lovely ! The photos are so clear that I really feel like I have spent a day with you :)

  10. OHHHH thanks for sharing Ana!! I love where you live.
    I envy you to have breakfast alone with your husband... hehe
    You are a terrific artist!
    Besotes Guapa!

  11. So nice to see and your kids here Anastasia ! I love the picture of your dog !!

  12. That was lovely to read, thank you so much!

    I ADORE that picture of the dog in the ivy. :-)

  13. Vadjutka Judit, you are welcome anytime! :)
    Zime, and you are welcome as well to have breakfast with us! :P
    Petronella, our dog would be happy to know your Peggy one day! :P

  14. I loved this post!!
    Ana, you have a beautiful family :)
    The pictures are awesome.

  15. Great pictures!
    I enjoyed reading about your day :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I enjoyed this very much!! :) Thanks for sharing it!

  17. what a nice family!!
    thanks for sharing!!

  18. So nice to let us look into your life, Ana!
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. This is a great Friday in a very beautiful place!
    ...and you are a lovely family indeed! :)

  20. Hi, I'm a friend of Ivan's from America. We worked together at hotel in New Hampshire. What a beautiful family you have. Your home and surroundings are lovely. Is Ivan taking the photos. If so, he is very talented. Take care and enjoy your beautiful family. Jim Devine

  21. So lovely to see more of your life Anastasia! Great story with beautiful pictures:)


  22. Lovely story and wonderful photos! Haces unas cosas muy bonitas! Besos

  23. Thank you, guys! :)

    Hi, Jim! Thank you for droping a peek! I think Ivan told me about you! :)
    Normally I take pics and I love to do it :) And pics of me are taken by my husband usually :)

    Take care,


  24. Gosh,I just love how you start your mornings at a café with your husband. That sounds perfect to me! Many beautiful photos, especially the one with your dog! :-)

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