Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday is my day: Loddelina

It's Friday! Yay! This week we're going to visit Damjana of in France. I'm a big fan of her bags, wristlets, pouches and more - the details are delightful!

7.45h - breakfast
My alarm clock is set to 7.15 but my children, Gaston (4.5) and Lily (2.5), always wake me up half an hour or so earlier. The tempo of our morning depends on whether it is a school day or not.

8.30h - at the school
On "green" school days we hurry up with dressing and having breakfast and we try to leave the house at 8.15. Gaston's école maternelle is on the hill above the town from where we admire a frosty, wintry view of Pontarlier.

9.30h - shopping
On "blue" non-school days I take both my children with me on my morning chores - every day we buy fresh milk, cheese, eggs and yohurt at the local fromagerie.

12.00h - lunch
Children love homemade pizza with sour cream, leek, goat cheese, lardons of bacon and black olives.

13.30h - back to school
Lily and I escort Gaston back to school in the afternoon and on the way back Lily falls asleep in her pram.

14.00h - siesta
Back at home I put Lily to bed and now I have some time for Loddelina!

14.30h - coffee!
I make myself a foamy macchiato and check my shop, blog and Etsy forums. If I have pictures to take, early afternoon is the best light for photography and later I can quickly edit the pictures before Lily wakes up and demands my attention.

15.30h - psssst, she is still sleeping...
... So I quickly do some sewing before it is time to go pick up Gaston from school at 16.20h

intermezzo: a view of Pontarlier
time between us coming back from school, snacking, playing, eating dinner, bathing and putting on the pijama, is a blur. Before I know it, it is 20.15h and time for bed. Yes, please, I am exhausted! - oh, bedtime for children...

21.30h - sew, mama, sew!
children are in bed and hubby is watching a game tonight so I retreat happily to my sewing corner...

23.00h - packing an order, yey!
I check my emails before switching off the computer and if there is an order to pack, I quickly prepare some labels and cards to go with it.

Good night!


  1. Hi Damjana!
    Like your post:)
    I wish I had a local fromagerie to visit in the mornings. That sounds wonderful!
    Have a great weekend!
    I will visit your shop now.

  2. Hi Damjana, so nice to meet you and your kids here !

  3. So much fun to see a glimpse into your day! Ahh, fresh cheese and milk everyday sounds wonderful. That pizza looks amazing. You look very happy at the sewing machine after your very busy day! :)

  4. I love Damjana :) Thanks for letting us take a peak into your day! Loved seeing all the photos.

  5. Thank you for the lovely look into your Friday! Sounds like a lovely day!
    Nice pictures as well! Have a great weekend and thank you Morrgan!

  6. Thanks for sharing!! I think combining being a mother and etsy ain´t easy, but I am always amazed by all the spare moments we mothers find to create some beautyfull stuff..

  7. Great to see how you manage your time with kids and sewing. Your bags are lovely!


  8. Loved this glimpse into Damjana's daily life :)

  9. thank you all
    and thanks, Maria, for inviting me!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  10. It's great to know some more about you :)

  11. A very pleasant day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  12. Love the post! and no wonder your kids love your pizza, it looks so yummy!
    Reyes XXX

  13. It was so lovely to have a look into your day. Thank you for sharing. Sherry