Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday is my day: LucieTales

Hello everyone! Today we will go to France to visit Lucie. She creates wonderful jewelry and accessories, which you can see in her shop Enjoy and happy weekend!

So, here I am, Lucie, at 9:00 a.m. after breakfast, at the kitchen table.

I'm checking out my emails, reading my favorites blogs and the last pages of the european street team thread. I'm near the stove, a tea mug at hand and my cat in my lap (it's very important for her psychological wellbeing to start the day being cuddled).

Then I prepare the orders that are to be sent today : today I'm packing a vintage soap box purchased from my vintage shop ( by Stephanie aka Petitplat :)

Now it's time to finish my last hand knitted cowl, I want to wear it now!

Today I won't be alone for my daily walk to the post office and then on the shore... On my right you can see Lily, my faithful model, she won't come today with me, she has some little difficulty walking....and on my left, here is the man of my life, who is always willing to go walking.

We're going out through the garden, looking a little sad in winter... and there's not much to do there at this period of year, except feeding the birds.

Let's walk! We're going straight to the sea, or more precisely the estuary...this is just down the street!

This is the promenade on the sea front, and the big man fighting the eagle is the american memorial. Our town was a busy scene during the WWII.

We could walk on the promenade but I always prefer strolling down the beach, exploring and looking at what the last tide brought up.

Now the tide is low...sometimes we can observe some migrating birds having their breakfast there.

It's lunchtime now: an homemade veggie soup and a beef steak, vitamins, fiber and proteins!

After lunch, I go straight to my studio.....Well, there is a sofa in my atelier, how practical! With a full contented stomach, I'm a little dozing...

Here is my photo studio in a corner of our library : behind the windows I have sometimes some beautiful light to take pictures of my jewelry. Here I'm trying to photograph my last urchin brooch pined on a scarf to list it in my etsy shop.

Back in my studio - where I also work sometimes - not in the sofa but at my beading table this time!

After bending over my table and hammering at my bench, I need some stretching now... Am I being watched?

After dinner, I enjoy reading a little by the stove. She loves being read aloud that one!


  1. Hi Lucie, nice to meet you.
    Thanks for sharing your day! Love your old stove in the kitchen and that beach picture is so pretty!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. A lovely story about a day in your life!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Many thanks to both of you for sharing!

  4. Wonderful !! I love that stove :)

  5. Oh lucie, I can feel the positive vibes and
    a very lucky life from these pictures.
    Happy to get to know you !

  6. I love your life next to the sea, the cat, cozy home and adoring husband! It was a wonderful time getting to know you a little better, Lucie!

  7. oh, you live in a real nice place, now i see how nature reflects in your creations!

  8. That was such a fun read! Sounds like a wonderful life :)

  9. Love to meet you here Lucie !!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to live by the sea too!

  11. I love this story! Just simple but that's what I love in a life - simple things!

  12. you have a lovely day Lucie:) Did you cat really enjoy the reading??? She is awesome:))

  13. What a wonderful an cozy day! :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. That was a fun and great friday to share with you. Thank you so much :D

  15. Oh, you live near by the sea, how cool! Your little garden is lovely!

  16. Thank you for sharing a wonderful day. Greetings from a cold and snowy Sweden

  17. What a lovely day and how lucky you are to live so close to the beach. Your cat and husband are quite charming too! Thank you for sharing your day!

  18. Beautiful! Your home and surroundings look cozy. Super cute cat!


  19. surement la plus belle interview que j'ai jamais lue !!
    comme ta maison est tout ce que j'aime, je vois un peu de moi aussi, être mon propre maître & entourée de félins qui réclament leurs câlins... Et quelle chance d'être si près de l'eau...
    je te souhaite plein d'inspiration pour cette nouvelle année

  20. Thank you for sharing your day, Lucie, you live in such a beautiful place!