Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday is my day: Little Wren Pottery

Today we will fly to England and meet Victoria from
She produces pretty and functional hand thrown decorative pottery for everyday use. Enjoy your Friday :)

Hi, I’m Victoria from the United Kingdom and I’d like you to come along an experience my Friday. Like a lot of crafters I also have a day job so my Friday starts very early at 6:50am when I get up and get ready for work.

At 8am I leave the house and walk to work. I’m one of two people from my 30+ staffed office who actually walk or cycle to work. Its really disappointing that people are so reliant on cars. Anyway I arrive at work 45 minutes later to have breakfast before I start work at 9am.

I eat breakfast out of the same bowl everyday, its one I made myself but didn’t feel comfortable selling.

During the day I’m a graphic designer so most of my time is taken up creating promotional graphics for the web and maintaining various websites. At lunchtime I escape from the office for an hour to meet my mum at our local coffee shop BizR.

I always have a very lovely jacket potato and beans. Nom. Although I spend a lot of time in coffee shops I actually don’t drink coffee, I’m more of a tea drinker. How horribly English of me! After lunch its back to the office until 5:30.

After work I meet up with my boyfriend and its time to go home and have dinner! Tonight we’re having gammon and pineapple along with some salad.

I recently became a writer for UK Handmade magazine and my next article is about stollen for the Christmas issue so as research I thought I should bake one.

At the moment I’ve been working on a wholesale order of pottery yarn bells and tonight the kiln is on, its starting to cool down now and should be at the right temperature to open up tomorrow morning. Here’s a photo of some that were completed last night.

In the meantime I’ve had an order for four of my tea beakers, so its time to pack it up ready for posting tomorrow morning.

By 9pm my stollen is ready to put in the oven and its time for me to finally put my feet up and watch some TV. Thanks for joining me this Friday!


  1. Oh! I'd love to try the Stollen! :)

    Gread read. Going to check out the shop now ...

  2. Hi Victoria!
    I hope your stollen came out great.We used to have them every christmas at home when I grew up. But,I'm not that found of bread with fruit in it.
    Is that little shiny round thing a kiln? Perfect size if it is :)

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your Friday!