Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday is my day: Renathe Schneider

Hej! I dag...sorry... Today we will hop up north to Sweden and meet lovely Renathe from who creates the most fun and cute resin jewellery. Have a fun Friday!

Hi, I’m Renathe and I live in this old house in Örebro, Sweden together with my husband and our two small dogs. I hope you will enjoy the visit :)

Ginger, our senior dog usually wakes me up in the morning. Today I heard her walking around anxious to get outside at 7.15 am. Thank god we have a fenced in yard. All I had to do this early in the morning was to take her downstairs, open the front door and let her out.

Afterwards we took a nap in front of the TV in the living room.

8.30 am

Drinking my coffee by the computer. Checking my email, Facebook, Etsy, blogs, local newspapers and twitter. I love to tweet and found so many nice people there to follow and chat with :)


Lazy Fidella is awake.

I have never been a breakfast person, not my husband either but the dogs likes to eat.

They are spoiled and like their food homemade and get bored very easy ;) They rather starve then to eat the same thing every day.

Ginger has kidney problems and need a special diet and medicine. There is only one brand of that special diet to buy here. I tried it but after two days she just refused to eat it and I totally understand. It smelled horrible! She likes my homemade food better and there are lots of recipes on the internet for kidney diets. Today she is having chicken meatballs with mostly rice and vegetables.

I usually hide her medicine in something yummy like a small piece of ham.

But, she is not always that easily fooled…..

After breakfast my husband takes the dogs out for a walk and I go downstairs to my work space. I had started the day before with casing dead insects so I finished the last layer today.

Back in my office, editing pictures and listing new jewelry. Right now my office is a part of the living room because we are renovating.

This is how my regular space looks like at the moment… Still a lot of work to do! Actually there is always a renovation project going on in this house since we moved in three years ago. We just bought a new window to put in instead of the smaller window to the right in this picture.

2.30 pm

Multi tasking : Eating lunch, writing a shopping list and talking to my mom with the speaker phone at the same time.

Hurray! New supplies arrived! Another dead fly in the window.

(The flowers are there to dry out so I can use the seeds for next year)

Taking a trip to the shopping mall.

Haha, it looks like we went all the way to Germany to go shopping but no. Only a few minutes away ;)

We needed more building materials, a new phone and food.

Back home and I took the dogs out for a walk. I never take both of them at the same time because they are so different. Fidella likes to walk fast, always looking out for cats to chase and loves to play with other dogs we meet on our way. Ginger walks slooooow, can stay and sniff in one place for ever and don’t need that much exercise any more. And she doesn’t like to play! She let other dogs sniff her but if they start to play she gets grumpy.

7.00 pm Happy Hour!

I made Caipirinhas this evening :) Lovely! Me and my husband was sitting down talking, drinking two each and the dogs got their dinner.


It was my turn to make dinner. We have an old wood stove in the kitchen. It makes the kitchen warm and cozy and it’s great for cooking. We hardly ever use our electrical stove this time of the year. Tonight I made a potato and leek soup and we had fresh baked bread that we bought earlier.


After cleaning up in the kitchen, twittering, checking Facebook, blogs, Etsy, the news…. This Friday ended as it started. Me and Ginger in the couch watching TV and napping until I went upstairs to go to bed.

Thanks for reading about my Friday and I hope you all will have a great weekend :)


  1. collecting Flies must be very interesting task:-))))
    nice to know you better Fly Lady:-)

  2. So nice to follow Renathe through her day! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Renathe. I love your house! And you doggies are adorable :D

  4. Hey, Renathe! :)
    This sentence "Hurray! New supplies arrived! Another dead fly in the window." made me LOL!! :D
    Awesome. Supplies come on their own..
    P.S. It was very nice to see your Day!

  5. Love the fact that your supplies are 'flying' in :) Thanks a lot for this insight into your day .. I really enjoyed it :)

  6. I bought a fly-ring from Renathe a few weeks ago. It's the talk of my workplace. Now I want a ring with a dead tusseluss. :)

  7. Thanks to everyone for your comments and thanks to Heli who asked me to show my Friday :)

  8. Hi Renathe..
    nice to meet you here!
    Great interview...
    Love this blog..
    love to the the faces behind the shops....

  9. I love your house!!!

    And your jewelry too - I've always wanted an amber pendant or something with an insect in it, but these look even better!
    I've put a lot of them in my favorites, will go shopping when I have a little bit of money. ;-)

    And the remark about new supplies made me laugh, too.

    Thank you for sharing your day!