Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday is my day: Roroism

Today we will fly to Luxembourg and meet Rado from
She makes lovely folk, nature and ethnic inspired felt asseccories.
Enjoy your day!

Heather and Pink - Folk Flower BROOCH

My day is Friday by ROROISM

This entry could be so many different things if posted only about one and a half month ago... I was still a student, still lived in Stockholm Sweden and it was summer... Now not only that I have moved to Luxembourg's countryside, we had an autumn hit last week and yes – definitely I am mainly pregnant these days... Everything is jus new and different – my house and studio is still 'under-construction' not sure if there is any routine yet or “typical roro day“;-) but let me try...


I am Rado of roroism ( I am born and raised in Kraków, Poland – settling temporally in a different parts of Europe for last 2,5 years. I am a cultural anthropologist and fashion studies master. I am also one-man company and I work mainly with felt and folk-art inspired colors :-)

Autumn is here... it's still dark when we wake up, lots of fog and hoarfrost these days. Mornings are a bit spooky then... forsythia couldn't cope with it – it started to bloom beneath the autumnal foliage...

After packing lunch and waving goodbye to fiancée who works in the city I have my coffee/breakfast, sofa, news/book time – the sun is entering my living room at that time.

After breakfast there is always some hose work like laundry to do...

Then I move upstairs to me not fully furnished nor nu-packed studio

There are usually some pics to edit, listings to publish and recently some orders to pack fortunately:-) After hectic times of moving and furnishing I am creating again – some folk necklaces, ribbon earrings and new mini pansies...

In a mean time I often run up and down – to garden pick yet another 'last' cup of raspberries, trimm aster flowers, or to the kitchen to make myself tea or work on lunch/dinner – for example seasonal pumpkin cream soup:-)

Around 4 pm I go by bus to 'la ville' – city of Luxembourg where I go post office, do some shopping, meet my fiancée at university campus and we walk together to the bus station:-)


  1. Hello Rado! So nice to visit you! And YAY for the baby belly! :D

  2. What a fun day and oh so many changes around the corner, congrats!

  3. What a beautiful place you have and a lovely day! Congratulations on a baby to come! I had a nice day with you!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Congrats to the family growth!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Somehow you made Luxemburg interesting to me ^_^ (it used to be the boring place where nothing happened when I was on holiday there when I was little)

  6. Hi Rado, thanks for sharing your day! Love your work. :)

  7. Hi, nice to meet you :)
    Amazing that you still had raspberrys in october. Mine were gone a looooong time ago.

    Congrats to the baby! I will visit your shop now.
    Happy Friday!!!!

  8. This Friday looks just perfect! I saw it sooo late, but I am happy I finally did!
    Congratz to the baby! Have a great weekend!