Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday is my day: Woolmint

Let's go to Estonia, the land of sweet Kalev's blueberry chocolate and meet Anniki from
A shop full of warm and beautiful knitwear to warm you and/or your loved ones in these coming cold days. Have a soft Friday!

Hello, I’m Anniki from Estonia, but you can call me just Ann, as most of my foreign friends.

I live in a small resort city Pärnu with my son Oliver, who just turned 5.

I’m not a morning person at all! Waking up is rather hard to me, and I usually postpone as long as possible. Oliver wakes before me, grabs something to eat and watch cartoons until I join him.


Usually I get up 7am, because I have to be in the office 9am, but today I’m free and I can enjoy my sleep an hour longer. I’d like to stay in bed more, but Oliver has to go to a friend’s birthday and we must wrap the present and buy some flowers.


I had a shower and I enjoy my coffee in front of computer, reading news and browsing Etsy.

Later I get dressed up and try to make myself look like a normal person, not the one who just crawled out the bed with messy hair and closed eyes :)

By the way, drinking coffee is my bad habit, because everyone should have one, at least that’s what I’ve been told. And I drink a lot… 10 cups a day, sometimes more.


Oliver is ready to go to birthday, while I still can’t decide what to wear. All girls know the feeling, right? It’s one of those mornings when nothing fits, so finally I go for a pair of yeans, comfortable shirt and my big knitted shawl, because the weather in October is quite chilly here.

10.30 am

We’re finally waiting bus to go to birthday.


I’m free for 3 hours! I have my breakfast in my favorite café – Ahoy sushi bar. They serve mostly sushi, but in the morning they offer delicious and healthy sandwiches and of course – coffee!

11.45 am I go to the office, because I need to send some urgent e-mails.

I work as a journalist in regional newspaper and often participate in different European political, economical and social events, like seminars, workshops, conferences. Some of them are very strict and require information for security clearance and that’s what I came to send.

That’s how my desk looks like; here I spend 5 days a week.

And this is fresh newspaper. I mostly write about economical and social issues, but as I’m the youngest in the team, they sometimes ask me to write about fashion too, like today.

Our office is greatly located on the main street of the city, and my two favorite (yarn) shops are just 20-50 meters away.

12.10 pm

I visit farmer’s market to buy some flour, because I bake bread myself, but turns out there isn’t flour this time.

But it’s fun place to be, because every time there are some entertainers, this time folk dancers.

Next to farmer’s market is located the craft gallery, my favorite place in this city! I visit it often and I know most people working there, but today I just step in to take a photo, to show you how amazing this place looks like.

12.45 pm

I’m back home for 45 minutes, before I have to go and take Oliver. I use this break for finishing a pair of gloves, which are meant to be a gift to a friend’s wife. And I promise to myself that I’ll never knit gloves again, because making fingers takes so much time (a day later I’ll start another pair, despite of my promise).


I pick up Oliver, who enjoyed the birthday and we go to visit my best friend Piia. She’s renovating her apartment and asked if we can stop by and help to clean a bit.

Of course we can, vacuum cleaner has always been my friend!

We have our lunch there and work for hours. Oliver is such a big helper, he always likes to do practical stuff, like building (or destroying) something.

17.45 pm

We’re finally finished and it’s time to go home. But I’m too tired to cook and too hungry to wait getting home, so we grab some cocoa and chicken chiabattas from the gas station. I know, not the healthiest choice and usually I prefer to cook myself, but today is exception.

18.30 pm

We’re finally home and I fell asleep in front of TV, while Oliver is watching cartoons again. Later we build Lego trucks together. It’s something I like to do, and Oliver likes to play with them.

In the evenings I usually knit too, or draw new design sketches. At the moment I design knitwear for Koigu and it’s a challenging, but very interesting project.

Twice a week I have my Italian language lessons and then I don’t arrive home before 7pm, and twice a week I do workout, but Oliver comes to sports club with me usually, so we can still be together.

So it’s normal that our quality time starts somewhere around 7pm every day.

Before going to sleep, we make some tea and enjoy it with a cookie. Oliver loves tea and this is our tradition to have a cup together each evening.


Oliver goes to bed and I go to concert with friends. Grandmother looks after Oliver while I’m gone, it maybe happens once or twice a month. When I arrive home, it’s already a next day.

I’m happy you spent this day with me!

It’s not our typical, regular day with work, school and workouts, but believe me, our typical days is more boring too :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Ann :) Oliver is so cute!

  2. Anniki is such a sweet name! I enjoyed this day in Estonia very much, thanks! :)

  3. Wow, you have had a very busy day...with much variety. Your knitting is lovely, what a treat to be designing for Koigu!

    Your son is adorable. I admire your energy and creativity. Thank you for sharing your day.

  4. Hi Anniki! Thanks for sharing your day!
    Haha, that's a lot of coffee!!!!
    The gloves looks great :)
    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks to Heli also :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your day with us Ann! Love the name Anniki btw! :)

  6. The Craft Gallery is great! thanks Ann!

  7. A great day to be shared with us. Thanks Ann & Oliver!