Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday is my day: Sofiasobeide

Moi! Today we will hop to Finland and meet Sofia from
She crochets cute little creatures, accessories and jewellery.
Look at that little bunny, isn't it just super cute?!
Have a cute September Friday!

Mona the tiny bunny

Hi, my name is Sofia and I make cute little crocheted creatures. I also have a shop Varm ( with my mum where we sell accessories, I'm the crocheter and mum is the knitter. I live with my fiancé Aleksi and our black poodle Imma in an apartment in Turku, a few kilometers outside the city center. Besides all the crocheting I'm a full time student. Welcome to spend the day with me!

6.15 Aleksi wakes up and leaves for work. I kiss him goodbye but it is still too early to wake up, especially since I don't have any lectures on Fridays so I continue sleeping.

8.00 I wake up when Imma runs around our bedroom and wants me to wake up. Some days if I'm lucky she might let me sleep till 8.30. Not today though... I go out with her for a quick walk. Imma cuddles up with her elephant and continues sleeping when we get back inside.

It is breakfast time for me. My breakfast is two slices of wholegrain bread, orange juice, coffe, a boiled egg and vitamins of course! I check Etsy while having breakfast and answer convos and e-mails. I also check some blogs, facebook, craftcult and craftopolis.

9.30 I study for a while. My studies have recently started after the summer break. We don't have any exams yet which means that I don't have that much to do.

11.00 I play with Imma for a while. I check e-mails and Etsy and chat for a while at the European street team thread.

12.00 I have lunch while reading the local paper. My lunch today it is a huge green salad with avocado.

12.45 After I've had my lunch I go for a long walk with Imma. She is just one year old and quite energetic. We play with sticks outside our house a while before walking. Our house is an old warehouse building for a company that builds ships. That is why we have a huge anchor (that you can see in the photo) outside our house. There are great benefits with living in an old warehouse like the great ceiling height and huge windows!

We live near this huge old gasometer. It is a quite impressive building! We always walk pass it when going for walks.

14.00 I'm back home and it's time for afternoon coffee and leftover lingonberry pie with vanilla ice cream while watching Oprah. This is also when I finally have time to do some crocheting. Here is a dragon in the making.

I've sold a dragon so I pack him in a little box. I try to recycle packaging, papers and everything possible. We get four different telephone books and yellow pages every year! So I've started to make bags out of the maps from the telephone books to send my orders in. They are colorful and pretty cute If you ask me :)

16.00 Aleksi finishes work and picks me up. We go to the supermarket to buy food for the weekend. I just love when the trees are turning yellow and orange in the autumn. They have just started turning yellow here and it is so beautiful!

17.30 I'm off to work. I work at the Åbo Svenska Teater theater here in Turku. No I'm not an actress ;) I do practical stuff like welcoming the audience, hanging their coats, selling programme leaflets and such. I like working there, people are (almost) always so happy when going to the theater. I go by bike to work. I always go by bike where ever I go. It is the cheapest, fastest and healthiest way.

21.30 I get back from work. It is time for dinner. Pizza is on the menu tonight with Italian red wine and candles. Our pizza is surely not Italian at all though! It is with ground beef, bacon, feta and cheese. But it is yummy!

22.15 We head for the sofa with our wine glasses to watch a movie. And I crochet while watching. At about twelve o'clock I stop crocheting and lay down on the sofa instead. this always ends with me falling asleep. I'm so tired that my eyes can't stay open no matter how good the movie is!

Well that is pretty much a normal Friday in my life. I hope you enjoyed my day :)

Good night!


  1. Fun to see your day, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice to read about your day! And thanks for the recycled map-things... Great idea!

  3. Sofia you are so lovely !
    i adore your bunnies and dragon crochet ! they have little spirits already and amazing character !

    thanks again Heli for a beautiful Friday!

  4. Hi Sofia. Thanks for sharing your Friday :)
    I like your shop. Harriet,the Hedgehog is my favorite.

    I live so close by(Sweden)but have never been to Finland. But,I was on a cruise to Åland once..that's pretty close ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a fun life and the doggie look so cute! Thanks for sharing with us Sofia and heli:)

  6. Beautiful Friday story, great to meet you here Sofia!