Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday is my day: Vilt à la Kim

Hello again friday and friday peeps :)
Guess what; we will still stay in Netherlands, why leave once we got here, right? Today we will meet Kim from
who makes your world nicer and warmer with felt. That's true for sure!
Enjoy your Friday!

My day is Friday

Monday 25-01-2010

Written by Kim Nijsten. Vilt à la Kim.

I think it was 07.00 ‘O clock when my husband tried to wake me up and took this picture. 15 minutes later I finally raised myself out of my warm, cozy bed and so my day begun….. with washing and dressing up my girls and myself first before heading downstairs, where my husband is already making breakfast for the kids and their lunchboxes for school.

08.10 H Time to get the coats on and cycle the kids to school. Meg was sick today so I cycled with Janna. Their school is about 5 minutes far away and starts at 8.30 so we are well on time.

8.40 I am home again. Hubby is waiting for me curious to know if it went fine. As Janna doesn’t like to go to school…..

Now time for own breakfast. Yoghurt, muesli with bread and grapesjuice today. I love sitting here and watching the birds come and go in my garden.

09.00h now is a good time to check if I sold anything last night: No luck for me today no sales, off to the europeanstreetteamthread to wish everyone a good morning and organizing my mail.

9.20 h. I need to be at my school where I teach at 10.00h , normally My lesson starts at 8.30 and I’ll should have left the house at 7.30 then, but as I now need to go to my work on therapeutic basis, I can arrive a little later and not for a whole day but for only 2 hours. I kind a look up to going again as it gives me a nervous feeling and heartbeats in my throat… But I am no softie so here I go driving on the high way. The picture is halfway my20 minute drive through a misty landscape today.

09.40h I am lucky I found a nice parking spot in front of my school. Do you see where my classroom is?

09.45h I wanted to take a pic of my class room as well so I went straight to room 109 . My collogues where in the classroom with older students and I took a quick shot. While students were making display materials. It is a very big room and behind “my back” are even a tap and some more tables. I teach children aged 12-16 how to make flower arrangements, did you know?

09.55 h I made sure I was at “my office” before 10 o’clock as the students are having a break then and it is always very crowded in the hall ways . We have to share our computers so you drop where a pc is free, I always try to sit here as it is light and with a view outside….

11.45 time to leave , PFFF I made it, hihihihi

So happy to see Maastricht on the signs again. As that’s very close where I live.

12.15 I am at home and make myself a sandwich for lunch.. and after that I am so tired I fell asleep on the couch till 14.30h. Nearly time to pick up Janna from school. Today I had a appointment and needed to collect some things for it. You see on the picture. For 8 years I arranged as a volunteer a “collecte” for the “Reumafonds” A collecte is something very typical Dutch, I heard: People are walking from door to door with a bus (the green thing on the picture) and ask if people want to give some money for new cures for Rheumatic diseases. We collected last year 3,7 million Euro’s. It is always happening in the first week of March but As I organized it for our town, all by myself I didn’t feel good about it this year. I am going to visit 2 ladies who are willing to take that part over from me.

17.30 Dinnertime, This evening we are eating Indonesian food: chicory soup with corn , meat and roasted unions, cucumber and rice. I love eating Indonesian as my father came from there. After dinner a quick on-line check again, to see what I missed. Today I didn’t have much time as the kids wanted to make some “ fat balls” with grains for the birds before I took them in.

20.30h Kids are finally in bed and my sister came by to get a start at some new carnival costumed I am going to sew for her as she don’t know how to sew. A bit later my mother drops in too. She has more experience then me in sewing and we are trying to get as much parts out of the fabric as possible.

23.00h my sister and mother are gone and I take a last view on the internet. Which results in closing my pc on 0.13h. It was a long day…… without felting, sigh….. But tomorrow will be a new day!!


  1. Hi Kim

    So lovely to read about your day. What a busy woman you are! Oh, you have so healthy breakfast;) Ans so brave you went to work. I hope it gets better and better. Wonder how it is going with the costumes u made. Maybe we can get to see some pix;) Thanks for sharing, Kim. And thanks Heli for the wonderful blog.

  2. helloo have wonderful kids:-) is really good to know you closer:-) thanx Heli for the blog:-)

  3. What a busy day Kim had! Kudos! A lovely visit again! :)

  4. Great to see your day Kim, your hubby is so heartless, taking you out of bed at such a horrible hour :)

  5. So nice to see you here Kim ! I love to look at all the pictures. I hope it goes ok for you on the school again.

  6. Thanks for showing us your day :-D

  7. Lovely to meet you here Kim! Thanks for sharing a day of your life with us, you seem to be so active in many fields. Love your felted bottles in the first picture!

  8. HI Heli,
    Look at me: I am just thinking of this bog at 14.20! Yesterday before I went to bed I was excited and today I nearly forgot, hihi.

    Thanks for asking me to share my day and thnak you all for your sweet comments! It looks great.

  9. Thanks for sharing Kim! You have a pretty house and a lovely family :)

  10. I loved reading about your day, Kim! You have a lovely home and family!

  11. I really enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you and your daily life - it is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing!

  12. kim's kids are so cute and i love the look of the indonesian supper, mmmm :)

  13. How nice :) and still in NL :))

  14. You're such a busy bee, Kim! I loved reading about your day & I'm looking forward to spend one together again sometime soon! :)

  15. So cool to read about a mom in the Netherlands- we are so similar! Thanks for sharing your day!

  16. It was lovely to read of your day! : )

  17. What a great article! It's so fun to have a peek into someone else's life!

  18. Kim, it´s so nice to know a little bit more of your everyday! You´re lovely and it was a pleasure to meet you in "real life" last summer :)