Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday is my day: Senay Akin

Hello and welcome 2010!
This friday we will meet Senay from Istanbul, Turkey. She is a comtemporary jewellery designer with photographer background. Please visit her interesting and ah, so beautiful shop at

MERMAID Pendant sterling silver and 18K gold unique hand made

8:00 Brrrrr! It’s cold…

8:30 I have to wake up! Coffee comes first

9:00 Breakfast time. I don’t leave my warm nest until 9:15. It’s Friday!

9:20 Already in the tram. We are crossing the Galata Bridge. Heading to Sultanahmet.

9:40 Heading to the post Office. I have an Etsy package to ship. Better to do it now.

10:00 Finally Arriving to the atelier. It’s on a lively street. There are funny rug sellers at the corner.

10:30 Let’s see what do we have here…Valentine Day is coming, I need a new collection. Am I late?!!!

10:30 This Is one of the rings I was planning for so long. Friday is my day, I can work peacefully. No jewelry classes. I work on my projects.

12:30 My neighbor is a designer too. We usually have lunch together.

13:30 Back to the bench. Making two rings in the same time.

15:30 A quick break. I have to stretch my back. And take a quick look to my books.

18:30 Heading to Cihangir. Will have a quick tea break with a friend.

19:00 Hande is a ceramic artist. We always have some mutual projects to discuss.

20:00 My boyfriend’s still working. I will cook the dinner tonight.

21:30 Etsy :) Chat at the Forum, new listings, follow ups…It’s fun.

23:00 Tomorrow is coming soon. To soon! A book or TV?


  1. Hi, I'm happy to find your blog! So nice to know about your day!

  2. So fun to get a glimpse of Senays day! She does such beautiful work!

  3. i love senay's work - and these features are so interesting. i am so nosey, i love to see how people live around the world :)

  4. I loved reading about Senay! When I go to Istanbul this time it will be so much fun visiting all my new friends!

  5. Love your day, Şenay, thanks for sharing!
    I had the honor to visit her atelier in real life too :)

  6. Thank you for sharing! Beautiful jewellery.

    Heli - I've really enjoyed looking at all the blog posts, inspiring! :)

  7. Hi Heli!

    I have awarded your great blog, come and pick it up :)

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  9. ok, I'm addict to this feature :))
    Brilliant jewellery artist .
    Thank you for sharing your day!

  10. Hi Senay, Loved reading about and seeing your day ! A trip to Istanbul was just what I needed in the middle of winter.
    Aleady planning my next real trip.


  11. i've given you a blog award! pls see my blog for more details...