Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday is my day: Sumikoshop

Ok enough of Netherlands, it's time to fly to Italy and meet Evelyn from who has passion to eastern style and Japan especially and you can see it in her cute jewellery shop. Happy Friday to you all!

7.30 -8,30:

I wake up .... I have breakfast with Andrea and my son Brian, Coffee milk and biscuits or tarts with jam, homemade ...

Andrea before going to work, go to post office to send my packages, and I stay home with my son ...
I do not work until he goes to nursery, to September 2010.


I turn on my computer, I look at the email, if there were sales, and chat a bit with my team ...

write a little in the blog, and prints the address for shipment of packages ...

I do the house cleaning, washing machine, and my son enjoys very much cleaning the furniture with me ....


now is the best moment because, the postman delivers my mail, and I love to open packages .... Today I also received a gift, that I won a giveaway a month ago

oh no, now it's snowing .... it is very nice to see but now I have to stay at home and I can not take photos of my new items ....

The morning passed so quickly that I did not realize that it's time to cook lunch Today spaghetti with tomatoes and onions ...

13,30- 15,00

then turn on the TV for my son, he always wants to watch cartoons, and then when he is asleep I begin my productive day ...

15,00 – 16,00

if I do not have to go out, I use my entire afternoon to do all my things:
iron and create new accessories …..


behold, my son is already awake ... and I have to limit what I was doing ..
He sits next to me and looks at me, but then begins to tap everywhere, and I have to stop being in my studio ....

it's time to make dinner …
stay at home time flies
this evening Andrea wants to cook ...


  1. hello Evelyn - so good to see you and your family! I love your bedroom :-)

  2. so nice to 'meet' you Evelyn!!! your little boy is very cute!!

  3. Evelyn - we almost have the same name! Nice to see how you spend your day.

  4. Nice to meet you Evelyn ! Great pics !

  5. spagetttiii looks sooo yummmyyy:-) it is nice to know you closerrr Evelynnn...thanx Heliii:-)

  6. Hi Evelyn - lovely to go along with your Friday :) What a cutie your wee boy is :)

  7. Nice to see Evelyn and her family:)

  8. So nice to see a little more of your life, hungry for spagetti now...

  9. That was a nice read, great to meet you here Evelyn! Looks like snow is all over Europe this winter...

  10. Hello Evelyn! Looks like a good day! And hey - cooking men, it can't get much better! ;)

  11. You have such a adorable little boy :) It was nice to get to know more about you. :)

  12. So great to see an Italian day here! :) I agree with the others that your little boy is very cute!

  13. This is so nice, thank for sharing your life with us. I feel like I know you better now. merci :)

  14. Thank you for sharing a day of your life!!! Lovely boy you have.