Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday is my day: Thongbai Tatong

Today a flight to Netherlands and meeting with Bai from
She sews beautiful bags, skirts, dresses, tops and scarves. All with unique style. Please visit her pretty etsy shop!

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I woke up at about 8.20. Rob, my partner, had already left to work in Amsterdam. It was dark and cold outside. The ground was covered with a lot of ice and snow. But then about 9 o’clock the sun began to rise. It was so beautiful.

I went to the kitchen and made some tea. I like to drink tea with lemon and honey while I check my online shop and read and answer emails. This morning I was greeted by 3 sales.

I wrote to all the three customers to confirm the order and to tell them when the orders will be shipped. At about 10am I had my breakfast. I like to sit by the window looking outside while having my breakfast. It is quite peaceful.

After breakfast I worked on my new spring/summer piece. I designed this bolero a few days ago and came up with nice pattern. Today I cut the fabric for two bolero’s, both in size Medium. It is beautiful white cotton with rose print.

I worked non-stop for a few hours with some help of a huge mug of coffee. I love this mug firstly because it is the biggest mug in the house and secondly because it has lovely tulips on the inside and outside with the word “ HOLLAND” .

The two bolero’s were looking great. But I had to stop halfway because it was already almost 3pm and I was hungry. I still had to pack some orders and take them to the post office before 5pm. So I made some two-minute noodles. Not very healthy but fast and good enough.

After I finish making each of my products I usually hang a tag on it and pack it neatly in a resealable plastic bag. Today I had to send 7 items, mainly to the States. I first printed out the stickers with the names and address of the customers. Then I made receipts to accompany each package. It is very official and professional with my company logo, address, VAT number, etc.

Each item is neatly gift-wrapped with handmade paper and a tag saying ‘Thank you very much”

I usually check my emails and my Etsy shop every hour. It is good for me because my studio is upstairs and my computer is downstairs. I get to exercise a lot each day running up and down the stairs. I first had my computer upstairs but it did not work because I spent too much time online;) It was quite distracting.

Actually, when I began to pack the orders I knew that the main Treasury on Etsy would open soon. After finished packing I waited for about 30 minutes for Treasury to open.

I caught a T but did not fill it because I had to run to the post office. It was already 4.20. Rob came home early and he offered to drive me to the post office, which is about 5-minute away. The post office is not very far from my house, just cross the river, then a lake. If the weather is nice I like to walk or ride my bicycle there. There is a dam cutting through the middle of the lake where no cars are allowed. It is a wonderful walk in the summer.

However, last year and this year it has been cold enough in the winter for some ice to form on the surface of the lake, thick enough for ice-skating. Today we went to the post office by a car and we had to go round the lake. We stop to take some pictures.

People were skating ans the sun was setting. It was so beautiful. On the right of the picture you can see a pointing roof of a church. This church is situated across the road from the post office.

It was getting dark on the way home.

I was busy all day and I almost forgot to take my medicine. I am allergic to grass and I have to take this medicine, one tablet a day, for 3 years to build some kind of anti body against this allergy. I began taking them 3 months ago. Well, I have only about 900 tablets to go!

It has been a long day for me and Rob offered to cook. He is such a wonderful man;) He made some beef and vegetables. And we ate at around 7pm.

I was very tired;) I was thinking about working on the computer, writing a blog post or updating my website but I had to call it an early night. However, I did not forget to fill the Etsy Main Treasury I had caught. We watched the television and went to bed at about 2am, after me falling asleep in the couch since 10pm… So I was told and I did not believe that.


  1. wowww seems very peaceful life there Bai:-) is a great pleasure to know you closerrr:-)

  2. So nice to read about your life, Bai.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this - and I love Bai's beautiful clothes. Thanks Heli!

    PS. those noodles look YUMMY! Did Bai give you the recipe?! :))

  4. You have a beautiful home and a nice working routine :) It was nice to read about you, Bai :)

  5. great fun to read about your day!

  6. Hello Bai!
    I love your apartment, especially your breakfast couch! :-) And your packs look very professional.
    Really enjoyed reading about your day!

  7. so lovely to see you here Bai and to read about your day !

  8. Such a joy to visit Bai! And yes, I too think Rob is a gem! :)
    And - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bai! :D

  9. Thanks Bai and Heli for sharing this !! It has been lovely to spend a day with Bai :) Happy Birthday dear !!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Your packaging looks very professional indeed!

    How peaceful place you live in.I love your home, especially your breakfast place :) How cosy it looks! It is really pleasure to know you closer..

  12. I loved reading about your day, Bai! You are such a creative and professional artist--I'm very impressed, and it's great to know you on the EST team!

  13. Thanks for sharing your day!! And I hope you'll ahve a nice birthday with loads of gifts... Mine will be later as I forgot, hihihi

  14. It was so great to get a glimps of your life! Thanks so much!

  15. I really enjoyed reading this interview. You have a beautiful home Bai, thank you for inviting us in! :)

    Thank you for another great interview Heli :)

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