Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday is my day: Fric de mentol

Last Friday before holidays and we are heading to Portugal and meet Ana from
I love her illustration style, very original. She makes prints of her illustrations on fabric and paper; little lavender pillows, bags, journals, postcards, prints.

Happy Friday and see you all next year!
mushroom girl - - gocco screenprint - -

Hello world, good morning, it's very cold today.
The principles of physics gives us the first image of the day.

11:00 am - Waking up and first internet dive
Cleaning some mess from the day before, breakfast and doing the laundry
Mini-mirtillo is waiting for her food supply, she's very punctual. While she devours her first meal, I take a bath
Time for the mini-mirtillo walk, around the "Madre de Deus da Verderena Convent", nearby our new residence, since last September. Today is a threesome day, my dear hubby is helping me to depict it. After that, the smell of coffee invades our senses, while taking important notes
Near downtown, that corner is usually occupied by an old man who sells fresh vegetables from his yard. Unfortunately he is not there today. I have to go to the supermarket. There is one more place to go, the posts in the Bocage avenue, to buy some mailers
Let's go home and do some packaging, soup and have lunch
I'm out of black ink, need to go to the stationery. In the way to the Papelaria Universal, we pass by the Rio Tejo. It's a cloudy day, usually the sun brightens the landscape
Street art and the garden in the Zona Ribeirinha, where we can see an ancient wind mill
06:00 pm - Back from the stationery, the night begins to involve us, giving Lisbon, on the other side of the river, another light
Coloring hearts, at home again, with some comfortable warm clothes. These wooden hearts are part of a new project
08:00 pm - Dinner is being prepared, we never eat early.
This time we ate tofu with a bunch of vegetables, cooked in the wok, with a traditional plate called Migas (cabage, olive oil, garlic, beans and corn bread). Soup too, the one I made in the morning. You're all invited, I made enough for everybody :)
10:00 pm - I like to work in the silent of the night, packages to be done and many sachets to be refilled with fresh lavender
12:01 am - Mini-mirtillo is again very sharp on time, better than any clock. After that break, more sachets and time to edit my day photos
04:30 am - I just found that it's almost five am, time to check the e-mail for the last time, write something to Nanouke in facebook ;)
I'm going to wash my face, hands and teeth.
Have a good night all ;))


  1. Ana, it's so nice to meet you.. what wonderful post and pics, thanks!

    Thanks to you too Heli, for the fun read while drinking my coffee :-)

  2. is really good to know youuu...:-)


  3. A night owl here, thanks for sharing your day!

  4. Ana: nice to meet you!

    Thank both of you so much for sharing!

  5. :) It's an enormous pleasure being here sharing my day with you all and reading your comments!
    Many thanks to Heli for bringing us these amazing people's Fridays.

  6. Nice to get to know about your day! :) Thank you for sharing

  7. A great feature, her dog looks very cute too! Oh, and I love that evening photo by the water front:)

  8. Wow, you have along day!!!
    Thnaks for sharing! I always love to see and read about other places....

  9. Nice day!!, Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  10. Interesting--and a night person! Thank you for sharing your day!