Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday is my day: X by Leina neima

Tere! Today we are invited to visit Leina from Estonia. Well we, in European street team, call her Miss X because her etsy shop is called
She creates beautiful jewelries of felt and polymer clay but my all time favorites are the impossible mission soaps! Brilliant idea! Go and take a peek to her shop and maybe, if you are lucky, you can grab a halloween soap for yourself :)
Have a good friday!

TITLE: “Incredibly gray and rainy day with 2 cats, 3 kisses and constant sleepiness…“

CAST: Leina aka Miss X, 2 black cats, Leina’s boyfriend (BF), old country house, bicycle, random ghosts and hearts.

PLACE: small village in Northern Estonia.


7.30 OH NO, my phone alarm rings! As I read a book until 03:40 a.m. yesterday - I just ignore it and sleep on. Grzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8.55 Finally get out from my bed. Once again later than I planned. As always I feel like zombie in the morning.

8.59 – time for goodbye-kiss to my dear BF who leaves to his workplace.

Before leaving home he opens hallway’s door and my cats run into bedroom. Now I am in trouble, they are in my way and I literally can move as slow as snail.

As we live in old house – which needs lot of renovation and I have had few time for cleaning, there can be seen mess and maybe even some dust bunnies randomly in the pictures. Just ignore them and erase from your retina like I do :=)

09.22 A sight from my bedroom window is incredibly gray today. Feeling sleepy and I decide to quit my morning exercises. Low atmospheric pressure is good cause to be even lazier…

09.30 Opening front door and trying to let my cats out – they look at me with surprise, walk in and out, shaking disgustedly their paws. Finally both of them are outside and I can shut the door. It is cold outside, approx 7 C.

10.24 Finally I am ready to eat my breakfast. I made some buckwheat cereal and try to enjoy it on balcony as always. Brr, it is cold in here, too…

10.30 Finishing my coffee in front of my laptop. It is time to say Hello my to Etsy friends, read and answer some e-mails. “Supergirl” rushes to help me just in time because I feel still sleepy and unable to get into right mood.

12.29 Time for a phone call and small virtual meeting with my dear friend Marianne from byMarianneS ( ). My mood gets always better after meeting with her (virtually or not) – today we discussed about new projects and ideas in our mutual craft web-site We always have a good laugh when working.

12.36 Leaves are falling outside and it also starts to feel cold inside. I fire up our wood stove and look into the fire for some time. I like to look into the fire, it makes me feel cozy and dreamy.

12.45. Finally get myself together (almost 4 hours from wake up!!! WOW!) Starting to make something I can’t show here yet – to sew **** for making tutorial to Home magazine.

14.31 Taking more coffee, cats are sleeping - everyone in our house seems to be sleeping, except me – I try desperately to stay awake.

13.35 – Miracle! There is sunshine outside - I rush outside and take random pictures of our yard and house. Everything needs renovation here but I try to avoid thinking about that.

Look, golden leaves are everywhere and I can recognize at least 3 different types of mushrooms. Is it time for mushroom sauce??? NO, it starts to rain cats and dogs again.

15.38 Just got an e-mail from one of my on-line supply shop, saying that they sell their shop until it is empty and prices are so low. I feel tempted! As I have had long diet on supply shopping, I make myself tiny gift and make an order. Just a few beads…

15.50 Continuing sewing “the thing that I can’t show here”, so I put here picture of me and Superhero, spying if tiny cucumbers in the bottle of dill pickle I put up yesterday are ready to consume. Nope, they are not. I am really impatient with things like that…

17.00 – Another dry moment! I rush out to make some grocery shopping. As my dear BF called me and said that he feels a bit ill, I bought some honey with propolis and raspberry jam. He will be fine!

18:00 Time to eat a bit. Who said I shouldn't play with food??? I just love it – so I decorated my potatoes and lamb-cutlets in my way – lot of spicy sausages and fresh quail egg on the top. And yes, 2 almost ready dill pickles, too. Voila! Bon Appétit!

18.30 – As usually my creative engine starts working properly really late. Sanding pile of heart shaped pendants for my “IMPOSSIBLE MISSION Soaps “

20.38 – Pendants are sanded and buffed but my hands feel tired. I wish I can hire someone to do it for me… My BF is back, he worked in the far region today, so really late. Time for quick hello-again-kiss ;)

21.00. Finally starting to pour soaps! I enjoy this part a lot…

23.37. Soaps are finally ready and laying in the molds, they will be hand cut tomorrow. And now time for most tiring part of creating – cleaning. I should have a maid, too…

00.24. Time for good-night-kiss to my dear BF and back to my book. Sweet dreams and thank you for joining my day!

02.34…finally falling asleep.


Want to see how my soaps turned up?


  1. Ah! Finally all the secrets of famous Miss X revealed! ;) Once again I so much enjoyed reading about a day, thanks a lot! :D

  2. Helllooooo there MizzzzzzX, so very nice to see your day!

  3. Oh i love this blog! :)
    So nice to read about other's days :)
    Thanks for sharing your day Leina! :)

  4. Oh MissX, you have a lovely day and those colours are amazing! So does the food:))))
    thank you for sharing with us and happy friday for you too!!

  5. What a beautiful day you have Leina. Your cats are beauties. The soaps are so wee cute! Thanks for sharing with us. :) xoxoxo

  6. Oh, your house may need renovation but is is beautiful! And your cats are so cute. And I like the sneak peak into soap making...Thank you for sharing your day!

  7. So much fun to see Leina's day, thanks for sharing :)

  8. Indeed a reveal and so funny, I had a black haired Miss X in my ind and she is blonde,lol!!!
    looks indeed like a beautifull house! I love old houses!

  9. Leina, I LOVE reading your day - the cats, the house, the food.. mmmmhh (I love to look at fire too, but I always get a headache from the warmth coming out of wood stove..)! And you look like a princess from a fairy tale in the last picture behind your book ^_^ Thank you so much for sharing, Leina & Heli! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. I agree with Devi: it all looks so warm at your home! I love it! Hehe, and how sweet you look too - you're superpretty! Thanks for sharing your day, Leina! :)

  11. :=) Thank you for your lovely comments and Heli for the invite - it was fun to share!

  12. I am catching up with the Fridays - nice to share your day and visit Estonia again :) The soap is a really fun idea - good luck with them :)