Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday is my day: Vilte

Today we will fly to Lithuania and meet very talented felt artist Vilte from
She creates the most beautiful felt accessories and clothes. Makes really nice and special Christmas presents for your closest ones or eh, why not for yourself!
happy Friday to everybody!
(sorry if the text is jumping...Blogger is very wonky when you paste text from somewhere else)

Nuno felt dress - tunic - Just Viltelli, OOAK

We live in the city, in a 5 storey block house, but the first thing I see in the morning are the branches of an oak tree that my husband planted when he was a kid. I wake up at 9:00 am and immediately have my whole family around me – kids jumping, giggling in bed or reading a book like today.
Sometimes we are lucky and my husband goes to work later, so we can have breakfast all together. Every person in this house has his own wishes and everyone is having different meals for breakfast.
I prefer something light for breakfast – like yogurt, baked black bread with cheese and a cup of herb tea.

My husband leaves at 10 am today and we all stay at the window waving him…

And then…the party begins :) My kids start playing and bringing down the house… I quickly check my mail and Etsy stuff on my laptop and at 11 am I close myself in a room where I start felting the piece I prepared during the night (hoping the kids won’t destroy our apartment completely)…

At 12:30 pm my grandmother visits us and invites my son to go to my parents’ house. That means there will be a little more peace at home than before. (Kids’ room is in complete mess by now :))

At the same time I am preparing the space for a photo session of some of my felt items – just hanging a white sheet.

At 12:45 I have already put on other clothes and some make up for shooting. I use self timer and keep on running from the camera to the sheet. And as you can see – I always have my little company around. This is how it looks like behind the scene :)
At 1:00 pm the photo shooting is already over and I am putting my little girl to take a nap in a company of her little friends…
Meantime I start editing some of my photos on my laptop.

My daughter wakes up at 2:20 pm and we are going to the kitchen to prepare something for our dinner. Usually it is something that doesn’t require much time – like macaroni with shrimps and white sauce.
At 3 pm I am continuing some of my felt works.

I won’t tell you how many times I run to clean the floor after my little girl drops some food or other stuff there, or just run to save some things before she breaks it or tears it or…or throws everything out from the weardrobe… J

My husband comes home early today, brings our son home and at 4:40 pm we are going to our country land where we are going to live when the house is finished.
And this is the window to my future studio!
We get back home at 7:10 pm. Kids start playing around, I prepare something for Supper…and I make some chocolate cake that is called “Lazy bone”. Our family is chocoholic indeed.
At 8 pm I keep on doing many things at a time – doing the laundry, tidying the kitchen, sorting my fibers and of course…trying to put kids’ room in order while they still play around and try to throw as many toys and clothes around as possible :)
At 10:15 pm my kids finally go to sleep and I can enter my fiber world again.
I keep on working until it’s 1:00 am and then I go to my laptop to check email, facebook, Etsy of course…
At 2:10 am I wave you – Good night! Thank you for following me on this day!


  1. How cute your girl is! And thanks for showing your proccess!

  2. Cute girl indeed.. adorable! Thanks for sharing your day, what a gorgeous place for a new house, congrats :-) I think your work and photographs are amazing..

    Thanks Heli! xo!

  3. Thanks for sharing! And for the "behind-the-scene" :)

  4. Lovely read again! I really have much respect for you working mums!

  5. Thank you for the peek into your busy life!

  6. Thank you for inviting us to your day! You have such a cute little girl and love the behind the scene pic :D

  7. So wonderful to read about you! :)

  8. Vilte, I admire your beautiful felt work from the fist day I saw it... It was so great to take a peek into your creative day, thanks for sharing!

  9. What a busy day! You have an incredible amount of energy.

  10. So great reading! Your girl is so cute :)

  11. What a fun filled day! It sounds very much like mine with kids constantly running and playing and wanting to be involved with your task at hand. Your daughter is adorable :)

  12. You get amazingly many things done in one day, I think! Nice to hear you'll be getting a studio space in your new house:)

  13. Vilte I really enjoy reading about your day !!