Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday is my day: Psarokokalo

γεια! Today we will jump to Greece and meet maria from She makes art dolls, fiber art, clothes, accessories; handmade with lots of creativity and fun! Wishing you all a joyful Friday!

a rainy friday in athens: i am maria living in athens i live with Thalia, dimitris, and our dog satie in the center of the city, welcome to our friday!
9.00 woke up today facing a rainy day! lucky us we will stay home today....have lot's of things to do here anyway!!10.00 we had our breakfast a bit poor but just came back from vacation, empty fridge ....payed a visit to the net! and our net friends! i love to do this !especially search flickr for art projects!then dimitris helped me to make a photoshoot of my new necklaces (i am the model)
like i said before the fridge is empty
so good for us today granny came to feed us!!!Thalia learned how to take her first pictures!
the camera suffered a bit
but i think she did well :-)thalia taking pisture me and a large doll that we are making
with my friend gragoty
(quat) for an exhibit we started working on the doll named ayelu!mean while our friend Elli and her mom came and we played
and then we eat all together!we continued making a big doll.....
and this is this days result!!!us! the ayelu crew!me and him!
now Gregory has to go home and us off to bed !!!


  1. She look like have a fun time with her doll!:) I love Maria work!:)) And thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Yay! Maria is it this week! I'm a big fan of her work. And now also of her family! :D

  3. Thanks for sharing! And what a fun day this was too!

  4. :=) hello maria...funny day, I specially enjoyed the firts photo of Thalia!

  5. Thanks for sharing! :)
    Looking forward to next Friday.

  6. wow!! great big doll!! :)

    nice to know more about you!

  7. hello Maria, nice to meet you! :-) your daughter is a sweetie!

  8. Hi Maria, nice to know something more about you! Your daughter is adorable and your life looks very fun:)

  9. Huge doll and looks like fun! Your little girl is very sweet. Thanks for sharing your day with us, Maria.

  10. Sweet family and a nice home-rainy day :)

  11. My breakfast is like that almost every morning, hehe;) Your art project looked interesting, checked your flickr:D

  12. There's no way you could not love Maria & her art! She's almost as cute as quat! :)

  13. hehehe girls ! thanks a lot !! thank you so much heli for this:-) a bit late but i read it:)

  14. Love your work, Maria! Thanks for sharing your day - how great to have the family around you to work with :)