Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday is my day: Heartshaped Creations

Hip hei! Today we will fly back to Greece and meet Maria again, but not same Maria as we met couple of weeks ago. I think there is quite few Marias in Greece ;)

So off to Athens and follow how Maria from
spends her day. She, by the way creates the most cute polymer clay characters and she is open for custom orders too. Lovely (Christmas) gift ideas to your lovelies *wink wink*

A Sunny day in Athens

09:10 I’m still snoring under my bed’s covers as my sister is having way too much fun t

aking shots of me while I try to get up :-D

09:45 Hmmm… someone seems to enjoy his sleep a little longer! Meet Leo my Siamese

10:00 Ok! Now that everyone’s up, we’re getting ready to have breakfast.

I can’t say that we are “breakfast people” in my family,

which means that we usually have a very simple breakfast

(I know, not a very good way to start a day).

I usually have some cookies and a cup of coffee (what I usually call: “my fuel”!)

11:00 This is our balcony. I know the view is not the best (except from the flowers!),

but this is one –amongst many- of the drawbacks that living in a big city has.

I wish I could see some trees instead of the grey buildings across the street. Sigh

11:30 After changing several sleeping spots in the house,

someone finally decided to wake up for good! Yaaaaaawn!

11:45 I head to the library to I check my emails and of course visit Etsy!

Yes, you can tell that I’m very happy when I’m in front of my pc :-D

12:45 Oh my, it’s already noon!

I gotta rush for my daily errands and then head downtown to get supplies.

Fortunately the centre of the city is not very far from my house

(if I don’t get stuck in the traffic that is!).

15:00 Pheww! Finally home! Here are some shots of Athens that I’d like to share with you

Also I found a surprise waiting for me in my room…

I’m super excited it finally arrived!!! Leo is happy as well and claimed the box already! :-D

I just love anything that has to do with fantasy art, fairies and magic. Is it obvious?!

15:30 I’m hungry as a wolf, so I’d better go and eat!

My lunch for today is spinach pie, salad and some olives. Yummy!!!

16:30 One of my favourites parts before I start creating is choosing what music I will be listening to.

This is the kind of music I’m generally fond of

But the music I listen to when crafting is far more different.

I tend to listen to the mesmerising and calming voice of Lorrenna McKennit

or the soothing music of bands like Secret Garden and Artesia.

He, he, he and this is me creating!

20:00 I usually get so caught up with making my little creations, that I don’t know when time passes.

A little pain on my back is the warning that I have to call it a day!

However, it’s the pain of creation so I could say

that it’s the sweetest discomfort I would ever think of! :-D

20:00 I drop by the internet again and snoop around in Etsy

and see what everybody has been up too.

22:00 Now it’s time to have my dinner and watch a dvd if the tv doesn’t have a decent movie

…hmmm which one should I choose?

24:00 Yaaaawn! I think it’s time for me to go to sleep.

Lights are out! Sweet dreams everyone!


  1. Kalimera Maria,
    Lovely to see your Friday and visit Athens with you ! :) I've never been, despite going to Greece more times than I can count - one day I will get there :)

    And thanks Heli :)

  2. Wonderful post Helis ! Great to see heart in real life :)

  3. Fun to see Maria, thanks for sharing!

  4. oh Maria, don't hide your pretty face behind the piglet!:))) Thank you for sharing your day sweety:)

  5. Maria, peekaboo!!!
    You are very pretty, I love your fairy collection. :) Thank you for sharing with us, lovely!

  6. Hello Maria - I love Athens, and I am glad to see that you still have sunshine! I hope you enjoyed your dvd :-)

  7. Isn't she a pretty one! How sweet to read about her lovely day!

  8. I love your balcony, so many beautifl flowers. So fresh! I love you fairies too! Thanks for sharing.

  9. How great to see Maria here! It's so nice to see faces behind EST people, thanks Heli for this lovely series:)

    About music, HIM is one of my old time favorites as well! I saw their gigs several times before the first album was released, great memories.

  10. Lovely collection of fairies and Athens is so beautiful! Great post Heli and Maria :)

  11. Maria I really enjoy reading about your day !!!
    Your cat is very cute :)
    Heli thank you for the great article too♥

  12. Yassou Kardoula :) ♥

    I like to call her Kardoula ♥ ( sweet heart ) because she is very sweet and kind person.
    She is also very talented and in my crystal ball I see her shop with many many sales and success!!!!

    Thank you Heli for Kardoula's Friday

  13. It's wonderful to see the beautiful face of such a wonderfully sweet person! Thank you for letting us 'meet' you and spend the day with you Maria, and thank you Heli for this feature.

  14. Enjoyable trip...thanks for sharing! And Leo looks awesome...