Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday is my day: Rafya

Let's stay on the warm hemisphere and travel to Israel to meet Alona from She makes really pretty jewelleries from cold clay using different kind of objects to texturize them and which she paints using her special technique to give them an unique look. Please do visit her shop!

Hi everyone, welcome to my day !

06:40 the alarm clock wake me.. I steal another few minutes of sleeping.

06:55 finally on my feet ! This morning the kids are awake before me, we have two, Gali is 9 years old and Amit is 5.5 years old.. and I am on my seventh month pregnant so we will have another baby in two month !

I start my day with green tea the kids having some cereals. Daddy still sleeping, he had long working evening last night... I am arranging the meal-school for Gali, and at 7:45 we are in car .

Some mornings daddy take them to school and kindergarten , today I will !

On my way back to home I am usually visiting at the post office to send the orders I have, the worker at the post office is a good friend... well I visit him almost every day. If he dosnt see me for few days he starts to worry ! When I come back home I usually arrange the house .. laundering , dishwasher I try to make it quickly so I can start my working day. Before I start working I make myself fruits-shake as a breakfast
The time is around 9:00, and I have time until 13:15 then I should take Gali from school.

My working day looks different every day, but usually I am working on orders, making new items , taking photos , answer for e-mails and conversations from my Etsy shop... I love those hours and the time pass so quick ! 13:25 I am at school picking up Gali home, we have lunch together then she make her homework from school, watch TV or playing in the computer. I am having another hour to work, HI I catch treasury !

At 15:30 I am driving to pick up Amit from the kindergarten .

Usually at the afternoon I am with the kids, Gali love to bake with me and Amit love playing with his cars,some days we are making a little travel around the neighborhood they are inviting friends / going to friends house, and 2 days in the weeks I take Gali for her swimming class.Around 19:00-19:30 we are having dinner, if we are lucky daddy joining us. This evening we are giving up on the regular salad and omelet, Gali asked for pancake ! Wow! After dinner the kids have some more time for playing and I love to read books to Amit at that hour.

The kids go to beds around 20:30-21:00 and this is the time for me to check e-mails from the last hours and whats new in my Etsy Shop.

My day ended around 23:00 , sometimes later if I am reading a good book.



  1. So nice to get to know Alona, her lovely kids and her beautiful work!

  2. Thank you for sharing your day with us, Alona! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your day with us!! Your studio is wonderful!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Your studio looks wonderful. Yum..I want pancakes now.. :)

  5. Thank you very much for the look into a day of your life Alona!

  6. Lovely to meet Alona and see bits of her life. Her jewelry is beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing! A new favorite shop here :)

  8. cool read about you Alona !!
    i can publish every "friday is my day" on my blog game?
    just using a photo and the link of this blog?
    read here for more info
    just contact me !!

  9. Shalom Alona, ze haja interesting meod. :-) I remember a few words of Hebrew. Travelling to Israel with you brought back beautiful memories. Toda raba!

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments, happy to share with you my day.. and a big thank you Heli !

  11. Lovely trip to your day, thanks for sharing :=)