Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday is my day: Heidi Burton

Let's hop to Cambridge, UK and meet pretty long hair Heidi from
She has a shop full of fun and cute illustrations, originals and prints. Now she works in the Santa's Tonttu-factory for Christmas items *wink wink*
Have a good Friday!

*I find it hard to wake up early so have 5 different alarms on my phone with different songs, for some reason 'Your Rocky Spine' by Great Lake Swimmers is the only one that wakes me up. Today I roll out of bed at 9am.

*Every day is different but one thing is for sure - I head straight for the kettle and get a brew going. Along with a nice big mug of tea I have some toast with spicy chickpea pate.

*Once I've woken up properly, it's time for multi-tasking! I start up the computer while getting myself ready for the day, writing/answering emails with one hand, applying mascara with the other. Today I was also digging up tree roots in the garden until about 10.30am.

*The start of the day is best for taking photos as it gets dark so early at this time of year. I take photos of any work to be listed in my Etsy shop, or to upload to Flickr. Then I edit the pictures. This can all take about an hour.

*11.30am - Time for working on new items for my shop. First - another cup of tea!

*Today I'm cutting felt shapes to make hats for my illustrated Tonttu eggcups. My mother and sister ( are great at sewing so they sometimes help with the hand-stitching.

*I feel like Santa's little helper making my Christmas items. Some of my greeting cards have just come out of the printer, and I'm already designing more in my sketchbook.
*I'm also making preliminary sketches of food items for a magazine illustration.
*This takes me to the afternoon with a quick lunch and it's time to walk to town for my other job in a clothing store. Cambridge is pretty this time of year. I like to walk by the river and enjoy the last bit of daylight, because it's dark by the time I leave work.
*When I return home I check my emails again and back to work on my illustration projects for a few hours. Here I'm cutting illustrated strips of paper to wrap around the greeting cards. I listen to music while working, at the moment I'm listening to
Matt Elliott:
Bon Iver:

*I try to fit in some chores and then usually get a late night because there aren't enough hours in the day. I like to read in bed, currently reading a book by Haruki Murakami, I'm very fond of his writings.
*Lights out, and strange dreams - until I am woken by that song again!


  1. Thanks for the peek into your life :-D

  2. great post, heli! x

  3. Heidi has such a great shop! And it was fun to look over her shoulder as she makes them! :D

  4. I always have loved her shop! Wow gorgeous hair!!

  5. oh you have picturist autumn colours in your place, how beautiful:)

  6. Great read with lovely pictures! Her work looks so fun and cute! Does she have Finnish roots?

  7. I love her walk to work--that is such a beautiful way--thank your for sharing, and I love her hair!

  8. Great artwork and happy walk in your day, thanks for sharing :=)