Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday is my day: Stemellina

Today we will hop to Greece and meet Meli from She creates yummy jewelries from felt, earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets... and she runs a felt supply shop too at
Have a good Friday and soft felt shopping :)
Plum Earrings
My name is Meli which means honey in Greek and I live in a suburb in Athens with my hubby Harry and our kids Johnny(9) and Georgina(3).
8.30 - Hubby leaves for work so I wake up and the first thing I want like crazy is my coffee.
In the summer time I like to drink a cold Frappe with lots of ice cubes.
9.00 - With my coffee in one hand and the mouse in the other I visit etsy.I really love that time!

It's 10.00 already and the kids are still sleeping so I decide to wake them up!As long as I'm in Georgina's bedroom I heard Johnny who is already in the bathroom.As you can see my princess sleeps with 3 stuffed golden retriever .First we bought the mom. Georgina named her Maximina and then we bought the 2 kids Max and Maxi.

They dressed and the first thing they love to do is to feed the fish.

10.30 - The breakfast is ready.Little breads with cheese and ham,cucumber,grapes, juice and milk.Oops !! Johnny just took a grape from Georgina's bowl.

11.00-1.00 After breakfast the kids go to their rooms and play.

As for me this is my fun time.I finish cleaning and cooking and then I start felting in the kitchen

Then I taking care of all the mess and go to the balcony to play the model as I am the one who poses for my creations.

1.30- Lunch Time! Today I made rice with cheese,salad with lettuce,tomato and cucumber and grilled meat balls.

2.30-5.30- These days I organize a small space in my living room to a studio. It's not ready yet but Georgina loves to help me out.She also likes to sit next to me and watch me working on my creations.Hopefully one day she can make her own accessories.

6.00 and Hubby is here! The moment that Johnny and Georgina hear his keys in the door they start screaming and jump on him when he comes in.

As its Friday we decide to go to the Mall of Athens for shopping.

Kids have fun there as Johnny runs with his Heelys ( shoes with wheels in the heels) and Georgina try on some shoes.

10.00- We are back at home and we are all very tired so the kids drink their milk and goes to bed.
Hubby serfs the internet. As for me I go outside in the balcony ( which don't forget I use it as a fashion runway ) and I work on some pictures for etsy.

1.00- Meli ! Meli ! Are you coming? Oh ! Hubby is calling me to go to bed! Sorry I have to leave you.
Good Night and Sweet Dreams......with no naughty thoughts ♥


  1. hello Meli, it was fun to meet your sweet family!

  2. oooh, lovely read! definitely a creative day full of kids, yummie food and Etsy time!

  3. What a lovely family Meli has! :)
    Once again I enjoyed that friday read very much!

  4. Oh, what a fun day! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. hahahaah! perfect! that salad looks yummy! :)

  6. so nice to read the day of Meli and her adorable family!

  7. Meli, this is so much fun reading about your fun day. Your children are so darling cute. I wish you all the happines. thank you for sharing...


  8. Ι am very happy reading your sweet comments!
    I had a lot of fun taking these pics ! Kids had a great time too .Johnny wake up this morning asking when Heli will post our Friday!
    Thank you all and especially Heli ♥

  9. Hi Meli! your kids are adorable!!

  10. I had fun seeing your day Meli! You have a great family:)

  11. Bravo Meli!!!... great and so sweet and cute kids...
    Meli I like the way you finish your day...
    "1.00- Meli ! Meli ! Are you coming? Oh ! Hubby is calling me to go to bed!"


    Wish the best my friend... a nice life and a happy family with health and joy!!!

  12. Hi Meli,

    Loved seeing your fun Greek day and your gorgeous family :)

    *wave* from Scotland
    Rhiannon :)

    Thanks Heli, for keeping this fun idea going :)
    Hope you are ok in all the rain :)

  13. Meli, what a fun, creative day you had! Your kiddies are so beautiful & so are you! :)
    Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  14. Nice to read about you and your wonderful family Meli. And kids, they must be thinking daddy the most wonderful person in the world when he actually hardly see them during the day:)))

  15. I love your firday, Meli!!!!!!
    your kids are so sweet!!!!

  16. What a great day Meli, thanks for sharing!
    So sweet the kids are all over hubby when he comes home..

    Thanks Heli and Meli (sorry ;-))) Another wonderful friday!!

  17. What a colorful day you had, Meli! So nice to see your kids - so cheerful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. Dear Meli, i saw a flower in your shop i'd like to feature in my magazine "KidsLife" - do you have these images in high res.? Mail me at
    Love, Martina