Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday is my day: Glasfaden

Today we will meet sweet Devi from Germany. She has an etsy shop called where she sells her pretty glass, felt and paper art pieces. But first let's follow her day and after that shopping :)

Monday, August 31st, 2009

6:46 The garbage truck and neighbors are so loud! They wake me up, but I go back to my dream again, as I just have slept for 3 hours...7:30 My alarm clock is ringing (well, rather 'tüt tüüt tüüüt' than 'rrrrring'..). I stil feel like a zombie, so I snooze for a while before I finally get up

7:42 Preparing my breakfast in the kitchen. Then I take the beads out of the kiln (I don't know, how long I've been working on torch yesterday, but I've heard Down Below, back and forth a million times and was really in a great mood :)) and put them into a glass of water to make them easier to take off of the mandrels

7:45 Breakfasting in front of my laptop. Reading mails, browsing the blogs through my reader and take a peek, either it's time to grab a treasury - nope, I would be already at work *sigh*

Now I need a long and hot shower to make me feel less like a zombie.

9:37 Just had a phone call with my dad, took the beads off of the mandrels and cleaned the holes from the bead release using my grinder. No time to inspect the result closer though. It's time to get ready to work now.

I have to go earlier than usual today. I first ride to the culture center to pay the summer activity of my boy there and then off to the B&M store, where I work twice a week in the city10:44 It's only a step away from the city, so I still have time to take a quick view of the lake a bit closer.

Time to move on. I pass the theater studio. The windows are standing wide open, so I take a glaze. I love the atmosphere in such studios. The machines, the racks, the high ceiling.. OMG.. isn't the lamp stunning?!!

10:55 I was just opening the door, when the first customers were already coming in. Normally Mondays are quite quiet, not today it seems..I always take my doodle/sketch book with me. When all the work, e.g. dusting the shelves, is done and nobody is in the shop, I start to doodle or write. Today e.g. there was a woman, who looked very interesting to me in her profile and pose, so I simply have to sketch her after she's gone and no one else's around.

14:50 My boss finally sent me home, as I don't do it on my own *lol* I love to have customers, so I forget the time. From the bridge I can see the Alps.

15:11 At home I take a quick glaze on my garden. I have neglected it during the summer. I can't stand the sun burning my skin and also the mosquitoes love my blood, so I prefered to stay away from the garden. One rose plant is still blooming beautifully, but I really should cut all the other withered roses and weed again. The bind weed are taking overhand everywhere. Also in the back garden, where the zucchinis are growing very well. Maybe I still have a little time to weed later...

16:56 After checking the treasury opening time again (I could have a chance or two in the evening - yay!), I prepare two packages and take them to the post office.

17:10 Having a small talk with a neighbor and weeding a bit in the back garden.
17:22 'Franklin' (not sure if that's the cat's name, but that's how we call her/him - and I thought, it's a she, but I might be wrong..) runs towards me. I try to take a photo of us, but I should have lied on the grass, I suppose :P

17:25 She gets attracted by my backpack - sniffing at the skinny shawl my boy has made for me and then she decides to lie on my backpack *lol* She's so cute!!

17:50 High time to make dinner. It should be ready in 20 minutes, so I cook some pasta with yellow pepper, onion and tomato. Tataa...

18:29 Time to swing my back on the bike again to go to the choir session.
19:12 The room, where we normally sing, is a construction site at the moment. So, we first stay outside singing. We're preparing ourself for the concerts in December (it'll be our first tiny 'tour' - two concerts in Switzerland and one in Constance), so we practice the first Christmas song and another new song.
I ride home right after the session, as I don't want to miss grabbing a T or TW (what a freak! *lol*)
21:59 Sitting in the darkness, in front of the laptop again. I'll try to concentrate myself answering some mails and prepare the poster sketch before I grab a T, watch Dexter on TV (I think, I can only watch this series because I watch it on my B/W TV :)) and finally go to bed. My son will come back again tomorrow after having two weeks holiday with his father. So, I'll say goodnight now, even if I won't be in bed before 1am, I think.

Thank you for joining my day!


  1. Yay! Another great visit at one of my virtual friends! :) I'd love to see the sketch bigger, it looks SO good Devi!

  2. How great to read about you and your day.

  3. Thank you for sharing Devi!I'd love to be able to see the Alps from here too :)

  4. What a great day !!! That's really cool. Thanks for sharing !!

  5. Ohh it's so nice to meet Devi here ! Hi Devi !! Our zucchini's have become too large; hubby is making soup of it.

  6. What a lovely woman behind the name, Glasfaden. Thank you so much, Devi, for sharing your live in a beautiful location--so close to water and the Alps!

  7. So Great to learn more about your life Devi ♥
    Thanks Heli and Devi :)

  8. so great to read more about Devi and her day! thanks for sharing!

  9. Wonderful to read about Devi's day!

  10. Yay DeDevi apa kabar:)

    I'm so happy to see you here and know little bit more about your day! Come visit us in the forum again when you are not too busy please, oh well not that I've been there all the time. But always nice to see you pop in sometimes and selamat berakhir minggu sweety:)

  11. I loved reading this! Devi is such a lovely person and her glass jewelry is just gorgeous. The last picture made me laugh, I bet it was really the bed time on it:D

  12. Thank you, Heli, for the invitation! It was fun :)
    Thank you, all my friends, for your sweet comments.

    P8, I still have zucchini soup on the fridge too. Will eat it this weekend or I'll have to throw it away in the end...

    Hallo Ira! I'll pop in the thread, once my head is free of fuzz and can talk with you again without having bad feeling not doing what I should have done in that time :) Happy weekend too!

    Minna, I should have better directly gone to bed indeed. I felt asleep in front of the TV LOL

    You EST-girls are simply the best!! *big hugs*

  13. i just knew Devi would be as wonderful and interesting and gorgeous as she appears 'virtually' .. i LOVED to learn more about you. You really shine Devi and now I know more about you and your wonderful day over there in Germany (so far from your homeland too :)). Franklin is a lovely pussy cat .. boy or girl ;) You certainly have a full and busy day there!!

    Hugs and kisses to you both, thanks Devi & Heli.

  14. Devi, I loved reading & looking at your day! You are such a beautiful person & I'm happy to 'know' you! :) One day we'll spent a day together I hope! :) Thanks so much for sharing - I truly enjoyed it! :)

  15. wonderful reading. thank you for sharing. it was a lovely insight into your world and so much fun.

  16. It was great to see Devi's day! Love the picture in fron of the laptop, it reminds me of someone LOL ;)
    Thanks for the fun read girls!

  17. Wonderful way to wake up looking into your day, Devi... thank you for sharing Heli and Devi :)

  18. Thanks Devi, for sharing your friday!! What a wonderful walk through town, and I love your pics!