Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday is my day: Emma Pardos

And again we are lucky ducks and are invited to Spain, to meet lovely Emma from She makes very pretty bags with lots of personality. So you know the rules; visit Emma first and then you can rush to her shop :)
Have a good Friday!

Handbag by emma pardos

It's 9 o'clock, time to wake up and it's pretty much the only moment of the day that I look at the clock. These are my favorite appliances. Impossible to have a good breakfast without bread, coffee and tomato!!

10:01h Objective of the day send out some cv's

I go to check my emails and on the way I walk past the's so dificult to make the bed!!

...continuing on, I find a bunch of things on the floor in the entrance for mike's exposition which happens this week
finally i get to the computer...but my internet connection has been really slow for the past few days so this morning it's the same thing. I fight with it a while...but this time I can clearly see that I need professional help

11:28h is that a storm? Is the sky black? I have to rush through the house to shut all the open windows because the rain was blowing in onto the floorI had to source some cardboard boxes for a project, but since it's raining I decide to try to fix the internet connection. I phone here, there...fixed! It works! Now I can send out some cv's in my search for work

12:32h I find myself on VIVALAMODA :)

14:43h Time to eat! Still have to cook the chicken though
16:59h what? Heli just told me I have to post a photo of myself!!
Soon after I finish preparing some straps for a few bags. The buyer prefer creme than black color
18:31h Going to the presentation for a bag design course which I will be taking this winter

20:29h I leave the course and ......autumn is near and at this time it's already dark!! And it's already starting to get chilly

21:32h pizza!! Some fresh tomatoe and coriander on top! And tinto de verano, red wine with gaseosa( it s like sprite or 7-up, but without so much flavour)
23:30h mike arrives at home with a bundle of things he found in the street.. Time for a tv show ( true blood)

01:11h time to go to sleep...another day passes without having sewn something. I've decided not to sew for a while...but I'll get back to doing it soon!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Emma! And OMG I LOVE your house!!!

  2. Hey Emma, you're so funny and I love bags! And your little balcony is just adorable, Barcelona apartments are lovely! btw, what is that gadget in the middle photo? A bagel maker, eh?!

  3. What a wonderful and entertaining day and person you are, Emma! I love your apartment, your bags and your style--and I would love to live in Barcelona! Keep on doing your great work!

  4. Great to read about Emma! I like the way you lay out your creative space, so relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hello Emma, nice to follow your day. I really like your flat, especially the carpet above your bed - it is just awsome!

  6. Thanks for letting me peek into your window :-D

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  8. :))))

    karuski its a sandwich toaster

    vadjutka its a gift from india

  9. Thanks Emma, for having us all ;-)
    Loved reading your day and without repeating all of the comments above; I love your floor! Ha!

    Thanks Heli, have a great weekend all! xo

  10. Hey Emma *waves*
    What a lovely day you had! I'm so glad to have been able to peek into your life for a day!
    Thanks so much for sharing! Happy weekend! :)

  11. what a great peek!!!
    i love your flat, too! and are those little hearts on your fingernails??? and i love true blood. and now i want pizza!!!

  12. Great and fun reading; thanks for sharing your day!

  13. Oh, Emma, so nice to read your day! Love your apartment, esp. the floor and the light allover. Thank you so much for sharing!