Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday is my day: Starrybluesky

Exciting! Today we are lucky ducks and are invited to Scotland! We can follow Rhiannon's day in Edinburgh. She is a professional photographer and she runs an etsy shop called
After visiting her please go to her shop, you'll find something dreamy and pretty I am sure!
About 6.30 – far too early to get up so I have a cup of tea first . Bedside reading at the moment is Tallinn book ,for the last city in my “12 City Project”.

Quick look out of the window. It’s been raining overnight but has stopped. Last summer and this summer have been so rainy that even a dry day seems like a bonus.

I’m going for a swim before doing any work , so just a banana for breakfast – well ,along with another cup of tea.

Finish my tea while having a quick check on my Etsy shop

Finally ready to face the world – just leaving to go to swimming pool.

On the way to the swimming pool – It is the other side of town but usually I’d walk there. Have so much to do today that I decide to get the bus. Also think it might be good to get a photo from the top deck. Realise that photos taken from moving bus usually blurry and worthless. Try anyway. Get blurry photos.

From pool walk down the Royal Mile to studio space. Have to check on my stock for exhibition next week. These are the biggest framed Polaroids I’ve done so far.

Now I have to walk home. Its August and right in the middle of the Edinburgh festival. The Royal Mile is absolutely jam packed with performers and tourists. Usually if I wanted to actually get home a bit quicker I’d take a parallel street, the Cowgate, or walk via the New Town. But I wanted to let you have a glimpse of the festival , so I bravely marched up the hill.
Bottom left is a view of the whole street with St Giles in the background. Top left and bottom right – fairly normal outfits for August in Edinburgh. Yes, that lady has got an origami bird for a hat. The musicians were making a good sound – I was intrigued by the wok type drum.

Past the castle at the top of the Royal Mile and another 15 mins or so to get home passing all of these places on the way. The street is William Street and one of my favourites.

My goodness, still only lunchtime. Cup of tea and a duck wrap for lunch. I can see I’m drinking far too much tea here !

Time to do a bit of work at the “card factory” I’m preparing a batch of cards to take to the exhibition. They are rather labour intensive but I know it will be good to have some for sale there.

I’ve been so busy ( or away) that I haven’t gone to much at the festival this year.
( Apart from Alicia Devine;s wonderful “Loving Burns) But today I’m going to a talk at 5pm given by Silviu Purcarete. He’s a very well known Romanian director whose production of Oresteia made a big impression on me a few years ago. I often find these “artist’s talks “ amongst the most interesting parts of the festival.

But on the way there I am in plenty of time so I have a cappuccino at my favourite Italian café. And its even sunny so I can sit outside.

Talk was interesting. The audience was equally interesting - full of people showing each other scripts and saying we absolutely MUST have so and so bring this to New York.. There were so many men in rumpled linen suits it almost looked like a uniform.

Home again and time for tea ( what Scots call their evening meal and not yet another cuppa ! ). Its just me today, so I whip up a quick omelette wrap with avocado and smoked salmon and a little bit of salad to go with it. Strawberries for after.
. A little more work on the cards and then its time for a final check in with the virtual world with a nice glass of wine and then bed.

Goodnight .


  1. Ahhhh! I so enjoyed to spend this day with Rhiannon! And such a wonderful city that must be. I think I have to visit ... :D

  2. Hi Rhiannon, what a wonderful tour through your day, thanks!
    I love visiting your city and your photographs are fab!!

    Thanks Heli, for setting up another friday! xo

  3. Oh Rhiannon, how lucky you are! Edinburgh is my fav city in Scotland! We used to drive there to visit hubby cousin when we still lived in London:). Oh nice to meet you here in 'real' and to see your fantastic day:)

  4. Thank you for sharing! I'd love to visit Edinburgh one day!
    And you sure look good when you go to the swimming pool!

  5. It was a lovely trip with Rhiannon, I hope someday I can make this trip in real.

    Crossing fingers for your exhibiton - the huge prints look great!

  6. What a wonderful city, thank so much for the peek into your life!

  7. Hello Rhiannon
    So nice to meet you and take a look into your
    wonderful city.
    Thanks for sharing your day!

  8. Love the city pictures, thanks for sharing your day!

  9. Hi Rhiannon ! I got so homesick looking at your pictures of Edinburgh; we lived there for 2 years and it was fantastic. I fell in love with that city ! And especially the festival; the city changed for a month into some fairy tale place; loved that. We lived very close to Williamstreet, and when I see the view from your window, it could have be mine then !

  10. Looks like a wonderful city! and good luck with the exhibition! thanks for sharing your day.

  11. What a great read and pictures! And that castle looked amazing, I wish I could see it in person one of these days. I wish you a successful exhibition, polaroids rock!

  12. Hi Heli - thanks for inviting me to share my Friday - It was a lot of fun to gather the photos - and interestingly it does make you notice things about your everyday life that you might otherwise miss. I recommend the experience - but I really hope you'll do one soon Heli - I would so love to see your Istanbul. Thanks for the other nice comments. I hope you'll all manage to visit here one day !

    Rhiannon x

  13. It's so nice to see your face finally, Rhiannon :) Lovely day you've got! Wish, I could visit your exhibition.. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Rhiannon, how fun it was to read about your day! I loved it! Thanks for taking us to the festival, I've always wanted to go there!
    Good luck with the exhibition! :)