Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday is my day: byMarianneS

Today we will meet MarianneS from Estonia. Terve Marianne!

She makes imaginative yet sooo beautiful and soft scarfes and jewellery and little things of fiber and felt. Please take a seat, Marianne has served some dreamy like crochets and felt design for you to enjoy! Bon appetit! :)

(click any picture to go to the shop)


Dear old Ericsson phone starts ringing trying to wake me. Fat chance. After few more attempts I’m finally up at about


Quick freshening up in bathroom…

… and straight to the kitchen. My brain is still asleep but body acts on well-trained automatic-mode: two coffees, muesli for daughter, sandwiches for hubby, kitekat for cats, light the wooden stove in kitchen, another one in living-room and so on.


Husband and oldest daughter have left the building.

It’s getting lighther outside and looking out of kitchen window I discover this:

Results of the snow storm.

For a change my two youngest ones are still asleep and I can have my C&C breakfast. 10 years ago that would’ve stand for „coffee and ciggie“, but nowadays it’s „coffee and crochet“:


Youngsters are up. It’s time to start moving. As I rise my eyes from hook and thread I notice this:


Better now. Rush hour of cleaning is over and kids are having a breakfast. I pass on the oatmeal porridge and fix myself a nice sandwich with cheese and tomatoes.


Time to treat myself with some caffe latte and bit more poppy-crocheting.

Finally I shape the flowers and paint the heart black


Time for a photoshoot. There are several scarves and necklaces waiting.

Make-up artist covers the poor girl with tons of make-up, hairdresser pulls on her hair and after approximately 2 hours everything is ready for shooting. Here we go:


Housewife and her crew are getting dressed and about to go out.

No swinging today, instead we go sledging.


Back home. Youngest babe falls asleep on my shoulder.

Then there are tons of snowy things waiting to be hung somewhere. And laundry. And cats. And some snacks for kids who are up again. And uploading the picks which leads to some internet and then some more and then the alarm goes off telling me it’s time to throw kids into car and go meet the oldest one at schoolbus station.


As I’m waiting for the bus I also check our snail-mail box, alas probably because of ice it doesn’t open and no mail for today.


Back home after dropping off 2 other boys from our village.

Cooking spaghetti for us.


Bon appetit!

18: 00

I try to squeeze in some scarf-crocheting but with no luck this time as someone just keeps bouncing on and off me.

Instead we go and bake the apple crumble cake. And top it with whipped cream.

Somewhere in between husband arrives. We continue hanging out in kitchen with some hot beer with honey (and touch of ginger in mine).


I start preparing kids for bed. Which ends only with tiny little bit of yelling today. Good! J


Bedtime story


I pick up where I left earlier

Rather tired and call it a night around 23:30

Sweet dreams!

Soft and warm weekend to everybody! :)


  1. Hi Heli and Marrianne!!!
    Those Friday's post are sooo interesting!

  2. What a lovely day you had, Marianne!
    Nice to see how you try to crochet in between taking care of your kids. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. fantastic both heli and marianne!! I'm really enjoying these friday reads. You are truly living in a winterwonderland and have a balanced BUT busy/hectic life :)

  4. Beautiful works from very pretty lady! I admire her bags too. Thank you Heli for this lovely post!

  5. Oh Marianne, is lovely to see your wonderful life with your beautiful family!:) 3 kids, oh my... another Super Mummy!:)))
    and thanks again heli, you always pick a very interesting seller:)

  6. Thanks for this fridays post, gave me a smile. I am always looking forwards to them!

  7. Thanks for sharing Heli and Marianne!
    I so love to read these friday posts!

  8. So nice reading about Marianne, thank you both, Heli and Marianne!!

  9. What a cozy-looking home! Three kids and she still manages to create beautiful things and look so pretty while doing it all. Super Marianne, yep, Ira's right!

  10. utterly fairytale life i love it !!! so beautiful !!!!!

  11. Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing your day Marianne and for pulling this together, Heli!

  12. thank you, Heli, and you too, girls :)

  13. What a lovely story, beautiful photos and such a cozy house, wonderful :)

  14. great read and beautiful pictures !

  15. Very nice reading, thanks for sharing your day Marianne! Your home looks so warm and cozy:)

  16. Another lovely insight into everyday life. Thank you very much!

  17. I love your Firday posts,and enjoed the reading about Marianne's daylife very much!Ans what lovely pictures of the snowed seen, dreamy!

  18. Marianne has the cutest kids! And she's so beautiful..
    I love this feature!