Thursday, December 18, 2008

Friday is my day: Yaelfran

I think everybody in "Etsyland" knows lovely Yaelfran from Argentina, or at least we know her lovely little creatures which appear in jewelleries, collages, prints, zines or even coasters. Now we can meet her really. Really really :)
Have fun browsing her cute shop!

(click any picture to go to the shop)

We are on holidays right now, but I still wake up early.
I have breakfast... always, the same:
café con leche, toasts and cream cheese.

Then, I am ready to check out my store at Etsy,
my Flickr, my Blog, my Facebook (wow! too much to check out)

If I have sold items, so I package them to be ready at morning,
to go to the post office.
These days, there were a lot of sales!! Specially rub ons.

As the children finish the school, I have lunch with them.
Today, special dessert:

I took Ema (10 years old) to her friend’s house.

As I have less work too, I’ve been attending a workshop,
with Martin Kovensky, a great artist from my country. It was wonderful.

One of my productions (circus collage) during the workshop

From home, I can see the pool is empty! I want to go there, here’s hot!!
So, I go for a fresh swim, with my mate, of course!

My husband come back from work at 20.30 hs. He’s an engineer.
Then we have the four (Dad, Ian, Ema and me), our dinner.
What I can cook today? (I am not that sort of woman who stay at home
cooking and waiting for husband with the dinner ready.
I am asking myself the same question everyday!!!
But, the question come to my mind too late!!!
Almost nothing in the fridge.
Ok... pasta today!

Everyone helps with cooking, and also when we finish.
Late at night we LOVE to lay in my bed (again the four of us), watch TV and eat chocolate.

Milk&cookies to all!
Have a good weekend :)


  1. Thanks again for starting off my friday in such a fun way!

  2. Love Yael! Great fun to read about her day! Thanks for sharing & I'm jealous about the pool! ;)

  3. Oh, gret to have a look at the day of Yaelfran! A great artist indeed!

  4. So much fun to read about Yaelfran!!


  5. Yaelfran has such a lovely shop, thank you for sharing her day with us :)

  6. Thanks for Friday posting again! It's so interesting to hear "news" from other side of the world:)

    Happy weekend to Heli & Yael!


  7. Great to read about Yael´s day! I LOVE her shop!

  8. Yaelfran produces such whimsical works! I love looking at her shop. And that glass is really cute. ***off to see if she sells those***

  9. love friday is my day ... i want that pooooool in my life !!!

  10. love to see Yael in real and read about her !

  11. wow, she's wonderful! and she has such a tidy work space!!!! I love to read your friday posts to see a bit more into these artists lives!!
    thanks Heli :)

  12. ohhh this is great! i love Yael's work :)
    thanks for this feature!

  13. Yael its just so nice to read about you and your life and to see those great photos. we are so far away and different but yet so similar. Thank you and to Heli.

  14. I loved reading (once again) your friday is my day post - it's great to peek into the world of yaelfran, i love her stuff (who doesn't?)

  15. lovely feature!Thanks for introducing Yaelfran to us :)

  16. Lovely day of one of my favorite artists!

  17. Yael is such a talented artist. Thank you for sharing!!