Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday is my day: Pamela Angus

Today we meet glass artist Pamela Angus from France on her Christmas day. Makes me just a little envious to see all that beauty in her place...
Pam makes the most cutest Dandy birds in the world and other beautiful glass art as well :)

8.15 am
Wake-up slowly as we don't set the alarm clock these days.I leave
Aaron and the cat sleeping and go downstairs and switch on the
computer.I check my Etsy shop, emails, blog and networking sites,
meanwhile Aaron gets up, showers, empties the dishwasher and brings me
some coffee (it takes me awhile to actually get started in the mornings!)

9.30 am
I get dressed and go to my studio to package some stars that need to be
sent to Germany today

I take a look at recent supplies for some garlands and write a list of
ribbons and beads I need for them.I'm going to the city today so I
try and fit in a little supply shopping each time I go there.

10.15 am
We set off for Grenoble (about 40 kms away) via the post office at St
Pierre d'Allevard. I still need to buy christmas pressies for Aaron
and some friends, I spend my time on the journey wondering what to buy...

11.10 am
In Grenoble, and I hurry off on my own to shop..... what to buy? what to
buy?? I get easily distracted by the pretty shop windows ....

12. 15 pm
Aaron calls me whilst I'm sneakily buying myself a new skirt and top for
Christmas ...feel a little guilty I've only purchase 2 little gifts for
him so far....we meet for lunch in our usual haunt, the Cafe de la
Table Ronde (
It's the 2nd oldest cafe in France, relaxed and unpretentious, and
reminds me of an old Irish bar.It's busy already but we get a cosy
little table at the back of the cafe.

2.00 pm
The shopping continues....again I get distracted a little too much by
shiny things in windows :)

I find time to buy ribbons and visit my favourite little bead shop in
old Grenoble-it even has a grotto with a fish pond at the back of the
shop (makes buying sequins more fun !)

4.00 pm
Some frantic panic buying later and I'm all done.I call Aaron and we
meet up for hot chocolate before going home.

4.40 pm
On the way home, and the Belledonne looks pretty in pink wintery sunlight.

6.00 pm
Home to peace and quiet, the fire is lit, I switch on the fairy lights,
relax with a glass of bubbles and wrap a few of the presents.

7.40 pm
We grab some bottles of champagne and hastily arrange party food and
drive over to our friends Franck and Janine's house on the other side
of the mountain.This will be their little boy's first Christmas:)
They leave us a note on their door..

Cheers and Merry Christmas!!we eat, drink, and exchange presents :)

12.05 am
We arrive back to a snowy and sleepy hamlet, pretty with fairylights and
I make a mental note to decorate our own house next year!.Time for
bed.Merry Christmas!!!!

have a dandy weekend :D


  1. how fantastic Pam ... i've admired your work since I joined etsy ... you live in such a beautiful area, looks so clean and fresh! thanks so much heli for making these and for sharing the talent of these artsits with us.

    happy and safe holidays for you :))

  2. Thank you for sharing your day, Pam! And thank you, Heli!! Those birds look so cute. And I can see, why you get distracted while shopping ;) I don't think, we have such beautiful decorated shops in here.

  3. Looks really fantastic! That was such a wonderful day!! I love your glass!!


  4. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  5. Beautiful fairylike Friday is my day-post, Pam! Loved reading about your day! :)

  6. I enjoyed every moment of reading this story - thank you for sharing this day pam and Heli :)

  7. Thank you for sharing your day Pam! And Heli! Beautiful reading!

  8. Love it all ! Stunning environment and great shops !!!

  9. Beautiful pic's Pam, would love to have been on that shopping trip with you, but then we probably wouldn't have bought Aaron's gifts we've have been too distracted lol!! We can do that in August, those little shop windows bring back good memories. Happy Holidays!

  10. thanks for all the lovely comments :) and thank you Heli !! - this was fun to do :)

  11. just totally awesome! Love this blog entry.

  12. Such an inspirering description and lovely pictures. Thank you both!

  13. How lovely! What wonderful photos. Pam should make a magic-wonderland museum out of her house. I'd pay fees to visit it! :)

  14. absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!

    love the sneaky skirt and top shopping...hehehheh

    naughty Pam!!!


  15. Wonderful!!! I love reading about Pam's x-mas, so may magic photos!


  16. How lovely to read about Pam's day - it just makes me want to visit France even though i'm not much of a france-lover :o)

    ps yes, the dandy little birds are sooooo beautiful!

  17. I loved to read about Pam's day!
    Thanks for sharing, Pamela and Heli!

  18. every photo in this post feels so cozy christmas.